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Is It Time For Facebook To Recognize Polyamorous Relationships?

on Wednesday, 25 October 2017. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates

Huffington Post

By James Michael Nichols

Philly Cashion, a Facebook user currently in a polyamorous relationship, was unhappy that she couldn’t connect her partners on her personal Facebook account and signify that all three of them are “in a relationship.” This led her to start a petition, currently with almost 3,000 signatures, urging Facebook to give people in polyamorous relationships the ability to showcase their non-traditional partnerships on Facebook.

Sociologists Reclassify BDSM As “Leisure Activity” In Bid To Remove Stigma

on Wednesday, 25 October 2017. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates

IFL Science

by Katy Evans

The researchers suggested that reclassification was important because if BDSM was understood and recognized as a “legitimate leisure experience with important personal benefits, similar to engaging in skiing, hiking, photography, or painting,” it could remove the stigma associated with so-called sexual deviance.

Best Of Both Worlds? What it’s like being bi and polyamorous…

on Wednesday, 25 October 2017. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates



Nicole is 31 and in an open triad relationship with a woman and a man. “I am poly because it is in my nature,” she tells Curve. Nicole doesn’t necessarily believe that her polyamorous nature is connected to her bisexuality, but accepts that it’s possible. “For people that are wired for monogamy, they just fall in love with one partner regardless of whether they are male or female. For me, as a person wired for poly, I can love more than one person. I honestly can't say if bi folk are more likely to be poly, although I do feel like my bisexuality definitely did help me realize I was poly.” Her advice to poly bi women is as follows: “Be honest with yourself. If you put yourself in a tiny box that you are cramped in, you will never be truly happy. Fearing change is normal, but you can't let it control your life. Life is far too short to live it unhappily. Pursue love. Pursue happiness. Pursue a better life for you.”


Consent Month Photo Winners

on Wednesday, 11 October 2017. Posted in Front Page Headline, NCSF News

NCSF is very proud to partner with Arizona Power Exchange (APEX) in sponsoring Consent Month every September! APEX provides the consent bracelets and maintains the website, updating the calendar and helping to spread the word about consent.

This year, 21 consent-themed events took place in September, with almost 1,600 people visiting the website. Over 800 of our distinctive “Got Consent? /” bracelets were distributed at these events.

We had a great showing this year with 9 photographs submitted for the Consent Month Photo contest. NCSF and APEX are thrilled to announce the winner is slave pattie’s photo entitled “Consent Brainstorm”. 

slave pattie describes her winning photo: 

"Three main words/statements that come to mind when I think of consent are: peace of mind, commitment from both parties to follow through on negotiations and clarity of what each other wants or allows."

CM 2017 Win 


The runner up photograph is “Together” by Archer who photographed APEX members wearing Got Consent? Bracelets.

 CM 2017 Run


See all of the photos that were submitted at


NCSF and APEX thank all of the photography entrants, and will be using some of the photos that were submitted on promotional material for Consent Month and NCSF Consent Summits.


Participate in Consent Month next year, September 2018, by holding a consent event or submitting a consent-themed photograph for our contest.



Film Review: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

on Wednesday, 11 October 2017. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates

Wonder Woman gets a real-life origin story in the bold, compassionate, sexy 'Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.'

Film Journal International

By Rebecca Pahle 

To clarify, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is less about Wonder Woman herself than the man who created her—Professor William Moulton Marston (Luke Evans)—and the two women who inspired him, wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall) and their shared mistress Olive (Bella Heathcote). Though “mistress,” in this context, implies a level of seediness that wasn’t really there: William, Elizabeth and Olive were in a healthy polyamorous relationship for years. Oh, and the three of them were also into BDSM. More than that, Marston conceived Wonder Woman as no less than a tool of psychological propaganda, a way to get his ideas about bondage and the superiority of women to the masses. Did I mention that William and Elizabeth created the lie detector test?

Polyamory: Polyamorists Talk Experiences, Fears, Philosophies

on Wednesday, 11 October 2017. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates

The Rainbow Times

By Al Gentile

“I found out I had feelings for my current girlfriend and this other person. That’s when I started to consider it,” Martini said. “Growing up, I didn’t know it was a thing that you could love other people. I started to realize there were healthy ways to be in a relationship with more than one person.”

Inside the Koreatown Dojo Dedicated to the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage

on Wednesday, 11 October 2017. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates

LA Weekly

by Lila Seidman

“It should ultimately be about love and care for your partner, which sounds kind of ironic as you’re tying them up and hitting them,” Zetsu says. “But that’s the whole point: you only do that to people who need it and crave it and love it.”

A genius real estate broker, Burning Man and a scandal in NYC’s sex-positive community

on Wednesday, 11 October 2017. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates

Leon Feingold stepped down from polyamory leadership positions

The Real Deal

By Konrad Putzier

Feingold — a man with an IQ of 168, former professional baseball player, trained lawyer, current real estate broker, Burning Man enthusiast, Freemason, three-time participant in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest world championships in Coney Island and public face of New York’s polyamory movement — is battling accusations that he was too slow to remove a man accused of sexual assault from the community.

As of last month, he is no longer part of the leadership of Open Love New York, an organization that runs educational and social events for polyamorous New Yorkers. Over the weekend he announced his resignation “from all leadership roles within the sex positive community.” He is also assuming a reduced role in New York Dangerous, a group that organizes an annual camp at the Burning Man music festival and has more than 2,000 members on Facebook.

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