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October is National Kink Month!

October is National Kink Month
Best Practices for Explicit Prior Permission for Consent to Kink:

1. Did you agree to the specific acts you’re going to do together, including if there’s going to be any sexual contact like touching the breasts or genitals?
2. Is everyone an adult and able to consent: they’re not under the influence, in subspace, having a mental health crisis, or a significant reduction in capacity.
3. Did you discuss the risks and agree how intense it will be? Note: you shouldn’t seriously injure someone, even if they consented to the act.
4. Do you have a way to stop at any time – even if you’re doing consensual non-consent – like a safeword or safe signal?
5. What verbal or physical resistance did you agree to that it’s okay to ignore, ie. in roleplay or power exchange.