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Media Update - November 9, 2009

1. Joe Laiacona takes on Deb Mell
2. Change of Subject: On second thought....
3. Rep. Deb Mell may be off re-election ballot


National Coalition for Sexual Freedom - SPECIAL Media Update

November 11, 2009
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The following Media Update concerns the leather community's own Jack Rinella, who is running as a
Democratic for a seat as a Delegate in the Illinois statehouse. He is running under his real name, Joe
Laiacona, however he has been out about his writings as Jack Rinella. He has published LeatherViews for
Gay Chicago magazine for the past 17 years and has written numerous BDSM books including the Master's
. His websites are: and

"Joe Laiacona takes on Deb Mell"
Windy City Times

Joe Laiacona is taking on incumbent state Rep. Deb Mell in what is shaping up to a very intriguing race
in the state's 40th District. Does Laiacona realize the magnitude of the task before him? Absolutely. Is
he intimidated? Hardly.

In a talk with Windy City Times, the openly gay Laiaconabwho teaches at Columbia College and is an
amateur genealogistbdiscussed his platform, Mell's interview with this publication and his reason for
not being more "out" on his campaign Web site. ...

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"Change of Subject: On second thought...."
Chicago Tribune

When I wrote last week that sexual orientation is unlikely to be an issue in the upcoming Democratic
primary race on the Northwest Side between incumbent Rep. Deb Mell and challenger Joe Laiacona (they're
both gay, a first at this level of politics in Illinois) I did so having not pursued a tiny clue buried
in the Windy City Times interview with Laiacona: that he formerly wrote a column under the pen
name "Jack Rinella" for Gay Chicago magazine.

Capitol Fax publisher Rich Miller called my attention to a brief article from the Windy City Times in
June noting: "Laiaconabwho wrote the column "Leather Views" for Gay Chicago magazine for many years
under the name Jack also on the board of directors of the Leather Leadership Conference,
Inc." ...

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"Rep. Deb Mell May Be Off Re-election Ballot"
Chicago Tribune

Another big piece of bad news is hitting Chicago's Mell/Blagojevich political clan.

Northwest Side State Rep. Deb Mell may have screwed up her nominating petitions, with a real risk
that she'll be knocked off the February Democratic primary ballot.

A challenge filed Monday afternoon by an attorney for Joseph Laiacona, the only other remaining
candidate in the 40th District race, contends that Ms. Mell is not registered to vote at her apparently
new address. By law, all candidates are supposed to be registered at the address they use for their
nominating petitions. ...

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