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on Sunday, 07 May 2017. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates

Salford Star Exclusive




Following yesterday's SM sex hypocrisy expose of the UKIP Greater Manchester Mayor candidate, Shneur Odze, the party has refused to withdraw its support for his campaign... "Mr Odze remains the UKIP candidate in the Mayoral elections" UKIP stated this afternoon.


The Salford Star has been handed sexually graphic texts, a pornographic photo, a sound recording and a full statement by the woman involved. The Star believes there is a strong public interest case for revealing more information about the Salford man who wants to be elected to the most high profile public office in Greater Manchester.



Yesterday the Mail on Sunday ran an article on Salford based Shneur Odze, the UKIP candidate in this week's Greater Manchester Mayor election.


The story, picked up by the Salford Star, alleged that Shneur Odze indulged in sadomasochistic sex practices with a woman from York who he met on a 'kinky community' dating site. Mr Odze is a married ultra-orthodox Jewish man, who, in the past, the Mail alleged, has refused to shake the hands of rival female candidates on religious grounds.


The woman, known as 'Cassie', exposed the story to the press insisting "Odze was presenting an image of himself as a happily married pillar of the community.


"He had lied to me, by telling me he wasn't married and he's lying to the people he wants to represent by pretending to be something he's not" she added "It is hypocritical..." (for a full background see previous Salford Star article – click here or the Mail on Sunday article – click here).


The Salford Star has tried to contact Mr Odze to ascertain whether he now intends to withdraw from the Greater Manchester Mayor election, and to offer him a chance to put his side of the story, with no response. Last night, the Star also contacted Noel Matthews, UKIP's national officer, asking for a reply to two questions...


Will Mr Odze be withdrawing from this week's Mayor election; and if not will he continue to have the backing of UKIP?


Does UKIP or Mr Odze deny the allegations against him – and if so could we have statement from either UKIP or Mr Odze?


Matthews responded "This is a personal matter for Mr Odze. No law has been broken and we have no further comment to make..."


This morning, the Salford Star again contacted UKIP with the same questions, and the party responded backing its candidate...


"Mr Odze remains the UKIP candidate in the Mayoral elections" its press officer stated "This is a personal, not political matter."


While the Star agrees that no law has been broken, we do not believe that it is merely a "personal matter". Shneur Odze is standing on behalf of UKIP for the most high profile public office in Greater Manchester, representing almost three million people. ...


The only statement Mr Odze has made was to the Mail reporter..."I've no idea what you're talking about". The Star believes there is an incredibly strong public interest case for presenting more evidence which we believe to be accurate. ...

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