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on Friday, 21 December 2018. Posted in Front Page Headline, NCSF News

The 'End Banking for Human Traffickers Act' will possibly restrict banking for anyone engaged in sex work, similar to the effects of FOSTA/SESTA on websites.
There is an active campaign to fight this bill.
If you want your legislators to listen, send a fax, email or phone call. This site will send a fax or letter for you:


First Congress Took Sex Workers’ Websites. Now It’s Coming for Their Bank Accounts.
Lawmakers’ latest attempt to fight human trafficking could end up hurting voluntary sex workers.

Huffington Post

“What a lot of organizers are worried about is how these broad anti-trafficking initiatives are often applied in a targeted manner that hurts more vulnerable people rather than helps them,” Liara Roux, a sex worker and producer of independent adult media, told HuffPost. “If this bill is passed in a climate where sex work is so stigmatized that no distinction is made between a trafficked individual and someone who is just trying to survive, you’re just as likely to see vulnerable people’s bank accounts closed as actual traffickers caught.”

Below is a Sample letter you can send to your Senators through Tribunus:

Like FOSTA/SESTA, this bill will have virtually No effect on stopping sex trafficking. But it will have a very real effect on people who engage in consensual, in some places completely legal, sex work. Even law enforcement has voiced their negative stance regarding these types of laws which do nothing to actually prevent sex trafficking.

This morality-based effort bears little weight against the experience of persons who have been trafficked. Why don't you ask the sex worker outreach programs what they actually need to help people who want to escape non-consensual sex work? Or the investigators who fight these criminals? Or the sex workers who are being harmed by these laws? They will tell you that conflating sex work with sex trafficking is not the way to help people who are sex trafficked.

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