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The NCSF Board of Directors consists of 9 elected members, who are elected by the Coalition Partners and seated for staggered 2 year terms. There are an additional 4 Board members who are appointed by the 9 elected Board members.

This year we have 5 open elected seats with 11 people running. 

Keira Harbison*

Keira Harbison has been working with NCSF since 2011. Since then she has been the Volunteer Director and now does a lot of the daily behind the scenes work. She is the Secretary and works on keeping the Kink Aware Professionals list updated. In addition, she regularly attends a variety of events, including professional conferences, to represent NCSF as an exhibitor and educator. Currently, she was recently trained in giving media interviews and is being further trained as an incident reporting and response advocate. She lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, metamour and two dogs. Keira is queer, polyamorous, and frequents local polyamory, swing lifestyle, and BDSM community events with her polycule.

Ruby B. Johnson LCSF, LCDC**

Since 2003, Ruby Bouie Johnson has been in behavioral health direct practice. Currently, Mrs. Johnson is a sex therapist and sex educator who has a private practice in Plano, Texas. Her roles included clinical practitioner, educator, and adjunct professor. In private practice, her areas of expertise are ethically nonmonogamous partnerships/families, Kink/BDSM, desire discrepancy, and infidelity. Ruby Johnson is the CEO and organizer for PolyDallas Millennium© LLC (

Mrs. Johnson has presented at several national, state, and local conferences including American Association of Sexologist, Educators, and Therapist, Poly Living, and the Association of Black Sexologist, and Clinicians.

Mrs. Johnson has been interviewed on radio shows, blog posts, and magazines including an essay in African Americans and the Criminal Justice System. In January 2017, she was interviewed by Playboy Magazine for her perspective on Black Women and Polyamory. Previously, she was a contributor for Huffington Post.

Mrs. Johnson serves on the Board of Directors for National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. She is part of a committee that is formulated the guidelines for practice in Kink/BDSM relations for the American Psychological Association. Additionally, she is on faculty with Kink Knowledgeable.  

These are the social media links for me; Twitter: polydallas2015, Twitter: blacksexgeek, Instagram: blacksexgeek, &

 John McConnell
I have been active in our community for 30 years. In the 80s and 90’s I presented the “Insert A into B and tie X to Z” type workshops on almost every topic imaginable to our local community, from fire-play to single tails to breath control. In the last few years I have presented to local community groups on sub space, Dom space, switching, Idealizing and Devaluing Dynamics M/s relationships, and D/s and Attachment Theory. I am a 25 year member of Chicago Hellfire Club, having attended some 20 Infernos at which I usually am a shift leader for DMs. I have presented at Thunder, CHC, and Leather University (Ft. Lauderdale). Based on Gil Kessler’s and Andrew Harwin's program for GSMA New York (Sig 101) I created a 10 week closed session learning group for San Diego which I dubbed “Pain Guild,” which repeated numerous times over several years. With my late slave, I created and hosted monthly gay male play parties for 5 years (intense)
I have tended to create events rather than fit into existing organizational charts, although in the 1980s I served for a year as Executive Director of the San Diego LGBT Center. In the 90’s I was Chair of Dungeon Design and Construction for a 22,000sq ft space for Club X in the late 90s.
I am a psychologist licensed in California (PSY10673) since 1986, and also hold a Marriage and Family Therapist License.   My practice has advertised as openly kink-affirmative for over a decade.  I have presented locally on working with patients who are kink/poly at various graduate and undergraduate classes, and also at  clinics, hospitals, and professional groups. 
I am engaged in two workshops,  an 8-week community-based workshop I am creating, titled "Integrating Eros, Love and BDSM”.  The other is a professional workshop which I have not organized but at which I am presenting at on Working with Kinky Clients (case studies), and for which I found friends to represent "community members” for the panels on kink and on poly. 
I identify as a gay Leatherman. Until age 28 I was bisexual in behavior and identity. I am cis-gendered in terms of my body and at the same time often feel bi-gendered in terms of my spirit.


Most importantly, I have a wonderful partner in life. We are in an affectionate, 7/24 partnership. I am his Master/daddy, and he is my slaveboy, Sexually we are switches. Our relationship is occasionally open but mostly I just like it when we play with each other.

 Elizabeth Newsom

"Elizabeth "Liz" Newsom, LCSW-S is a sex therapist working with those who identify as kinky and/or practice ethical non-monogamy; cisgender nonconformists, and/or people questioning sexuality; as well as those who need help with things like depression, anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, & more. She has been in the mental health field providing direct care (ie therapy), advocacy and education for over 15 years. She is located in the Dallas area, where she runs a small, sex-positive therapy practice that provides supervision and education to new therapists in the community.

Liz got her start with non-profits in undergrad where she worked with alley's house, a Dallas area organization that works with teen moms. In her role there, she did everything from volunteer coordinator to special event planning and implementation to case management with the clients. Over the years she's volunteered with a variety of organizations including the Crisis Response Team for the Plano (TX) Police Department and Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA). With both of those organizations she advocated for victims of crime, offering a great deal of support to her community.

As Liz completed her graduate studies, she was working in the mental health field in the Dallas area and realized there was a huge imbalance in how kinky and consensually non-monogamous people are treated in that field. Clients were being discriminated against and not getting their needs met, thus leaving in no better shape than when they arrived and no one seemed to notice. In her personal life, while volunteering with BACA, she met her husband who introduced her to BDSM. While struggling to come to terms with things society tells her is wrong but her heart tells her is right, she realized there must be lots of people out there in the same boat and decided this would be her specialty, working with kinky/poly people on developing self-acceptance and a place where they can safely explore and improve themselves and their relationship(s). Liz began working with these clients individually, but then noticed there was still a huge need for clinician education and decided to start presenting on being the kink aware professional. Over the last 4 years, she has presented at a variety of conferences about BDSM, rape in the context of BDSM, consent, polyamory, and parenting in the context of polyamory. She has presented at conferences such as PolyDallas Millennium (x3), Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, the Texas Statewide Conference on Violence Against Women, and A-Con.

If selected for the Board, Liz would be open to assisting in anyway her skillset would allow or more. Liz deeply respects what NCSF does for the community and wants to help it grow. Liz enjoys presenting and telling people about NCSF (she has been doing this for years with her presentations) as a resource for the layperson but also as a means to educate her fellow therapists/professionals. She recently completed the Advocate Training with NCSF and plans to volunteer with NCSF at the annual American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) Conference this June."

Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips/Lord Cailleach on FetLife and in our subculture.

Located in Atlanta, GA

I have been in the BDSM/Kink community actively for the past 13 years. I started locally in Springfield, MO with SMs and a few other groups there. I moved to Fayetteville and Rogers, Arkansas next and was instrumental in starting several groups there. I moved to Atlanta in 2010 and have been there ever since.

I have several groups that I own in FetLife now, and several were in Yahoo Groups before the adult section imploded. I run several munches in the Atlanta area. (see my list on my FL profile.

I have started attending different events, first in Atlanta but also in the surrounding states. I regularly attend, Beat Me in St. Louis, Frolicon, SELF, Spanksgiving in St. Louis. I have added FIRE in Orlando, Florida Power Exchange in Tampa and Beyond Leather in Ft. Laurderdale this year. Last year I attended GLLA, Beyond the Love, and a few other events in the Upper MIdwest. I will be attending Southwest Leather, South Plains Leather, IMsL, and Oklahoma Leather Fest this year. Additionally, I attend some other non-kinky events throughout the year.

I have been involved in SwAtLanta a group I founded for spankers in the Atlanta area and am currently seeking a place to hold parties again. I was involved in Incognito an alternative Kink Lifestyle community center for 1 year from its inception until a few months before its closing. I have helped as a DM for various parties and play events. I have taken and graduated from the Tribes Dom Mentoring program and the Atlanta Mentoring Program as well as being a mentor on flogging and relationships in the AMP last year. I will be participating as I can in the AMP this year as well.

I have presented on various topics in the past. Again see the list in my profile on FetLife. I am preparing to revive that practice this year or next depending on other circumstances coming together.

I would be willing and interested in representing NCSF at any or all of these events where I do not have other obligations. I would be willing to share responsibility of representing NCSF at those events where I have previous obligations, I just would not be able to do that full time at the events in question.

Max Rulz **

A dynamic leader of 20-­‐plus years’ experience with a proven ability to bring energy, enthusiasm, and humor together to communicate effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds; to work collaboratively to resolve problems; and to motivate team members to achieve personal and organizational objectives.

Exemplary problem-­‐solving skills; able to identify problems and implement corrective processes.

Strong leadership skills; able to prioritize, delegate tasks, and make sound decisions quickly while maintaining a focus on the bottom line.

A skilled communicator; able to synthesize and deliver complex information to diverse audiences.

Skilled at presenting technical and abstract concepts concisely.

Strong experience in planning and operations on large and small projects.

Owner/Operator of a Home Health Care Service Provider Company

7 Years’ experience managing the company including: Marketing, Hiring/Managing Personnel, Spervising and Accounting Functions.

Fundraising Specialist
• Fund raising for NCSF for 5-­‐plus years
• Fund Raising for Woodhull Freedom Foundation for 4 years
• Fund raising for a broad range of diverse organizations

Carter-­‐Johnson Leather Library, Assistant Director
• For 3 years, assisted Director with tasks and processes as it related to the Leather Library.

Woodhull Freedom Foundation, Member of the Advisory Board
• For two years conducted board functions and fundraising for the Foundation

Just Us Women in Kink, Discussion Group Founder and Leader
• A communication group to meet and get to know others in the community. Started in Houston, TX and expanded to Baltimore, MD for 6 years. Nominated for a Pantheon leather Award for Small Group.

The Leather Hour, Radio Host
• For a year hosted an interview radio show with BDSM Leaders in the Houston and Galveston, TX community.

Internationally recognized Dominatrix
• Strong advocate for sex workers rights and issues.

Performed as Master of Ceremony; auctioneer; Key Note Speaker and performer for several large and small events supporting the LGBTQ, Leather/BDSM and POC communities.

Radio Show Host for BDSM Leaders

Strong verbal communication skills as an Advocate

 Rudy Serra *

Rudy Serra has 30 years of highly successful experience in the practice of law. He has earned multiple jury trial and bench trial victories and practices in court rooms all over Michigan. He is a nationally respected expert in the law and was appointed the first openly gay judge in the State of Michigan.  He is also a long time Civil, LGBTQ and Sexual Freedom rights’ activist. He has authored numerous publications, including the book “Bag A Fag,” published by the Triangle Foundation and recognized as one of the most authoritative sources of information about anti-gay police misconduct. Since joing the board of the NCSF Rudy has been a greate asset in the legal department.  

 Benjamin Schenker

I have always had a deep commitment to serving my community. I have spent hours in community service as a Boy Scout, including the project that I led to earn my Eagle Scout Award, by offering pro bono services to HIV/AIDS patients in San Diego, with low income taxpayers in San Diego (where I earned Wiley B. Manuel Award from the California State Bar twice) and in Maryland, and through other pro bono family law services, such as counseling unrepresented persons with the Circuit Court, representing low income clients in court, and through Freestate Justice, a Maryland group for LGBT families.

Beginning in late 2016, I found that I wanted to do more to serve my community. Between the current Administration’s actions against transgender persons and the #MeToo movement, I have realized that I need to leverage the privilege I enjoy to help elevate others. With that motivation, I began to work with NCSF’s Incident Reporting & Response by counseling people whose custody has been threatened because of their sex lives and by working to revise the Poly Parenting Packet. I have also launched a tool on my website that is designed to help families of all shapes and sizes, from individuals to polycules, identify possible legal strategies to protect themselves.

I have strived to use my knowledge to educate the public about potential methods to protect themselves. I have written (and guest blogged with NCSF) about how kinksters can use estate planning tools and how techniques used by LGBT/GSM attorneys before marriage equality can help to protect non-marital families now. I have recorded interviews with various groups on these topics with various podcasters, including the KinkyCast and PolyWeekly. I have given a live presentation on privacy for kinksters, and am preparing for a presentation to give in March about legal issues surrounding reporting potential abusers. Right now, I am working on a paper that is designed to show the flaws in modern protective order statutes, specifically in their failure to identify cyber bulling or posting revenge porn as abuse, and am submitting a presentation on this topic for Woodhull.

I am a member of the Alternative Family group of the Family Law Section of the American Bar Association and am also a member of the DC LGBT Bar. I have recently been elected as a member of that Bar’s Board of Directors and intend to use this opportunity to help GSM persons and alternative families. I’m also very happy to be in talks to work to draft legislation that would protect against discrimination by relationship status in the District of Columbia. I think that being able to serve on the NCSF Board would allow me to better serve our community.

 Stefani Shaffer-Pond

 I am very interested in serving either as an elected or appointed member of the NCSF board. My biography:

Stefani Shaffer-Pond graduated from Wayne State University with a Masters in Social Work, concentrating in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Originally “just” a social worker, Stefani spent the first part of her career working intensively to serve trauma survivors, particularly those from sexual and religious minority groups. Focusing her efforts on program and agency development, policy creation, systems assessment, process improvement, and grassroots advocacy; Stefani worked to build bridges between the mainstream and the marginalized, to improve quality of care, increase understanding, and reduce stigma.

Today, Stefani runs Bound Together Counseling, providing holistic and inclusive therapy to clients with unconventional relationship structures, as well as individuals experiencing challenges related to sexuality and sexual expression. Stefani has guest lectured on kink & consent at Northwestern University and created content on power exchange that is still used in their graduate level human sexuality courses. She is a frequent community and conference speaker on topics related to domestic violence, sexual assault and the BDSM community; and is currently pursuing post-graduate certification in Sex Therapy at the University of MIchigan.

 Russell Stambaugh **

Russell J Stambaugh received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Michigan in 1988. In 1995, he joined the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) where he earned certification as a Diplomate in Sex Therapy, served on the Board of Directors, and held numerous committee positions. A tireless advocate for sexual diversity, Russell Chaired AASECT AltSex Special Interest Group, where he and Susan Wright mounted a number of excellent education programs. Russell authored and/or promoted position statements against reparative therapy, against assuming kink was evidence of a mental disorder, and against the scientifically unproven concept of 'sex addiction.' Russell has also served as a consultant to NCSF's own research efforts, including the 2014 Consent Violations Survey, and has presented it widely in the clinical communities. In addition to two Distinguished Service to AASECT Awards, Russell was given a Lifetime Contribution Award for research, training and advocacy jointly conferred by NCSF and the Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities (CARAS) in 2017. Most recently, Russell has served on the NCSF Board in the appointed position of Kink-Aware Professionals Advocate since summer of 2017.

Susan Wright *

Susan Wright founded the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom in 1997, a national advocacy organization for the kink and nonmonogamy communities, and currently serves as Spokesperson for the organization as well as Director of Incident Reporting & Response, providing direct services to NCSF constituents. Susan has presented over a hundred seminars for professional organizations, colleges and community groups on discrimination against kinky people as well as BDSM vs. Abuse, and the media influence on the persecution of alternative sexualities. Susan has also conducted several key surveys documenting the mental health of BDSM practitioners as well as the discrimination and violence they experience, and has had several papers published in peer-reviewed journals.

Susan directed NCSF’s successful DSM-5 Revision Project that helped convince the American Psychiatric Association to depathologize consensual BDSM behaviors in 2013. She co-produced A Taste of Kink with the AASECT Alt Sex SIG and local kink groups at the AASECT Annual Conference in Minneapolis in 2015, and is currently planning A Taste of Kink II at the AASECT Annual Conference in December in June 2018. She coordinated the SM Policy Reform Project for the National Organization for Women (NOW) which resulted in rescinding their anti-SM policy at their national conference in 1999. She also coordinated the production of the "BDSM vs. Abuse" statement at the Leather Leadership Conference in 1998. Past positions include: FetLife Community Manager, AASECT Advocacy Committee, and NGLTF National Policy Roundtable. Susan is an author who’s written over 30 novels and nonfiction books on art and popular culture (

* Current NCSF Elected Board Member

** Current NCSF Appointed Board Member

  • Consent Counts Program Description

     The Consent Counts project involves the BDSM communities in a nationwide education and activism program coordinated and led by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.  This multifaceted campaign includes a comprehensive is analysis of current laws and court decisions, the development of legal arguments for changing the laws, participating in court cases, and ultimately, through lobbying, education and grass-roots activism, changing state laws and the way the public and the courts view BDSM.  An important element of the project also includes an Educational Outreach Program (EOP) to educate our own communities of the current state of the law, of the effort NCSF is undertaking and to involve them in our strategic planning process and development of “best practices” by which we can protect ourselves and facilitate change. 

    Click here to go to the Consent Counts Program Page


  • What Is Incident Reporting & Response
    NCSF is a resource for the members of the kink, poly and Lifestyle communities and for people seeking information about them. If you engage in BDSM, fetishes or non-monogamy practices, and you are being persecuted or discriminated against because of it, please contact NCSF through the Get Help Now. If you need help removing kink or non-monogamy as a barrier to public services, please contact NCSF. If your group or business needs help with outreach to local officials, please contact NCSF.If you or your group needs help with a consent violation or sexual assault, please contact NCSF.   GET HELP NOW! The issue must openly, directly, and specifically relate to BDSM, swing or poly activities between consenting adults; in other words, the problems you face must relate to or be caused from your involvement in BDSM, swing or poly.  NCSF is not legal aid, nor do we offer specific legal advice for individuals. NCSF is a resource for the members of the kink, poly and Lifestyle communities and for people seeking information about them. NCSF provides publicly available information on kink and nonmonogamy for consenting adults. Incident Reporting & Response – 2018 Report By Susan Wright 279 reports and requests for…
    in Incident Report Articles