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"Dominatrixes and Porn Sites Report a Huge BDSM Uptick Since Trump Became President"

on Sunday, 12 March 2017. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates


Following November's election, intense fear overtook wide swaths of the country, spurred on by fears that President Trump would make good on his controversial campaign promises. What better way to shake yourself out of political panic attack than a lively BDSM session? According to dominatrixes and others in the sex work industry, a strong uptick in interest following the election suggests that many Americans are giving that a try.


"It was really intense the week of the election," said New York based dominatrix Sandra LaMorgese. "I was getting requests from people I had never met, and my regular clients were asking for more intense sessions. They were pushing past their boundaries in a very big way." LaMorgese first entered the industry in 2011, after losing her business following the 2008 market crash. She now specializes in BDSM roleplay and corporal punishment, but she said that milder forms of the latter are no longer passing muster among certain clients since Trump was elected. They want her to go harder. They want her to draw blood. And she does.



On January 10th, an unverified document surfaced accusing President Trump of having his own kinks—it alleged he had once hired prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed. On January 11, PornHub reported a 289 percent increase in searches containing the phrase "Golden Shower" (link NSFW) compared to their usual daily average. While a president's influence on American culture and politics has always been an obvious and inherent part of the job, it's possible our current president may be having an unintended effect on American sex, too. 


"Something has been going on since the Trump election," said LaMorgese. "It's like these guys are in shock. They're using sessions as a way to wake up."


Veteran adult film director Colin Rowntree has seen a similar shift unfolding on the website he founded in 1994,—a large BDSM, bondage, and fetish porn website. Since the election, he said the site has experienced a significant increase in views and requests for harder impact play. "Ball-busting," "face slapping," and "trampling" have all made their way into the top most searched terms. Viewers have also begun to favor videos having to do with "slave training" and "psychological games" over some of the site's more traditional content.


"All strange, but true," said Rowntree. "I can't be sure how much of this is connected to our new president changing the 'power paradigm' in America, but it's interesting to watch the shift in sexual desires and kinky needs and tastes." ...

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  • Domina Elle

    15 March 2017 at 22:16 |
    I question the accuracy of this assertion. A few may have reported this, but so many others had the opposite. I had two clients canceling because they didn't want to play being so depressed. One felt he had to comfort his employees and came a month later. Many providers I am networked with reported a major slump in sessions. The erotic service provider twitter sphere from the east to the west coast were freaking out over business being so slow. Those of us who have been working for decades have seen a traditional slump in biz at election time but this last election was the worst for many. This just seems to me like an excuse to slam trump.


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