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Thursday, 18 December 2014 08:49

NCSF Newsletter: 2nd Quarter 2013

NCSF Newsletter
2nd Quarter, 2013

In this issue

Come talk about BDSM and consent!

The DSM-5 Says Kink is OK!

Why Support or Join NCSF?

Representing on FetLife

 Come Talk about BDSM and consent!

NCSF's Consent Counts project is holding discussions around the country to gather your input on our Consent Statement so we can move forward to change laws and perceptions of BDSM. Kinky people still have significant legal, political and societal issues facing us. The majority of us fear the very real threat of being prosecuted or losing our jobs or families. To change the assault laws, we have to be able to tell the world what we think of consent. What is ethical consent? What are the gray areas? Are there things people shouldn't be able to consent to in a BDSM context?


If you would like your group like to hold a Consent Statement workshop in your area, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get the Consent Counts discussion guide.


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The DSM-5 Says Kink is OK!


The American Psychiatric Association has depathologized kinky sex - including cross-dressing, fetishes, and BDSM - in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). Now the paraphilias are considered to be "unusual sexual interests," while those who have sex with children or people who haven't consented, or who deliberately cause harm to themselves or others, may be diagnosed with a Paraphilic Disorder.


"The APA has made it clear that being kinky is not a mental disorder," says Susan Wright, Spokesperson for NCSF. "That means people no longer have to fear being diagnosed as mentally ill just because they belong to a BDSM group. We've already seen the impact -NCSF immediately saw a sharp rise in the success rate of child custody cases for kinky parents after the proposed DSM-5 criteria was released three years ago."


NCSF would like to thank everyone who participated in signing our DSM Revision Petition and for telling the APA about their own stories of discrimination and persecution. NCSFalso thanks every member of the APA Paraphilias Subworkgroup for responding to our concerns, and drawing a hard line between consensual adult kinky sex and those who willfully engage in nonconsensual or harmful activities.


NCSF is proud to build on the work of kink-aware professionals who have come before us, including Race Bannon and Guy Baldwin, who helped make seminal changes in the DSM-IV in 1994.


The following are some statements about the various paraphilias in the DSM-5. Although highly clinical in language, they show the APA's intent to not demand treatment for healthy consenting adult sexual expression:


 "A paraphilia is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for having a paraphilic disorder, and a paraphilia by itself does not necessarily justify or require clinical intervention." p. 686


"In contrast, if they declare no distress, exemplified by anxiety, obsessions, guilt or shame, about these paraphilic impulses, and are not hampered by them in pursuing other personal goals, they could be ascertained as having masochistic sexual interest but should not be diagnosed with a sexual masochism disorder." p. 694


"Many individuals who self-identify as fetishist practitioners do not necessarily report clinical impairment in association with their fetish-associated behaviors. Such individuals could be considered as having a fetish but not fetishistic disorder." p. 701


"Clinical assessment of distress or impairment, like clinical assessment of transvestic sexual arousal, is usually dependent on the individual's self-report." p. 703   


To support NCSF, go to NCSF relies entirely on your donations toadvance the rights of consenting adults and to do advocacy like our DSM Revision Project. Please donate now!


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Why Support or Join NCSF?


The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (often referred to as NCSF) is committed to creating a political, legal and social environment in the United States that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions. But why should the BDSM, leather, fetish, swing and polyamory communities that are the focus of NCSF's efforts, and their friends and allies, support our work? Good question.


Perhaps the best way to demonstrate the importance of supporting, joining or otherwise empowering the work that NCSF does is to clearly lay out some of the many services we offer, initiatives we've undertaken and informative collateral that we offer.


Our History

NCSF was formed in 1997 by a small group led by Susan Wright under the auspices of the New York SM Activists. The goal was to fight for sexual freedom and privacy rights for all adults who engage in safe, sane and consensual behavior.


The first five organizations who joined reflected our desire to be a nationwide organization: National Leather Association-International; Gay Male S/M Activists; The Eulenspiegel Society; Black Rose; and Society of Janus.


Today, NCSF has over 100 Coalition Partners who elect the board that runs NCSF and help establish our goals at the annual Coalition Partner meeting. Coalition Partners are groups and businesses who serve BDSM/leather/fetish, swing and polyamory practitioners and also support NCSF by holding an annual fundraiser. NCSF also has over 100 Supporting Members - groups and businesses that support NCSF.


Over the years, NCSF has formed alliances with other organizations that defend sexual freedom rights: Free Speech Coalition, the ACLU, American Association of Sex Educators Counselors and Therapists, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance, among others.


NCSF is the preeminent organization with a mission to improve the lives of those who consider themselves practitioners or community members among those who pursue BDSM/leather/fetish or swing sexualities or engage in polyamorous relationships.


What We Do

NCSF does many things to advance the rights of those who engage in consensual BDSM/leather/fetish, swing and polyamory lives. The best way to get a good sense of the full range of activities, projects and services that NCSF offers is to view the following sections that explain in some detail what NCSF has been up to lately.


Consent Counts

NCSF took over leadership in the nationwide Consent Counts project working to decriminalize BDSM and create a database of relevant state laws.


The Consent Counts project involves the BDSM communities in a nationwide education and activism program coordinated and led by NCSF. This multifaceted campaign includes a comprehensive analysis of current laws and court decisions, the development of legal arguments for changing the laws, participating in court cases, and ultimately, through lobbying, education and grass-roots activism, changing state laws and the way the public and the courts view BDSM.


An important element of the project is an Educational Outreach Program (EOP) to educate our own communities about the current state of the law and the efforts NCSF is undertaking to involve those communities in our strategic planning process and the development of "best practices" by which we can protect ourselves and facilitate change.


To ensure that the work NCSF is doing as part of Consent Counts is based on the best information possible, An Internet survey was undertaken by NCSF gauge respondents' views on consent in a BDSM context. There were a total of 5,667 respondents and the results guide the Consent Counts project and were utilized in developing the draft of the NCSF Consent Statement. This is an official statement presented as a discussion of the ethical and legal concepts of consent that need to be considered in the practice of BDSM activities and in relationships based on BDSM activities. It reflects both the extensive study by NCSF of the state of the law in the U.S. and the results of NCSF's Consent Counts Survey. This Statement is intended for both BDSM practitioners and the general public.


Incident Reporting and Response

NCSF's Incident Reporting & Response (IRR) was created to provide assistance to individuals and groups within the alternative sexual expression communities. If someone engaged in BDSM, fetish, swing or polyamory practices is being persecuted or discriminated against because of it, we encourage them to contact NCSF's IRR program. We may also be able to assist if a group or business is being harassed by religious political extremists or if they need assistance doing outreach to their local law enforcement.


NCSF's IRR program uses three primary criteria for taking a case:

  • The issue must openly, directly, and specifically relate to BDSM, swing or poly activities between consenting adults. In other words, the problems faced must relate to or be caused from involvement in BDSM, swing or poly, without question.
  • The issue must be one whose outcome or precedent could affect not just the individual filing the complaint, but potentially a significant number of people with the same or similar problem.
  • The incident needs to have a reasonable chance of a successful resolution; usually indicating that the individual filing has not also been found guilty of a crime other than behaviors currently considered illegal relating to BDSM, swing or poly.

Our IRR program may be able to assist with city and county mediation (zoning, licensing, and so on), custody and divorce information, employee and personnel issues, kink-aware professional referrals, criminal assistance, domestic violence assistance, and assisting when events are attacked (working with police, media, health departments, and so on).


Due to limited resources NCSF is only able to take a fraction of the cases that come to us. Many of the complaints we receive do not meet all of the above criteria. Even under the best circumstances, NCSF can only help a small percentage of those who merit it. All of our work is done by volunteers and we accept no payment for our services.


Kink Aware Professionals

The Kink Aware Professionals Directory (often referred to as KAP) offers the alternative sexualities and relationship communities referrals to psychotherapy, medical, legal and other professionals who are knowledgeable about and sensitive to diverse expressions of sexuality and relationships.


While NCSF cannot endorse or recommend these professionals, each professional listed has volunteered to be available for referral to people involved in kinky sexuality (leather, BDSM, fetish, and so on), polyamory, swinging, or publicly offers their services to that client population.


Resource Library

NCSF compiles a wide array of educational and informational materials on a variety of topics. We organize them in our online Resource Library for easy and free access to the public. Categories include Activist Resources, Consent Counts resources, DSM Resources, Educational Outreach Program Presentations and Publications, Kink Aware Professionals (for both professionals and those seeking assistance), Media Outreach Resources, NCSF Publicity Materials, Recommended Reading, Statistics and Surveys, and What is SM? Check out the amazing array of resources available to you for free from NCSF.

Amid the categories of resources already mentioned you'll find many other useful documents for groups and event producers that assist in specific ways such as membership forms for social groups or private clubs, non-disclosure agreements, independent contractors agreements, employee work environment agreements, model release agreements, event/play space rules, recommendations for event planning, hotel negotiations manual, and a statement for hotel personnel when a hotel is attacked.


Educational Outreach

One of the missions of the NCSF Foundation and its Education Outreach Program (EOP) is to provide members of the BDSM/Leather/Fetish, swing and polyamory communities educational information concerning relevant legal, medical and other issues. We also provide education, as appropriate, to law enforcement, care providers, and other authorities about alternative sexuality, and to assist and support the outreach and education efforts of local communities.


As part of EOP, NCSF works with District Attorneys and prosecutors to educate them with the intent to minimize discriminatory prosecutions, offers workshops by trained staff on a wide variety of topics, publishes white papers for professionals and members of the various communities, offers educational brochures and handouts, and conducts surveys on our community and publishes those results for others to utilize.


Media Outreach Program Media Training, News and Information

Through our Media Outreach Program NCSF does media advocacy for the millions of Americans who suffer discrimination and persecution because of their normal interest in some form of alternative sexual expression, such as BDSM, fetishes, polyamory, and swinging. A great deal of the bigotry against sexual minorities occurs because of a lack of information and the resulting negative depiction by the media. We offer resources for both the media and the alternative sexual expression communities.


NCSF also offers assistance to organizations and event producers by helping them with press releases, intervention during a media crisis, media spokesperson representation, media training and ongoing support, and suggested sound bites and interview tips.

In addition to our Media Outreach and Training Programs, NCSF offers news and information to our constituency through a variety of communication mechanisms.

  • Blog - News and information items are posted to our blog on a regular basis. Sometimes posts are originally authored articles and sometimes they are media updates which are a sampling of recent stories printed in U.S. newspapers, magazines, and selected websites. These stories contain significant mentions of BDSM/leather/fetish, polyamory, or swing issues and topics and may be positive, negative, or anywhere in between.

  • In The News - Learn how NCSF is impacting lives for the better.

  • NCSF Newsletter - NCSF regularly publishes a free newsletter to which anyone can subscribe.

  • Press Releases - When NCSF undertakes an important project, gets involved in important issues, or otherwise wants its constituency and the world at large to know about something, we issue press releases.

  • Action Alerts - When NCSF feels quick action is necessary by the public they serve, we issue Action Alerts outlining the action we hope people will take and why.
  • NCSF also recognizes excellence in journalism reporting through our Sex Positive Journalism Awards (also known as "The Sexies").
  • Legal Information and Assistance - When appropriate, NCSF may offer referrals to specific attorneys, the filing of amicus briefs, lobbying assistance, assistance with certain pertinent legislative initiatives, and legal background support through such efforts are our SM/Abuse Statement and our Consent Counts project.

DSM Revision Project

NCSF has successfully petitioned the American Psychiatric Association, resulting in the depathologizing of consensual BDSM in the latest Diagnostic & Statistics Manual (DSM). This helps not only those seeking psychotherapy treatment by not having their sexuality called into question during therapy, but also improves community members' legal standing in certain court cases when the DSM has been used as evidence.


When the American Psychiatric Association formed their working committees to revise its most recent version of the DSM, the definitive resource on the diagnostic criteria for all mental disorders, NCSF became involved. Past statements within the DSM paraphilias criteria are contradicted by scientific evidence and therefore NCSF concluded that the interpretation of the paraphilias criteria had been not based on science. These often politically motivated interpretations subject BDSM practitioners, fetishists and cross-dressers to bias, discrimination and social sanctions without any scientific basis. We called on the American Psychiatric Association to remove or drastically restructure the paraphilias section in the DSM which resulted in some considerable success.


BDSM Survey

The 2008 Survey of Violence & Discrimination Against Sexual Minorities found significant discrimination and persecution against BDSM practitioners due to the social stigma attached to their sexual behavior. With over 3,000 respondents, 37.5% indicated that they had either been discriminated against or experienced some form of harassment or violence.

The survey addresses the gap in current knowledge by reporting data on the prevalence of violence and discrimination against BDSM and polyamory practitioners. The persecution of these individuals is conceptualized as a manifestation of sexual stigma, that is, society's negative regard for any non- heterosexual behavior, identity, relationship, or community.


NCSF Materials

NCSF provides brochures and other NCSF materials for dissemination at events or to be used by organizations, clubs and other groups. A great example of such material is the Consent Counts Discussion Guide. The Consent Counts Discussion Guide offers groups a structured and organized way to foster discussion in their local alternative sexualities communities about the topic of consent. Visit our website to view the various materials we can offer.


More Information and Contacting NCSF

NCSF maintains a robust website on which you'll find lots of great information as well how to contact us. On our website we also include an event calendar listing NCSF and Coalition Partners events. We have a wide array of social media venues that keep our constituency and the public at large informed about NCSF and related news and information. We encourage people to bookmark our website and to keep informed about NCSF and related news and information through our social media platforms.



Through the use of social media and virtual communications, NCSF provides its members, partners and the general public continuous updates regarding news, legislation, trends and information of interest to the BDSM, leather, kink, swing and poly communities.


Supporting NCSF

People and organizations can support NCSF in a number of ways. By supporting NCSF, you help keep our important programs and services alive. NCSF operates through the financial contributions and volunteer efforts of wonderful people around the nation and world.


People and organizations can join NCSF as members at one of three levels of membership:

  • Coalition Partners - Our highest level of membership. Coalition Partners support NCSF through annual membership fees plus proceeds of an annual fundraiser for the benefit of NCSF.

  • Supporting Members - Individuals or organizations support NCSF with an annual membership fee.

  • Individual Members - Individual constituents hold membership in NCSF by contributing annual membership dues.
  • For organizations that support NCSF we offer the option to place our NCSF logo on your website, utilize NCSF ads that can be downloaded and used, include your name on our website as a supporting organization or business, and garner special recognition for our Coalition Partners.
  • Donations - In addition to memberships, NCSF can always use donations. NCSF is comprised of two separate corporate entities - the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and the NCSF Foundation. Although both the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and the NCSF Foundation are part of the same overall organization, it is necessary to have two separate organizations to enable us to do the broad range of work we do. Supporters of NCSF can choose to make a contribution to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, the NCSF Foundation, or both. A contribution to either organization will be used to support and promote the NCSF mission. Donors who wish to make a tax-deductible gift can do so by contributing to the NCSF Foundation. Many donors choose to make membership gifts in support of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom as well as tax-deductible gifts to the NCSF Foundation.
  • Volunteer - We encourage people to consider donating one of their most important assets to NCSF - their time. Whether someone wants to work behind the scenes or take a more public role, we have a project just right for them. There are important tasks to be done and we always need help to make it all happen.


NCSF has a number of branded products that you can purchase. Profits from the sale of these products go directly to work helping NCSF do the important work we do. 


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Representing on FetLife 


Find the NCSF on the world's most popular free social network for the BDSM, Fetish & Kinky communities!

NCSF - National Coalition For Sexual Freedom News
NCSF Volunteers
Consent Counts

and members can even list the NCSF as a Fetish on their profiles!

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Thursday, 18 December 2014 08:26

NCSF Newsletter: 1st Quarter 2013

NCSF Newsletter
1st Quarter, 2013

In this issue

NCSF's Coalition Partners Join Together for Consent Summit

Meet the Board

NCSF presents at Yale Law School's RebLaw

NCSF Launches Fire Recovery Fund

Testing the Waters

Coalition Corner

Representing on FetLife

NCSF's Coalition Partners Join Together for Consent Summit

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom held its annual Coalition Partner meeting in Phoenix, Arizona from February 8-10, 2013. The Consent Summit took place Friday evening, and Coalition Partners were able to participate via streaming video to give their input on the new Consent Statement. Go to to see the Consent Statement and comment on it.

"The Consent Statement is now launched to the BDSM-leather-Fetish communities for input until July 1st," says Judy Guerin, Director of Consent Counts. "This statement outlines the current legal climate in regards to BDSM practices, and describes the ethical responsibilities of kinky people, as well. The Consent Statement will be used to change assault laws so that consensual BDSM won't be mistaken for assault."

One focus of the weekend was how to move forward now that a fire has destroyed the NCSF office. An emergency fund drive is underway to raise money to replace what was lost in the fire. Please help us reach our goal! 

The new board of directors voted in Kevin Carlson as Chairman, Mark Richards as Secretary, and John Baku as Treasurer. The CPs also heard reports on NCSF projects and some of the stats include:

Incident Reporting and Response received nearly 500 calls for help
The Kink Aware Professionals list is up to nearly 1,200 professionals
The Media Outreach Project gave over 60 interviews
Over 600 NCSF Facebook page members and nearly 5,000 twitter followers
98 Coalition Partners!

Friday evening's Pizza Meet & Greet was sponsored by the AZ TNG, while lunch Saturday was sponsored by FetLife and lunch on Sunday at the APEX BBQ was sponsored by AZ Men of Leather. NCSF thanks APEX for welcoming CP representatives, NCSF board members and staff to their APEX Dungeon Party on Saturday night, and at their Sunday afternoon BBQ and NCSF Meet & Greet. NCSF also thanks Kelly Beaton, Master Bleu Sadist, slave alena girl, and Karen for volunteering and helping out in all sorts of necessary ways at the meeting!

NCSF helps you, so please help us in our time of need! Support us by becoming a member or donating today!

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Meet the Board

After our elections at the annual meeting and an executive session that included appointing members, the Board of NCSF currently consists of:

Kevin Carlson - Chairman - Boise, ID
Mark Richards - Secretary - New York, NY
John Baku - Treasurer - Vancouver, BC
Race Bannon - San Francisco, CA
Laura Carlson - Boise, ID
Jim Fleckenstein - Manassas, VA
Leigha Fleming - Fort Worth, TX
Vivienne Kramer - San Diego, CA 
Mercury - Nashville, TN
Stephanie "Sassy" Lynn - Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Julian Wolf - Albuquerque, NM 
Susan Wright - Phoenix, AZ 

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NCSF presents at Yale Law School's RebLaw (Rebellious Lawyering) Conference

by Judy 

 Over 150 attendees packed the room at Yale Law School's 19th annual RebLaw (Rebellious Lawyering) Conference, the nation's largest student-run public interest conference, for a panel discussion which included NCSF.  The discussion, "Safe Words?  Legal Restrictions on Consent and Radical Sex" was conducted by three panelists:  Judy Guerin, NCSF's Consent Count's Director, Ignacio Rivera, a two-spirit gender fluid kinkster whose work focuses on queer, trans, kink and sexual liberation issues within a race/class dynamic and Alexis Agathocieous, a staff attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights who has worked on a successful case fighting a Louisiana law that required sex workers to register in the state's sex offender database.  The panel was facilitated by Yale Law students Adrien A. Weibgen and Ryan Richard Thoreson.

The discussion was heavily focused on the issue of consent in the context of BDSM relationships and prosecution of BDSM as both assault and, more recently, under Federal trafficking laws.  A connection between prosecution of sex workers and BDSM practitioners under Federal trafficking laws was discussed.  The discussion also included a focus on the religious political extremists strategy to discredit the GLBTQ movement by tying it to practitioners of alternative sexuality.  The fact that sodomy laws, although overturned by the 2003 Lawrence v. Texasdecision, as well as other antiquated sex laws, are still on the books in many states and are still being used to prosecute people was highlighted.  NCSF introduced its recent statement on consent and its summary of the legal situation related to BDSM assault prosecutions, "Consent and BDSM:  The State of the Law", as well as some of its recent survey results and examples of BDSM prosecutions for consensual BDSM.

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NCSF Launches Fire Recovery Fund

The NCSF office in Baltimore, MD, was destroyed in a fire a few weeks ago. We've lost everything: computer, office supplies and furnishings, tee shirts, and all of our stored printed literature are gone. The Board of Directors along with our Coalition Partners and dedicated volunteers are working hard to recover from this tragedy, but much of that recovery takes money.

As part of the recovery effort, NCSF has launched the NCSF Fire Recovery Fund campaign with a goal of raising $20,000 to help us get back up and running so that we can continue to do the important work we do for the BDSM-leather-fetish, swing and polyamory communities.

We are asking anyone who is able to donate to the NCSF Fire Recovery Fund drive: 

 Donations are tax deductible!

And whether you are able to donate or not, we would appreciate you getting the word out about the fundraising campaign. If you visit the fund donation page linked to above, you'll see icons that allow you to share the page on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and through email. Please share with your network and encourage them to donate.

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Testing the Waters....
by Stephanie "Sassy" Lynn
"Testing the Waters" is a column that will take an in-depth look at different parts and pieces of the NCSF.  It is designed to let you 'test the water' so you can get a feel for how things work, what they mean, and how you fit in.Being a Coalition Partner:  More than a Fundraiser 

Some organizations have been NCSF Coalition Partners for as long as the NCSF has been around, and many of them will say:  being a CP means holding a fundraiser.

Yes, and then, no.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom exists just as it says - as a coalition of people and organizations who believe in sexual freedom for everyone.  Our Coalition Partners come to the organization charged to do really, just two things - to fundraise and more importantly - to participate.

The range of programs and services at the NCSF evolved as people just like you showed they were needed.  When parties get busted, or people come out to picket events, contacting the NCSF is often the first phone call that gets made.  When individuals in crisis call, NCSF responders are often the first understanding and sympathetic voice the caller will hear.  We continued to maintain the Kink Aware Professionals list after founder Race Bannon was looking for another entity to take over because our partners spoke up and said it was important to keep the service going.

It is the 'speaking out' that is the most important function of a Coalition Partner.  The NCSF is only as good as our partners' ability to bring to the table the real needs of our community.  Protecting and advancing our sexual freedom will mean many different things to different Coalition Partners.  Remember, the NCSF advocates for Swing and Polyamory communities as well as the BDSM/Kink communities.  That diversity is why Consent Counts is at the very core of work being done by the NCSF.  It matters to everyone.  

At the past Coalition Partners meeting, someone referred to "50 Shades of Grey" as the BDSM/Kink communities' "Stonewall".  Stonewall was a bar in New York where gay men first fought back from police oppression and aggression.  It is often pointed to as the event that started the GLBT rights movement.  While often these types of defining events have roots in fighting back, they don't all have to be negative.  The overwhelming world interest in "50 Shades of Grey" threw back the shroud that has hovered around BDSM practices for centuries.  It drew the interest of the world because it blazed a light on sexual practices that have been considered taboo.  If it has opened the door to less oppression, greater inclusion, fewer custody cases, and less police and legal interaction in the BDSM community - then indeed - "50 Shades of Grey" IS our Stonewall --- and we can feel blessed that it lacked the violence.

Coalition Partners bring this level of community thinking to a single table.  They bring concerns, problems and opportunities for all of us to consider as we safeguard our sexual freedom.  The depth and breadth of the NCSF sits in the lap of every Coalition Partner.  When you talk about the issues, the problems, and the services needed to keep your local community vibrant, risk averse, and cohesive, realize that when you advance those thoughts to the NCSF through a Coalition Partner, you have helped contribute to a larger network that can make a difference.  That is the real gift that Coalition Partners bring to the well as that annual fundraiser.


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Coalition Corner  

Thank you to all the Coalition Partners and Coalition Partner Representatives that attended our Annual Meeting last month! 
Kevin Carlson
New Mexico Leather League
James Huesmann
New England Leather Alliance
MOB New England
CPI/The Mark
Judy Guerin-Cunningham
Rob and Leenie
International Ms Leather
We also want to thank everyone who attended virtually and those who continue to support us across the country. 
Would you like to have your organization featured? Please contact Julian via  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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Representing on FetLife 


Find the NCSF on the world's most popular free social network for the BDSM, Fetish & Kinky communities!

NCSF - National Coalition For Sexual Freedom News
NCSF Volunteers
Consent Counts

and members can even list the NCSF as a Fetish on their profiles!

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Thursday, 18 December 2014 08:00

NCSF Newsletter: 4th Quarter 2012

NCSF Newsletter
4th Quarter, 2012

In this issue

NCSF 2013 Coalition Partner Meeting in Phoenix

Scholarships Available for Annual Meeting

Support from a Leather Bar

Meet Your Board: Candidates for Reelection

Foundation Liaison to Present at Poly Living

Coalition Corner

Representing on FetLife

 NCSF 2013 Coalition Partner Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, on February 8-10


Please mark this date in your calendars.


In order to make reservations at the Drury Inn & Suites Phoenix Airport and get the group rate of $109, please reference group #2151272 when you call 800-325-0720 or go online at


Join us for our summit on the proposed NCSF Statement on Consent on Friday evening, 7-9pm at the Drury Inn. All CP reps who can't make it to the meeting may participate via video conferencing. The Consent Statement will be released in advance of the meeting, but this will be the time to give a final yeah or nay to it before our official launch.


There will be a big party at Arizona Power Exchange (APEX) on Saturday evening that attendees of the CPmeeting may attend, however APEX requires that you become a member at least 24 hours in advance. We can sign up everyone who wants to attend on Friday evening before 8pm. APEX provides a New Member 30-day all access pass for $20.00 for 30 days which would include the party admission (which is $15.00 alone). APEX also extends reciprocal membership privileges to members of Desert Dominion, Lair De Sade North, Ohio SMART, Denver Sanctuary, Society of Janus and Threshold.


APEX has also invited everyone to their monthly BBQ on Sunday starting at noon. It's a great way to meet the local community and relax after the annual meeting.  


February in Arizona is a beautiful time for golf, swimming, sight-seeing and shopping. If you're coming in on Thursday and want to get involved in some fun on Friday during the day, please contact Susan to discuss the options we'll be organizing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Scholarships Available for Annual Meeting


Each year, the NCSF offers limited scholarships money that is available to active coalition parter representatives and key volunteers. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, or contributing to the scholarship fund, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Support from a Leather Bar


On November 30th, the Dallas Eagle proudly held a fundraiser to show it's support
for NCSF.
The fundraiser, entitled 7 Deadly Sins was held in conjunction with the Mr and Ms
Texas Leather 2013 meet and greet held at the Dallas Eagle.

Over 30 items were donated by various individuals, groups and local businesses
with themed items of a "deadly sin."

Although the fundraiser only lasted 2 hours, it raised awareness to those who attended and
resulted in $1000.00 raised via a silent auction.

Did you have a fundraiser for the NCSF that you'd like to share? Let us know! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Meet Your Board: Candidates for Reelection 
Jim Fleckenstein is a polyamory/non-exclusive relationships educator, researcher and activist.  He co-founded the Institute for 21st Century Relationships, now the Foundation of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), in 2000.  A founder and former board chair of the Chesapeake Polyamory Network, he has been a polyamory and open lifestyles activist since 1998, has spoken extensively, including many Poly Living conferences and at the annual Poly Pride event in New York City, and has been interviewed by The Chicago Tribune, the Guardian(UK), and on TV and radio.
He holds a bachelor's degree with honors in Mass Communications and Politics and Public Affairs (double major) from the University of Miami, and is pursuing a Master of Public Health degree at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.  He is a member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), and the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS).
A recognized expert, Jim has been chosen to present on poly-related topics at six AASECT and SSSS conferences, and was invited to author the Polyamory section of the U.S. chapter of theContinuum Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality.  He is a current member of the NCSF Board, and served as co-editor of their booklet, What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory.  He is collaborating with sociologist and author Dr. Curtis Bergstrand on research into the polyamorous community, currently working on an analysis of the largest survey ever conducted among self-identified relationally non-exclusive.persons.
Before entering his work as an activist, educator and researcher in non-traditional relationships, Jim enjoyed a very successful 28 year career as an executive in the non-profit sector, and held the prestigious Certified Association Executive credential for 24 years.
Why are you running for reelection?
I want to continue my NCSF Board service in order to continue working on the DSM Project, ongoing outreach to the therapeutic and sexuality education communities, and to work on increased outreach to the polyamorous and swinging communities within NCSF's constituencies.
At the turn of the century, Julian Wolf discovered and quickly became involved with the alternative community. Participating and performing at her first event, she quickly found her passion for service. 
In 2003 she co-founded New Mexico: the Next Generation (NM:TNG) and ran the business of the group as Chairman for seven years before stepping down before her 30th birthday. Julian served as the first Ms. Rio Grande Leather (2004) and has assisted with every annual conference in various capacities. In 2005, the New Mexico Leather League (NMLL) was formed. A charter, and still current member, Julian served on the board for five consecutive terms. In 2006, she won Albuquerque Pride's title of "Ms New Mexico Pride" and met or exceeded the goals for that year. In 2008, Julian took a position as Administrative Assistant with Equality New Mexico (EQNM), New Mexico's statewide LGBT advocacy organization and served full time until she left in good standing.
As a wordsmith, Julian wrote Carnal Conundrums, a Sex Positive Advice Column for New Mexico launched online in early 2009, is a freelance writer, and is contributes both a column (the Hedonist Dandy) and the occasional article for Fearless Press. In 2010, she also started working on-call for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF). Julian is also a educator; offering classes and workshops locally, internationally, and as a member of the Kink Academy faculty, virtually. 
An egalitarian sadomasochistic dandy, Julian is a heavy switch who loves to play and has a particular affinity for impact in addition to fetishes for feet and hair. Julian looks to surround herself with fun loving, intelligent people who know how to ask for what they want and are serious about their passions. Please feel free to peruse to learn more.
Why are you running for reelection?
I feel that I have much more to do. My first term on the NCSF board was greatly training, and I was recently given the go ahead to spearhead several projects, and I look forward to managing these. In the upcoming term, I am hoping to expand our newsletter, maintain a regular schedule for media updates utilizing volunteers, broaden our base of contributing writers, and continue outreach to NCSF constituents, and potential members. 
Professionally, Kevin Carlson owned and ran a multi state property management company for 10 years with 200 plus employees.  He worked with the company for over 20 years and sold the company due to the nature of the industry trends at that point in time. 
He started a contracting business, doing a mix of residential and commercial renovations. 
During one of those contracts he was working for a private school and they offered me the facility management position to run the buildings, computers, major remodeling as owners rep working to keep contracts on schedule and on budget with the general contractors. He also managed four servers and over 200 workstations, including WAN connectivity for them.  
After leaving them, Kevin went back into contracting, still working with residential and small commercial jobs.
In addition to the above, from the age of 20, he has consulted and assisted small businesses with computer management and planning. This included simple maintenance, long term planning, and server installation. 

Kevin's Non Profit History

  • Idaho Retriever Club. Active member for over 25 years, doing jobs from bird steward, grounds management, scheduling and Treasurer.
  • Involved with several Fair Housing agencies while employed with the property management company.
  • Ducks Unlimited. Active for over 10 years, supportive member, assisted with one of the ladies chapters from a background standpoint in their annual event. This event turned out to be one of the largest fund raisers for DU that year. I was also Treasurer for one of the larger local chapters for 2 years.
  • BBDSMS, Inc. (Boise BDSM Society). Member since 2002, a founding member. I have held several offices and positions over the years. This included Secretary, Events Coordinator for over 4 years, instructor and general support.  I am involved with both short term and long term management. 
  • Boise Pride. Providing background support to the management. Grounds planning, safety concerns, set up, tear down, long term planning. Currently, on the board of directors and holds the position of Events Coordinator.
  • The Community Center (TCC). Joined the Board of Directors in December 2008, assisted with rewriting of their bylaws
  • NCSF - Board Member for 4 years, currently running the KAP program and IT Director, focusing on timely responses and expansion to both the professional that may want to list on the data base and also to the end user. Worked with Laura Carlson and Leigha Fleming drafting the revisions of the 501c (4) bylaws. Always willing to do more to make NCSF even better.


Why are you running for reelection?

Generally, I consider myself a well rounded person. I enjoy what I do. My focus in the communities is on acceptance and bringing the voice of acceptance to all. A big part of what is going to provide acceptance is education to those who may not be aware. Without education, tolerance is out of the question. We are just people like anyone else, with jobs, families, friends and all those bills. I believe in the voice of the NCSF and its activities to further acceptance for all.
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Foundation Liaison to Present at Poly Living Conference 

Although he'd love to be in Phoenix for the Annual CP Meeting, NCSF board member and NCSF Foundation liaison Jim Fleckenstein will be in Philadelphia that weekend instead.  Jim will be presenting at the annual Poly Living Conference, sponsored by the Loving More nonprofit, and representing NCSF at this major annual gathering of the polyamory community.  Jim will be presenting on the results of the largest ever survey of the non-exclusive relationship community, an effort sponsored by Loving More and endorsed by NCSF.  NCSF's outreach to the polyamory community is an essential part of our overall mission to support all of our constituencies, and unfortunately, the revised dates of the CP meeting coincided with this major polyamory community event.  "I regret having to miss the CP meeting this year, " Fleckenstein noted, "but this continuing commitment to reach out to the polyamory community is a very important priority for NCSF and for me personally."


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Coalition Corner  

Are you or your group a Coalition Partner of the NCSF? We'd love to feature you in our newsletter! Coalition Corner is designed as a both a thank you and a way to introduce our constituents to the voting members of our organization. 
The interview process is simple. Our newsletter organizer Julian Wolf sends your CP Representative an email with four questions, and once answered, you're all set! Our newsletter reaches thousands of inboxes and can be read anytime on our website; it's a great way to get the word out about your organization.  
Would you like to have your organization featured? Please contact Julian viaThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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Representing on FetLife 


Find the NCSF on the world's most popular free social network for the BDSM, Fetish & Kinky communities!

NCSF - National Coalition For Sexual Freedom News
NCSF Volunteers
Consent Counts

and members can even list the NCSF as a Fetish on their profiles!

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NCSF Newsletter: 3rd Quarter 2012

NCSF Newsletter
3rd Quarter, 2012

In this issue

NCSF 2013 Coalition Partner Meeting in Phoenix

Representing on FetLife

International Swingers Day

NCSF at FetFest

Coalition Corner

Meet Your Board! 

NCSF 2013 Coalition Partner Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, on February 8-10 

 Please mark this date in your calendars!


In order to make reservations at the Drury Inn & Suites Phoenix Airport and get the group rate of $109, please reference group #2151272 when you call 800-325-0720 or go online at


There will be a big party at APEX on Saturday evening that attendees of the CP meeting may attend, however APEX requires that you become a member at least 24 hours in advance. We can sign up everyone who wants to attend at the Meet & Greet at the Drury Inn on Friday evening before 8pm. APEX provides a New Member 30-day all access pass for $20.00 for 30 days which would include the party admission (which is $15.00 alone). APEX also extends reciprocal membership privileges to members of Desert Dominion, Lair De Sade North, Ohio SMART, Denver Sanctuary, Society of Janus and Threshold.


February in Arizona is a beautiful time for golf, swimming, sight-seeing and shopping. If you're coming in on Thursday and want to get involved in some fun on Friday during the day, please contact Susan to discuss the options we'll be organizing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Representing on FetLife 


Find the NCSF on the world's most popular free social network for the BDSM, Fetish & Kinky communities!

NCSF - National Coalition For Sexual Freedom News
NCSF Volunteers
Consent Counts

and members can even list the NCSF as a Fetish on their profiles!

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International Swingers Day 2012


The "World's Largest Lifestyle Holiday" was held at the exclusive clothing optional resort, Caliente Caribe and this year, the NCSF was well represented! Our Board Chair Leigha Fleming was invited to present as part of the educational offerings at the event. I sat down with Lucinda Brown, our office manger who also attended. I asked her a few questions about ISD and her experience. 
What is "International Swingers Day?"
It was a conference that focused on training and educational growth for the leaders of the swing lifestyle industry. 
For the first time, ISD also featured parties and activities, really taking advantage of the resort atmosphere! Where was it located this year? 

Just over an hour outside of Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic.


What classes did you offer?


Leigha taught Swing Groups and ZoningProtecting Yourself Legally, Swing Groups and Law Enforcement, and SM101.


Were you able to attend any other classes, and if so, what did you think?


They are extremely professional, well organized and very business/sales adept.  


That sounds like a blast! What was your favorite part of the event?

My favorite part was how welcoming, warm, and friendly this group was.  It was incredible to see the light bulbs going off in their heads as NCSF presented on legal, zoning, and ethical issues. I also felt great about the networking connections made, and the enthusiasm exhibited by the attendees to "do it right."  


Thank you Lucinda for your work, and for taking the time to be interviewed. The NCSF aims to advance the rights of, and advocate for consenting adults in the BDSM-Leather-Fetish, Swing, and Polyamory Communities, and the work that you and Leigha did at International Swingers day helps us with those goals. 


If you are interested in having a representative from the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom teach at one of your lifestle events, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office at (410) 539-4824.


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NCSF at FetFest
by Susan Wright


NCSF was loud and proud at FetFest this past Labor Day weekend, with lots of fundraisers and Consent Counts discussions scheduled with the various FetFest villages. John Baku of FetLife joined NCSF to talk about consent with the Poly Village on Friday evening, the Goddess & FemDom Villages at their Saturday morning Champagne Brunch, the Hypnosis Village at Saturday Munch, and the open consent discussion in the Dungeon Tent on Sunday afternoon.


NCSF also gives a big thanks to everyone who helped organize and run the fundraisers. Everyone had a great time and raised a lot of money-in all, $3,120 went to NCSF.  From the Cigars, Boots and Chocolates party on Friday evening, to the Bouncytown treat boxes, to the World Record in Needles, everyone came out and supported NCSF. NCSF also thanks Paul, Simon and the great staff of FetFest who enabled us to raise some much-needed funds.


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Coalition Corner  

Are you or your group a Coalition Partner of the NCSF? We'd love to feature you in our newsletter! Coalition Corner is designed as a both a thank you and a way to introduce our constituents to the voting members of our organization. 
The interview process is simple. Our newsletter organizer Julian Wolf sends your CP Representative an email with four questions, and once answered, you're all set! Our newsletter reaches thousands of inboxes and can be read anytime on our website; it's a great way to get the word out about your organization.  
Would you like to have your organization featured? Please contact Julian via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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Meet Your Board! 
Returning Member- Jim Fleckenstein     


1) Do you have a history of activism and community involvement? 

Yes.  I was a co-founder of the Chesapeake Polyamory Network in 1998, and founded the Institute for 21st Century Relationships, which is now the NCSF Foundation, in 2000.  I've also been involved in swing organizations as a consultant.

2) What specialties do you bring to the board? 

I enjoyed a 28 year career in non-profit organization management, including development, marketing, volunteer development, event planning, and education.  I also bring the perspective of a person rooted in the polyamory community, with crossover knowledge of the swinging and kink communities.  I'm also a respected academic researcher and community-based educator who has presented at numerous American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists conferences, and also at the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.

3) What inspired you to become involved in NCSF? 

NCSF is an established organization with a broad constituency.  I worked with NCSF while I ran ITCR as an independent organization because we served overlapping constituencies.  I was very pleased to bring my portfolio to the NCSF board to help advance its mission and broaden its outreach to other constituencies within the broad spectrum of sexual and relationship minorities.

Jim is our Foundation Liaison and you can email your board member at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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NCSF Newsletter: 2nd Quarter 2012

NCSF Newsletter
2nd Quarter, 2012

In this issue

NCSF Annual Meeting 2013

NCSF Steps Up for Detroit


NCSF's Coalition Partners Come Together in Sunny Minnesota

Coalition Corner

Meet Your Board!

Come Find the NCSF at These Events 

NCSF Annual Meeting 2013 
NCSF is thrilled to announce - well ahead of schedule - its 2013 Coalition Partner Meeting! Come to Phoenix, Arizona, on Feburary 8-10, and make the NCSF magic happen again. Please mark this date in your calendars. There will be a big party at APEX on Saturday evening, and desert fun and shopping arranged for those who arrive early on Friday. Start your planning now!
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NCSF Steps Up for Detroit

NCSF is there to help you when you need it. Just ask the Detroit BDSM community, who recently came under fire from a local news affiliate. The NBC Channel 4 Defenders were out to get a sensational story on Robert Bashara, whose wife was murdered in January, 2012. Since Bashara's BDSM activities had become public, the Defenders took concealed cameras in to a local BDSM party to take photographs of people while they were playing.

Dateline NBC was going to air a show later that week about Bashara that included his BDSM activities, so there was no possibility of killing the story. The situation was further acerbated by a member of the local community who gave an interview to the news stating that she had seen Bashara at one of the local BDSM parties at the VFW Hall in Lincoln Park.

The morning of Tuesday, May 8th, NCSF started receiving phone calls from people who were recognizable in the promotional clip. The story was going to air at 11pm that night. NCSF Spokesperson Susan Wright immediately contacted the news station to convince them to adequately blur the images of the people they had photographed without permission. She also coordinated a write-in campaign from those who were recognizable, and communicated directly with several dozen local
community members and leaders. 

The added pressure of outraged letters from the community convinced the reporters to include positive sound bites about BDSM that Susan provided. They also changed the title of the piece from "Dungeons of Debauchery" to "Bob Bashara's Alternative Lifestyle." The images that were recognizable were removed from the website and the promotional clips that were released later in the day were much more blurred. The news segment also contained images that were unrecognizable.

The following week, on May 19th, NCSF hosted a full day's schedule of events at the VFW in Lincoln Park. NCSF Chairperson Leigha Fleming ran town hall style meeting for the local BDSM community leadership from 2pm-4pm. The leadership of more than 20 groups was represented. Leigha gave NCSF's workshop on how to protect your groups/events for local community leaders.

From 4-6 PM an open town hall for everyone in the community was held so people could get their questions answered and discuss ways to further protect the BDSM community and to promote education of those outside our community. Leigha also gave the NCSF workshop on how an individual can protect their privacy more effectively. A raffle and silent auction was held to raise donations for NCSF. 2 organizations joined NCSF as Coalition Partners: The Board of Education and Deviations. More than 20 individual members joined NCSF as individual members.

A delicious dinner followed at the VFW Hall. Tim, the host of the party that was filmed by the news channel, said, "Over the past week, the VFW has been more supportive than we could have imagined. The manager of the VFW told us this week 'I fought in a war so that people could have the freedom to do what they enjoy, even if it's not our own cup of tea.'"

In pride, the evening's dinner was followed by the regularly scheduled BDSM party. "This past week has been trying and tense," says Tim. "Several have asked where was the silver lining? We have high hopes that this can be the silver lining. Rarely do we have a chance to come together for no other reason than it's the right thing to do. Because we can support one another. If virtual strangers from organizations and individuals from all across the globe have lent their words and actions of support, we surely owe it to ourselves to match it."

NCSF was proud to assist the Detroit BDSM community in their time of need. It shows what when we work together, we can accomplish anything.

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by Susan Wright

On behalf of NCSF, Jim Fleckenstein and Susan Wright attended the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) Annual Conference on June 8-10th in Austin, Texas. The NCSF booth in the Exhibit Hall featured free copies of NCSF's new guide:  "What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory." 150 copies were given away to professional service providers courtesy of donation by an NCSF supporter. The interest was so high, that supplies ran out before the end of the conference.        

"This year we saw a significant increase in interest about alternative sexuality at the NCSF booth," says Susan Wright, NCSF Spokesperson. "The therapists, counselors and sex educators were asking for more information about kinky people. We are providing a real service by supplying this much-needed education at conferences like AASECT."

 The NCSF exhibit gave away hundreds of brochures about NCSF projects such as the Kink Aware Professionals free referral list, the DSM Revision project to depathologize BDSM, the Consent Counts project to decriminalize BDSM, and NELA's "Is it S/M or Abuse?" brochure. Two brochures intended for kinky people were also popular giveaways asillustrations of the difficulties our underserved population faces: Finding a Kink Aware Therapist and Finding Kink Aware Medical Care.

Jim Fleckenstein was the lead presenter on "(Re)Defining Fidelity in Committed Relationships: How to Negotiate Non-Exclusivity Successfully," a workshop designed to provide participants with a more complete understanding of the appropriateness of negotiated non-exclusivity as a relationship choice for their clients.        

Susan Wright was the presenter on "Violence and Discrimination Against BDSM Practitioners," a workshop presenting survey data from the BDSM community on the impact of persecution against kinky people.

NCSF also organized the Alt Sex SIG munch that took place Friday evening on the patio of the Hyatt Regency Austin. Over twenty-five AASECT members attended to further discuss issues raised in the Alt Sex SIG meeting that took place on Friday afternoon at the conference. It was an informative meeting that offered excellent networking opportunities for the professional service providers, and is another indication of the increased interest in the Alt Sex SIG at AASECT. 

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NCSF's Coalition Partners Come Together in Sunny Minnesota 


The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom held its annual Coalition Partner meeting in St. Paul, MN from March 16-18, 2012. The CP meeting was well attended by 20 Coalition Partner Representatives, the Board of NCSF and the senior staff. The Coalition Partners voted in the new Board of Directors for NCSF, approved the 2013 budget, and brainstormed on NCSF's projects and goals for the coming year.


"The annual meeting is an opportunity for NCSF's partners to vote and give their input on our direction," says Chairperson Leigha Fleming. "We are thankful to our Minnesota hosts and energized about the coming year."


The CP representatives were eager to explore new ways of using social media to spread the message of privacy rights for consenting adults, and to expand and improve upon NCSF's membership structure. Along with new Consent Counts publications just rolled out - In the Aftermath and When the Levee Breaks - CPs viewed the new Finding Kink Aware Medical Carebrochure written by Race Bannon.


The CPs also received the annual reports from the various projects NCSF runs. Over 60 Educational Outreach Project workshops were given in 2011; Incident Reporting and Response received over 600 calls for assistance; the Kink Aware Professionals list is up to nearly 1,000 entrants; and the Media Outreach Project gave over 50 interviews.


Saturday evening, attendees at the meeting were treated to a party produced by seven local BDSM groups, all of which are Coalition Partners of NCSF. Over 200 people attended, making it a rousing show of community unity and the largest gathering ever at an NCSF annual CPmeeting. NCSF would like to thank our loyal and active Coalition Partners for hosting the annual meeting in style:


Knights of Leather

MinKY - Minnesota Kinky Youth

Minnesota Rope 

Minnesota Stocks Debentures and Bonds (MSDB)


TC Productions (Northern Lights)

University of Minnesota Queer Student Cultural Center


The Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Judy Guerin, director of Consent Counts, for her important work on furthering the Consent Counts project. The Consent Counts team completed the legal research on assault laws, which was compiled and posted on the NCSF website. Judy also began the development of law school and domestic violence outreach programs to be launched in 2012.


The annual meeting couldn't have happened without strong local volunteers. NCSF gratefully acknowledges the hard work of Sassy, Coalition Partner rep for MSDB, who acted as the weekend community organizer and arranged volunteer shuttle drivers for attendee travel to themeeting venue from the hotel and social outings. Sassy provided all the meeting reports and notebooks, organized the Friday night Meet and Greet party, and provided the snacks during the meeting.  


NCSF also thanks Charger Pony, CP rep for Northern Lights, who acted as the liaison between NCSF and the hotel and community groups, and he organized the party Saturday night. AndCadee and SexyImpish Deb who were integral parts of the volunteer corps, assisting Sassy and Charger.


NCSF is nothing without its Coalition Partners - individuals, groups and businesses who commit to governing NCSF and providing essential funding for the organization. The Coalition Partners who attended the meeting were:



Chicago Age Players

Females Investigating Sexual Terrain - FIST

International Ms. Leather - IMSL

Knights of Leather

Kevin Carlson


Leigha Fleming

MN Rope

Minnesota Kinky Youth

Minnesota Stocks, Debentures, and Bonds - MSDB



New Mexico Leather League

NOBLE (New Orleans Bondage and Leather Enthusiasts)  

Northern Lights/TC Productions



The Mark by CPI

The Monarchs


The Board of NCSF currently consists of:

Leigha Fleming - CHAIR - DENVER CO  

Vivienne Kramer - TREASURER - BOSTON, MA  
Laura Carlson - SECRETARY - BOISE, ID 
Jim Fleckenstein - HEARNDON, VA 
Race Bannon - SAN FRANCISCO, CA 
Julian Wolf - ALBUQUERQUE, NM  
Kevin Carlson - BOISE, ID 
Mark Richards - NEW YORK, NY 
Mercury - NASHVILLE, TN  

James Huesmann - FAIRBANKS, ALASKA 
Susan Wright - PHOENIX, AZ


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Coalition Corner: The Groups of Greater Minneapolis-St Paul 

by Julian Wolf 


We cannot thank enough the seven groups that came together to make our Annual Meeting something special this year. The work that they put in made for a productive and enjoyable meeting, and quite a delightful Saturday night party. We wish to thank the leadership and the members of these groups for all their work and express how much we look forward to working with them over the upcoming years.  


Minnesota Kinky Youth (MinKY)  

MinKY is a pansexual kinky group located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota serving local people between the ages of 18-35. We organize educational classes and recreational gatherings with the goal of helping kinky youth make informed lifestyle decisions.


Minnesota Stocks Debentures and Bonds (MSDB)

MSDB is a Minnesota-based organization for people who are actively involved or seriously interested in BDSM lifestyles and activities. MSDB provides social and educational activities and information to its members and to the BDSM community at large. Membership is open to adults 18 or older, regardless of sexual or gender orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, or physical ability.  

TC Productions (Northern Lights)

Northern Lights is a partnership of like-minded kinky organizations in Minnesota who want to bring the best of Minnesota to the world and the best of the kink world to Minnesota. Stay in the loop for their next event featuring exciting education and play! 


Minnesota Rope (MN Rope

MN Rope provides a safe and welcoming space for knowledge sharing and exploration into rope. 


University of Minnesota Queer Student Cultural Center (QSCC)

The Queer Student Cultural Center is a completely student-run group dedicated to helping those in the coming out, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, genderqueer, intersex, and allied communities.  


Knights of Leather

The focus of the Knights of Leather is the promotion and practice of the safe sane and consensual play for people involved the leather and BDSM lifestyles.  We host dungeon parties, an annual SM recreational/educational weekend run known as Tournament; and we are also involved in various community educational out-reach programs and events. We attend events and runs sponsored by other organizations to support their efforts and stay in touch with other BDSM communities.  


People Exchanging Power Respectfully in MiNnesota Together (PEPRMNT

PEPRMNT was established to facilitate in-person discussion of topics for those with an interest in the power exchange lifestyle in the Twin Cities area. The group conducts topic-driven munches on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month, from 7 to 9 P.M. in a private room at a Twin Cities restaurant.     


Thank you to our Twin City Coalition Partners and to all of our other CP's, members! Let us know if you'd like to be featured in an upcoming Coalition Corner! 


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Meet Your Board! Returning Member- Kevin Carlson

1) Do you have a history of activism and community involvement?


I have been out in the Sm community since 2001. I have been President of our local BDSM club. My affiliation with our local club has opened several doors for me, including our local Pride organization. I have been the Events Coordinator since 2009, previous to that, helping with the grounds for the annual festival. It also opened the door to becoming an active part of the NCSF.


2) What specialties do you bring to the board?


I love computers and what makes them work. I have worked with them since the late seventies. I like organization in the digital world and I like to make things work.


3) What inspired you to become involved in NCSF? (What does the NCSF mission mean to you?)


I have been involved from the outside of the NCSF since 2002 as a CP member. I have always felt the works being done by the NCSF was outstanding. I never saw myself being presented with such an opportunity to become so involved with something close to my heart. I saw a need an opened my mouth. I took over the administration of the KAP program because I wanted to see KAP grow and then became a Board Member.


4) Anything else you'd like to add?


I believe in the rights of consenting adults regardless of those rights as long as consent is at its foundation. Sexual freedom, the exploration of sexual freedom, and the rights associated with such has always been my new frontier. By exploring my own sexual freedom, I have only come to know myself and those associated with me better. I feel that I am a more complete person by such understanding. I want to be me and to be proud of who I am. I believe everyone should have such rights.


You can email your board member Kevin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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 Come Find the NCSF at These Events!  

We're always active and frequently traveling! We'll be representing at these upcoming events, but we always have room to book more! Are you interested in having us, or our information, at your next event, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

New Mexico - Albuquerque Pride - June 30

Colorado - Thunder in the Mountains - July 8-10

New Jersey - Floating World - Aug 3-5

Arizona -JW DDD Aug 17-19


Maryland- Fet Fest - Aug 31-Sept 3


DC - Master/slave Conference Aug 21 - Sept 3


Ohio - COPE Sept 15-16


California - Folsom Fringe- Sept 21-23  


... and more. Find us on TwitterFacebook and FetLife!   


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Wednesday, 01 February 2012 05:24

NCSF Newsletter: 1st Quarter 2012

NCSF Newsletter
1st Quarter, 2012

In this issue

The NCSF Annual Meeting is the 3rd Weekend of March!

Sexual Freedom Stories in the News

What happened at Spanksgiving?

Spanksgiving, an Addendum

Coalition Corner - The Eulenspiegel Society

Meet Your Board! Returning Member- Vivienne Kramer

The NCSF Annual Meeting is the 3rd Weekend of March! 

Join us in St. Paul Minnesota this spring! We are pulling out all the stops for a fabulous annual meeting for the NCSF. The annual meeting is an opportunity for our Coalition Partners to send their representatives and help set NCSF policy, review and approve the budget and elect the board. There is no better way to get involved with the NCSF, and our have the voice of your organization represented. This important meeting is a great opportunity to really sink your teeth into the work NCSF is doing and that our CP groups are supporting and directing! NCSF has limited scholarships available to help facilitate the attendence of active Coalition Partner representatives to the meeting. 

Other than some very exciting work, what awaits you in Minnesota? Good food (meat eaters - you want to try the Packer Stacker) and most meals under $10 each at the hotel restaurant and bar. 

Have you heard of Minnesota Hospitality? Come experience it! Anyone flying in will be driven from the airport to the hotel, saving guests from an expensive cab ride. Minnesotan's are a friendly bunch, aiming to make your stay comfortable. There will be a private hospitality room on-site with above average snack/sandwich items for individuals on a really tight budget and those who need specialty stuff. (Gluten Free diet? Let us know!) 

Bring your long johns if your worried about the cold, but it's been an unusually warm year so far, it might even be swimsuit weather by March! Come prepared for lots of possibilities. 

Here's the hotel information, book your room now! To book, please call the hotel directly and give our Group Code: "NCSF GROUP" to qualify for the generous rate of only $89 a night. (If you don't let them know, you will not receive the discount.) 

Clarion Hotel and Conference Center, 701 Concord St. South South St. Paul, MN 55075

Minnesota Stocks Debentures & Bonds has been working hard to make this a meeting to remember. Join us! 

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Sexual Freedom Stories in the News 

The national (and international) news is buzzing with stories relating to sexual freedom.

A story of particular note includes Canada's recent court case regarding polygamy laws. There are dozens more that might peak your interest including; a variety ofcelebrity scandals, a recent obscenity trial, and some stories close to our hearts such as the announcement of our newest board member Race Bannon and our new volunteer coordinator

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 What happened at Spanksgiving?
 By Tamara Pincus, LICSW

 As you may know, there was some drama this year surrounding the Spanksgiving event in St. Louis. Spanksgiving is not an unusual type of event. It covers BDSM education and socializing and generally provides a place for people to come and get together as a part of the BDSM community. This is not unlike any number of events held nationwide every year. Such events are one of the main ways in which those of us in the BDSM world catch up with our friends and learn from each other. The problems that Spanksgiving experienced were not chance. There was a specific group of people in local government who chose to try to stop this immoral "sex convention".  NCSF was there to help stop these conservatives from ruining the event. 

Back in March 2011, Tommy (last name withheld for confidentiality reasons) one of the employees at the host hotel broke his confidentiality agreement during the Beat Me in St. Louis event also run by STL3. He tweeted about the convention categorizing it as disgusting and nasty. He also called his uncle, well-known "upstanding member of the community" Gil Klein, one of three aldermen (local government officials) who had jurisdiction over Fairview Heights, the area where the event is located. The hotel subsequently fired Tommy for breaking their confidentiality agreement.

Gil Klein, the city alderman, attempted to get into the Beat Me in St. Louis convention to see what was going on but could not. He used the presence of the convention to create negative ads about the Mayor "allowing" there to be a local sex convention. In the time between that Beat Me in St. Louis and Spanksgiving 2011, two of the three local aldermen were voted out of office. The one remaining alderman who had not been up for election was Sandy Baldwin. Sandy Baldwin made it clear that she believed that Spanksgiving should pay a fee and be required to get a permit for their event because of the type or organization it is, even though the legislation in question was not used to require permits for other local events. She notes that both Girl Scouts and STL3 are non-profits, but she states, "I think there's a difference between a Girl Scout cookie and a sexual toy paraphernalia" She specifically chose to single out this event because of her biases.

On the Wednesday before Spanksgiving 2011, the local government informed the organizer of Spanksgiving, Jsin, that they would be charging the vendors a special fee and requiring a permit. Now, there have been many similar events with vendors held at the same hotel, which had not had to pay this same fee to local government, and had not been required to get these kind of permits.  When Jsin did finally go into the office to meet with them about completing the permit it was clear that nobody had ever issued this kind of permit before and it took more than one draft.

In the meantime, the media got involved.  A scathing commentary on the CBS website talked about how the Spanksgiving organizers had not followed through with the correct procedures and were unlawfully going forward with their event.

Here is where NCSF stepped in. The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom worked with the event organizers to make sure that all of the media attention was handled well. Susan Wright held interviews with the media and explained to them the injustices that were taking place in this case. Jsin reports that NCSF was there with him along the way to help him know what questions to ask and what to do to make sure the issues got resolved. Jsin was clear to all of the government officials involved that he was only trying to do what was required to get the permit and comply with all local and state laws. As a result he was able to get the permits and hold the event with no fines or other legal problems.

Now this is by no means the only event that has had this kind of problem. Conservatives all over the country would love to put a stop to "sex expos" like Spanksgiving. They think that BDSM is "against God's plan" and all other sorts of nonsense. They would like us to keep our activities well underground. This not only tears apart the BDSM community by isolating us from each other, but also prevents people from learning the basics of BDSM including learning about safety and consent. All of this just shows how important it is that we have NCSF there to help us advocate for ourselves in this kind of situation. Without the NCSF and the groups that support it, our community would have no way to work together to fight off these kinds of attacks. 

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Spanksgiving, an Addendum
by Julian Wolf

The day of my flight out to St. Louis, I received an urgent message from the NCSF board chair, letting me know that Susan Wright wouldn't be able to attend, so I should be ready to represent the NCSF board and be on hand for the staff and producers of the event, and ready to step forward if need be. Fortunately, most of what I had packed was suits, slacks and dress shirts, so I didn't need to modify the contents of my luggage to accommodate a potential media storm. Leigha (Fleming) made sure that Jsin and I had each other's information, and I spent time in the airport reading up on the articles, and comments posted underneath them, that had been all over the media in the St. Louis area so I'd be informed and ready to work upon arrival.

Once I arrived in the hotel and dropped off my luggage in my room, I made it a point to introduce myself to the staff and volunteers. I eventually met Jsin face to face, and was pleased to find out the new developments were positive- they had secured the necessary permits and were moving ahead without any new problems. Throughout the weekend I stayed in touch, and enjoyed myself. Classes went well, and with every check in, I was reassured that not only had the work that Susan (Wright) and Jsin done this year been very effective, what they had learned at previous events and the history of work the NCSF had already done with the STL3 team was effective in making Spanksgiving a low-drama event. On Saturday, Jsin let me know that the police had already come and gone, and it was completely uneventful.

I never had to step in and handle anything as a member of the NCSF board, and the reason is this- the work had already been done. STL3 and the NCSF have been close partners for enough time that they knew what to do. They knew how to handle the authorities and Susan (and Jsin) had already handled the questions. The attendees of Spanksgiving were able to enjoy themselves without incident, and there were no protesters, no breach of confidence, no one being "outed" and we were all free to have a lovely time.

It is the work that the NCSF does every day that makes our community a safer, freer place to live. The big events get the most attention, but the teaching, training and knowledge that is shared every day is what makes the biggest difference. I am proud to report that my services as an official representative of the NCSF were not needed at Spanksgiving this year, and I want to thank everyone who consitsantly contributes to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom for helping us make our world a safer, saner and significantly more fun place to live.  

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Coalition Corner - The Eulenspiegel Society 

1) What is the mission of your group?

Since 1971, The Eulenspiegel Society (TES for short) has promoted sexual liberation for all adults, particularly those who enjoy consensual BDSM or whose sexuality embraces dominant/submissive fantasies and urges. A much fuller explanation of our purpose is our Creed, which can be found, among other places, online at 

2) What inspired your participation with the NCSF?

TES goes way back with the NCSF, and the full story would take up more space than we have here. We were one of the founding member organizations; the term "Coalition Partner" had not yet been coined. TES members were already accustomed to working with other groups, albeit on a local level. Some of the more activist leatherfolk in NYC, accustomed to working together on Leather Pride Night, started meeting informally to share ideas about other projects. This became the New York SM Activists (NYSMA), the crucible from which emerged, among other projects, the initiatives which became Leather Leadership Conference and the NCSF.

NCSF's purpose, as originally expressed, defending sexual freedom and privacy rights for adults engaging in safe, sane and consensual behavior, was and is fully compatible with the purposes stated in the Eulenspiegel Creed, so when Susan Wright presented the idea of NCSF to us, we of course signed on.

The broadening of that mission over the years to take in the swing and poly communities has not changed our commitment; after all, some of our kinky leather folk are poly or into swinging as well.

3) What's your favorite way to do your NCSF fund raising?

In recent years we've raised funds for NCSF at our annual event, mainly at the Celebrity Auction, where we sell a scene, a lesson or simply time with those presenters who have chosen to go the extra mile and contribute that much more of themselves ... which is most of them, since they know it's for NCSF! At the last couple of events, we've also turned our Top/Bottom Auction and our Kinky Casino into fundraising opportunities as well. We have some very talented members who are good at, ahem, flogging NCSF to our attendees and persuading them to give just that little bit more.

The Eulenspiegel Society is the oldest BDSM support group in the United States. You can check out their calendar, browse their resources, and learn more about the group at Learn more about their annual event, TES Fest, at TES also continues to be one of the sponsoring organizations for Leather Pride Night NYC ( 

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 Meet Your Board! Returning Member- Vivienne Kramer       

1) Do you have a history of activism and community involvement?    

I've been involved in community activism since 1989, starting off in the women's rights ocmmunity, specifically working for greater Boston NOW. One of the first things I did was spend every Saturday morning, helping to create a human barrier to allow women who had appointments at clinics to go in safely and without ridicule or torment. After 6 years working on my feminism, I moved over to my true passion of Sm and applied what I had learned to the kinky community. 

2) What specialties do you bring to the board?   

I am a numbers person by nature, so I bring my love of finance and budgeting. But my two decades of organizing and becoming an adult has also brought out my skills in leadership, volunteer management and organizational development. I love working as a team to come up with the big picture then help implement the idea or project through its establishment. 

3) What inspired you to become involved in NCSF? (What does the NCSF mission mean to you?)    

In 2001 I had already been involved in my local community for about 6 years and I wanted to help on a national level. NCSF had been around for a bit but it didn't have the organizational structure or base of support it has now. I joined on what was then the Executive Committee and soon became Chair. About a year into my term, we re-aligned NCSF into a working Board executing and reporting to the Coalition Partners it's policy and strategic vision. I truly believe that in order to adjust this country's landscape of perception and discrimination, our community must take a multi-prong approach. Local groups must create awareness and educate locally and NCSF handles the umbrella role of national policy.    

4) Anything else you'd like to add? 

Discovering that one's passion is activism is truly amazing. Having the courage to specifically work on sexual freedom ... well there's a special place in the universe for all of us. I often say that even though I don't have kids, I still want the world to be a better place for them, in every way possible. Each and every one us and our future generations need to be able to express whatever sexuality we have without fear of persecution. What NCSF does, what each local community group does, what we all do and believe in our heart helps......every single day.

You can email your board member Vivienne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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Friday, 11 November 2011 07:28

NCSF Newsletter: 4th Quarter 2011

NCSF Newsletter

4th Quarter, 2011 

 In this issue

  • NCSF Annual Meeting, March 2012 in Minnesota
  • Consent Counts: Report & Looking to the Future
  • Consent Counts: Words from Our Board Chair
  • Coalition Corner: Siege Works
  • Meet Your Board! Returning Member- Mercury

 NCSF Annual Meeting, March 2012 in Minnesota

 By: Sassy, CP Rep - Minnesota Stocks Debentures & Bonds

March is known for "March Madness" in Minnesota. It's a time of high school sports championships and interesting weather. Not to worry, we will keep you warm and safe from the snow! Join us for the Coalition Partner Meeting the third weekend of March in 2012 in Minneapolis, MN. We are already putting together a series of people ready to scoop you up at the airport and deposit you at the hotel! 

The annual meeting is an opportunity for our Coalition Partners to send their representatives and help set NCSF policy, review and approve the budget and elect the board. NCSF has limited scholarships available to help facilitate the attendence of active Coalition Partner representatives to the meeting.   

 Consent Counts: Report & Looking to the Future 

 by the NCSF Board 

Eighteen months ago NCSF kicked off a new program called Consent Counts. The program is a direct outgrowth of the direction of the more than fifty Coalition Partners who vote for the NCSF board, approve the budget and set the policies and programs of NCSF. In conjunction with NCSF's efforts to help remove SM from the DSM manual that classifies mental illness, the criminal prosecution of consensual BDSM is a real issue that the NCSF sees every day. NCSF's Consent Counts program is a long-term effort to both challenge and change those laws.

Consent Counts began primarily as a legal program. In the last year the NCSF has done a tremendous amount of work with people outside of SM community, along with SM related legal and legislative work. The effort to change the impact of California SB 430 is an example of that work.    

The next step in the Legal part of the Consent Counts program is the development of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) classes for attorneys around the issues of consent in criminal law. The NCSF will be joining the Kody Brown/Sister Wives case by providing an Amicus, or friend of the court brief, in support of the decriminalization of consensual adult polygamy. By the end of the 1st quarter next year, NCSF will have an indexed list state by state available on the website citing relevant appellate or case law around consensual BDSM and providing the ability to search out laws in all 50 states that criminalize BDSM.    

Our coalition has given more than fifty workshops around the country on the legal realities of consent in the law in the last year. 

One of the things we have learned is that the legal work alone isn't enough. There has been an exponential growth in the numbers of requests NCSF has received for help related to consent issues in the last year. So, in an effort to be responsive to our constituencies we began to develop a guide for both victims of consent violations and those accused of consent violations. The two-part guide will have a section for victims who have had their consent violated and give them some tools for looking at what their options are (police, civil, outreach assistance, how to report, what to say etc.) Additionally, it will have another section for those who have had an accusation leveled against them (legal, criminal, civil, etc. The board anticipates having the guide available for public distribution at the beginning of next year.

Finally, the expansion of the Consent Counts program will include the publication of a community discussion guide that groups, workshop leaders, presenters, and events around the community can use to begin, develop, and turn into NCSF, the outcomes, of discussions around the issue of consent, what it means in their communities etc. To be very clear- the NCSF does not intend to develop some kind of unilateral statement regarding consent. The whole point of the of the Community Discussion Guide on Consent is to foster the discussion nationwide - leading to a policy summit at NCSF's next annual meeting in Minneapolis, led by Coalition Partners and finally to the development and creation of a statement about consent created at the Leather Leadership Conference (LLC)XIII in Seattle in 2013.

Consent Counts: Words from Our Board Chair

 by Leigha Fleming 

I believe- from the volume of requests and comments NCSF has had over the last 12-18 months that SSC- safe sane and consensual is a model that doesn't work for us as a community anymore. We've outgrown it the way a child outgrows the training wheels on his bike. There IS brand equity in SSC. It's still useful. We've done anamazing job over the last 25 years educating people outside out community about BDSM.  SSC- due in no small part to the work of activists in our community has entered the modern lexicon -- CSI episodes, "consenting adults", safewords, and news stories that reference SSC. WE- the SM community- did that. But it's also become not much more than sloganeering... and it's not enough for us anymore.

We've been discussing these attitudes and growing the Consent Counts program dictated by our CPs who have said this is the most important work we can be doing.

I'm asking all of you to join the discussion - on Fetlife, in notices at SM events, in your local groups and on NCSF's website. As we distribute the Community Discussion Guide at the beginning of next year, ask an NCSF rep to come to your group, take the guide to your own groups and events and munches and launch a discussion. Send us your feedback. This isn't going to be easy. But the issues surrounding consent are significant- and unless we address them, we will fail in our mission.

For the people who say - you know what, I'm not responsible for some idiot who thinks consent given once never needs to be given again. I would say- you're right; that is, if you're sitting on the sidelines. If you stand up as an activist, as an educator, or leader in our varied communities- you are responsible. You signed up to be responsible and to educate intelligently and ethically when you stood up to be an activist, educator or leader.

If we can't change the social discourse around consent and BDSM, we can never change the political or legislative discourse. We can do this and I believe with deep conviction- that this is the most important issue facing our community today - both as we try to gain a more nuanced view of what consent is for ourselves and our partners and as we work with the outside world to change their perceptions about us and to change the laws that affect so many of us every single day. 

Coalition Corner: Siege Works 

1) What is the mission of your group?

It is to the primary goal of The Siege to create within the rich and vibrant gay and BDSM/Fetish Communities of Nashville, a reoccurring, sex forward, intense, & energetic, mens play party to serve the whole mid-south region.  Attendees travel from as a far as two hundred miles away. We do not have a formal membership, rather we are a loose network who stay in touch through an email list and our own web forum. We host our parties at The Mark in Nashville, quarterly, in the past we have done so bi-monthly. Our second function, spreading information about BDSM play in a fun, sexy, face-to-face environment and provide a space for interaction between individuals who identify primarily with the BDSM community and individuals who identify primarily with the gay community.  Though I've not had the opportunity yet, I would like bring our event to other regions to encourage the proliferation of real time face to face gay mens BDSM/Fetish culture.

2) What inspired your participation with the NCSF?

As sexual minorities living in the bible belt, the need for legal action to push back against those who wish to repress our liberties is omnipresent. The NCSF is the only organization with such a focus, and thus far we've been impressed with what they have accomplished and the network of support they provide.

3) What's your favorite way to do your NCSF fund raising?

Throw a wild party and divide the proceeds between our host organization and the NCSF.  

For more information, find them on Twitter as SiegeWorks, on their site at, on Facebook under "Siege Works" and you can contact them via email by messaging This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 Meet Your Board! Returning Member- Mercury    

1) Do you have a history of activism and community involvement? 

I have served the Middle Tennessee BDSM/Fetish/Kink community for over six years as the Executive Director of CPI, the 501(c)(7) non-profit corporation that runs The Mark in Nashville.  During this time, we have hosted over 600 events in our "community center" and have been financially self-sustaining since we opened our doors.  

I have been a regional presenter even longer than that, presenting an eclectic mix of subjects ranging from D/s Decorum and BDSM 101, to Team Topping and Physics of S/M Play -- hoping that I can give back more than I extract from the people I meet!

Additionally, I work with local university sexuality professors and certified sex therapists providing understanding opportunities offering lectures, discussion, literature, and facility tours to better educate them in regards to BDSM and polyamory.

So, yeah, I have been around and involved, helping strengthen our community as I can.

2) What specialties do you bring to the board? 

In addition to my volunteer role as a dungeon-keeper, I have worked in corporate sales and marketing for years, worked as a program/project manager, and owned my own design firm; yet my biggest asset to the Board may be my location in the Southeast, where I can help the NCSF grow its presence and value in, perhaps, an under-involved region.

3) What inspired you to become involved in NCSF? (What does the NCSF mission mean to you?)

Once I became increasingly recognized as being in a position of local leadership, more people would approach me with issues that they needed help to resolve.  Inevitably my research would lead me to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, who were the only people offering a sincerely sympathetic ear and real informed guidance.  

It wasn't long before I came to realize that a key component to making my local/regional community more secure was to help make the NCSF safety net stronger.  The best way I knew to do that was to step up and offer myself to the cause.

4) Anything else you'd like to add?

I would like to thank all of the people back home who work hard for their community and make me look good in the process!  You folks are the best -- giving as you can to make life better for us all.

You can email your board member Mercury at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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NCSF Newsletter: 3rd Quarter 2011

NCSF Newsletter

3rd Quarter, 2011 


In this issue

  • Membership Drive...Keep that Independence Day Spirit
  • Minnesota Welcomes NCSF next March!
  • Meet Your Board!...New Member- Julian Wolf
  • Update: Kinky is NOT a Diagnosis
  • Consent Counts Expands Educational Focus
  • Coalition Corner - Meet the New Mexico Leather League

Membership Drive

Keep that Independence Day Spirit and become a freedom fighter by joining NCSF!

NCSF is having a membership drive until July 31st!

NCSF is there when you need help, and now NCSF needs you. Join NCSF to keep our important programs alive:

Our Media Outreach program gives media interviews on alt sex, and produces the Media Updates, helps events work with press and media when asked, and responds to negative characterizations about BDSM, swing and poly in the media.

Consent Counts is working to change assault laws and decriminalize BDSM and educate our own communities about consent.

The Educational Outreach Program presents informative presentations around the country on everything from zoning issues for SM groups to child custody and divorce issues.

The Kink Aware Professionals list is free referral list for doctors, mental health professionals, and more. Incident Response and Reporting program worked with more than 600 people and organizations in 2010 and helps protect events from attacks.

NCSF's Incident Reporting & Response provides assistance to individuals and groups within the BDSM, swinging and poly communities who are experiencing discrimination or need assistance because of their interests and activities. In addition to providingassistance, the program collects confidential and anonymous reports of discrimination, abuse, etc. against members of the communities. This information is critical in helping demonstrate the level of discrimination and violence members of communities experience continually. 

NCSF relies on you! For only $25 per year, you can support the rights of consenting adults. Please join or renew your individual membership at: 

Minnesota Welcomes NCSF next March!

By: Sassy, CP Rep - Minnesota Stocks Debentures & Bonds

Minnesota proudly welcomes the NCSF for their annual Coalition Partner meeting March 16 - 18, 2012!  The gang in MN has secured a hotel in a south St. Paul suburb with great rates, great space, hot breakfast, and we are planning a few surprises -- good surprises.  Stay tuned for more details -- and start saving your pennies for an affordable meeting in a location that often has great airfare deals.    

Meet Your Board!

New Member- Julian Wolf

1) Do you have a history of activism and community involvement?

Yes, my parents instilled a sense of responsibility to my community at an early age, so it was a natural transition once I became an adult. I came out of several closets in 1999 and volunteered at my first Leather event. It's been a slippery slope from there; I've spent all but a few months since 2002 serving on various boards throughout the queer and BDSM communities.

2) What specialties do you bring to the board?

Primarily, I'm a wordsmith. I've been writing in formal and informal capacities since grade school and while I'm not degreed I do seem to be able to beat words into informative submission. Additionally, I'm "blessed" with having a vocation where I'm on one computer or another for several hours every day, so I'm able to do things such as Media Updates and newsletters with some ease.

3) What inspired you to become involved in NCSF?

Sex Positive legislation is incredibly important to me as a polyamorous, kinky person who thinks swinger's parties are pretty keen. Even if I was not personally involved in the communities that the NCSF supports, I would still feel strongly about fighting for our rights and the personal freedoms of adults.

Educator, wordsmith and performer Julian Wolf is an active participant in the alternative scene in the Southwest and beyond. You are invited to peruse for more details.

Update: Kinky is NOT a Diagnosis

By Susan Wright, NCSF Board Member

As the discussion around the proposed DSM-V criteria for the Paraphilias continues, a recently published article mentioned NCSF's work on behalf of sexual sadists, masochists, fetishists and transvestic fetishists. Author Michael B. First, MD, a Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University and Department of Clinical Phenomenology at New York State Psychiatric Institute, notes these "nondisordered paraphilias" could be further destigmatized by listing them under the "Other Conditions That May Be a Focus of Clinical Attention" chapter of DSM-5. Other Conditions functions as a repository for conditions that may be a focus of treatment but are not considered mental disorders, such as normal grief.

First adds, "Thus, the Paraphilic Disorders would be listed in the front, mental disorder, section of the DSM-5 (with associated F codes, indicating their status as mental disorders), whereas the nonpathological paraphilias, which may be encountered by a clinician in the context of a diagnostic evaluation but would not be a focus of treatment, would be listed in the back, nondisordered, section (with associated nonmental disorder problem codes from the Z section of ICD-10-CM)." The American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law

NCSF will continue to participate in the national discussion about the proposed DSM-V criteria until publication in 2013 through its DSM Revision Project: Kinky is NOT a Diagnosis.

Consent Counts Expands Educational Focus

By: Judy Guerin

NCSF Consent Counts project to decriminalize BDSM is continuing to expand its educational programs as a major focus for the next year.  After extensive legal research in 2009 on the state of the law, which is not favorable to consensual BDSM activities, NCSF launched an educational and discussion program in August, 2010 for our community on the legal issues related to consent in BDSM activities.  NCSF has conducted workshops on consent throughout the U.S. since that time and has gained important feedback and recommendations as a result.  In March, 2011, the Consent Counts workshop was incorporated into our Education Outreach Program and staff training was conducted.  NCSF is offering workshops on Consent Counts and the state of the law throughout the country and via Internet forums.  17 CC workshops have been done so far in 2011. 23 more are already scheduled. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to schedule a Consent Counts presentation or any of the more than 20 other Educational Outreach Program (EOP) workshops.

A major priority this year is development of a continuing legal education program for attorneys and law school outreach program, planned for launch in 2012, on consent and BDSM.  Additionally, NCSF is developing talking points for presenters and others to emphasize the importance of prior and ongoing consent within our community.  NCSF also plans educational outreach to the National Coalition of Anti-violence Programs and the National Police Association on consensual BDSM.  We are encouraging local BDSM groups to do outreach to their local domestic violence programs and law enforcement and we have workshops available in our Education Outreach Program to help teach local groups ho to do this important work.

For more information on the Consent Counts project and the state of the law, visit our website.

Coalition Corner - New Mexico Leather League

By: Julian Wolf, NCSF Board Member 

Meet the New Mexico Leather League

1) What is the mission of your group?

Since 2006 the primary purpose of the New Mexico Leather League is to provide a resource foundation for individuals and organizations within the leather/kink/fetish communities of New Mexico. As part of its mission, the League regularly produces BDSM events in Albuquerque. NMLL also works to co-sponsor and promote other events originating from within the leather/kink/fetish community-at-large. 

2) What inspired your participation with the NCSF?

The mission of the NCSF and NMLL is very complimentary, so when some of our members told us about the NCSF after attending a regional conference where they attended workshops by NCSF members, we easily voted to join as Coalition Partners and are proud to increase our activities with the organization this year. (Our CP Rep attended the Annual Meeting and Judy came to Albuquerque and gave a presentation on Consent Counts.)

3) What's your favorite way to do your NCSF fund raising?

We've had great luck over the years with Top/Bottom auctions at events! We select an auctioneer and then they "sell" a scene (and/or an hour of training) with pre-selected people for one of the play parties at that event. It's a great opportunity for people to try new things while supporting a great cause. When done correctly, Top/Bottom Auctions can be entertaining for the crowd, fun for the winners and profitable for NCSF.

The New Mexico Leather League meets the third Saturday of every month in Albuquerque and can be found online at  


 Coalition Partners as of July 2011

Adventures in Sexuality (Columbus, OH) * Albany Power Exchange (APEX) (Albany, NY) * Arizona Power Exchange (Phoenix, AZ) * Beyond Leather (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) * Black BEAT Inc. (Baltimore, Maryland) * Black Rose (Washington, D.C.) * Boise BDSM Society (Boise, Idaho) * Bottom's Buffet * Brandon Longwood - (Maryland) * FetFest * CAPEX (Gastonia, NC) * Center for Sex Positive Culture (Seattle WA) * Chicago Age Players * Club X (San Diego, CA) * DC TNG (Washington DC) * DFW PowerExchange (Dallas, TX) * DLH Productions - (El Sobrante, California) * Dr. Clockwork"s Home for Electrical and Medical Oddities * Eau Claire Munch (Bloomer, WI) * Evergreen Leather Events (Kenmore, WA) * Females Investigating Sexual Terrain (FIST) (Baltimore, MD) * FetLife * Fox Valley Coalition (Neenah, WI) * The Group in Fresno * House of Decorum (Greenville, SC) * International Ms. Leather (IMsL) * JacksonvilleTNG * Kevin Carlson (Boise, ID) * Knights of Leather (Minneapolis, MN) * LA Noble (New Orleans, LA) * Leather SINS (Chicago, IL) * Leigha Fleming (Denver, CO) * Lesbian Sex Mafia (New York, NY) * Lifestyle Alternatives Centre (Lake Worth, FL) * The Mark by CPI : Tennessee * Midwest Alternatives , (Lincoln, NE) * Midwest Fantsay Adventures (Chicago, IL) * Minnesota Kinky Youth (St. Paul, MN) * Minnesota Stocks, Debentures, and Bonds (MSDB) (Minneapolis, MN) * MN Rope - (Minneapolis, MN) * MOB New England * * MTTA * New England Dungeon Society (New England) * New England Leather Alliance (Boston, MA) * New Mexico Leather League (Albuquerque, NM) * Northern Lights * OhioSMART (Cleveland, Ohio) * The Red Chair (Birmingham, AL) * Riverbound (Iowa/Illinois) * Robin Spector (San Leandro, CA) * Rochester Kink Society * Scarlet Ranch (Denver, CO) * The Sanctuary (Dallas, TX) * The Siege (Tennessee) * smOdyssey, Inc. (San Jose, CA) * Society of Janus (San Francisco, CA) * South Florida Munch Group (Margate, FL) * TABU Social Club (Baltimore, MD) * TES (The Eulenspiegel Society) (New York, NY) * Threshold (Los Angles, CA) * TNG Baltimore (Baltimore MD) * The Treasure Coast Kinksters (Stuart, FL) * Tulsa Dungeon Society (Tulsa, OK) * Windy City Boys Troop (Chicago, IL)


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Media Updates - NCSF Media Updates are a sampling of recent stories printed in US newspapers, magazines, and selected websites containing significant mention of BDSM-leather-fetish, polyamory, or swing issues and topics. These stories may be positive, negative, accurate, inaccurate or anywhere in between.

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How You Can Help

    • Work to change antiquated laws
    • Work to change the social climate about sexual issues
    • Promote acceptance of safe, sane, and consensual alternative sexual practices among consenting adults
    • Oppose censorship of consensual sexual expression
    • Fight for freedom of academic expression about sexual issues
    • Help communities and individuals facing the threat of prosecution or legal action
    • Support the right of adults to express their sexuality, gender identity and orientation freely and openly without fear
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Why You Should Care

Because your sexual expression...
  • Can result in discrimination, prosecution, and even violence against you
  • Can cause you to lose your children
  • Can cause you to lose your job or your income
  • Can lead you into a maze of antiquated laws and regulations you never even knew existed
  • Is arbitrarily criminalized by state and local authorities
  • Is used by the radical right to marginalize minority groups
  • Can result in the invasion of your privacy by the government, both within your own home or in educational, social and group environments