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   1. Swinger parties dealt a setback   2. Alternative sexual practices abound among college students   3. Coopersburg to fight swingers club   4. Teacher's Dirty Looks   5. Concerns Raised Over Web Sex Ad Replies   6. Swingers issue airs private lifestyle   7. Sex film "Shortbus" finds distributors world-wide
   1. Swingers safe to party at strip club   2. Here comes Folsom!   3. The Craigslist Experiment   4. Swingers law hearing likely   5. Obscenity charges dropped   6. Group seeks to stop partygoers
   1. Judge orders stop to private sex club   2. I.D. in 'S&M' Death   3. Word on the street at S.F.'s fetish festival   4. Objects of Desire   5. Coopersburg dries up sex club   6. Neurotic Impact   7. Sex Clubs gain popularity in SWFL
   1. Sex club to close its doors in Rahway   2. Desirable Damsels in Distress   3. Man gets 40 to 60 years in prison for kidnapping and raping wife
   1. Adult event hits the road in permit flap   2. No Pain, No Gain   3. Polyamory   4. A Friendly Hogtie   5. Vote looms for sex parties   6. SSFC squanders student funding   7. Rural swingers club violates zoning rules, officials say
   1. Porn: It's Not Just for Breakfast   2. All dressed up - in latex and dog collars   3. Council moves to limit parties   4. Annual Goth Ball filled with bondage and whips and naughty angels... oh my!   5. Adult club cannot operate
   1. Fetishists aren't freaks, (most) readers say   2. Sex, Slaves, and Castration Curiosity   3. Straight, gay, or multiple parents can all raise good kids   4. Fetish ball proves you can't force trauma
   1. Hearing tonight in Greenburgh dominatrix case   2. A Farewell to a Foot Slave   3. Weddings Or S&M? Weirton Mansion Offers Both   4. Beyond the Bedroom   5. Extravagasm Fantasy Ball draws sexually expressive eclectic crowd
   1. Sexual exploration goes mainstream   2. Spanker's Delight   3. San Francisco Values   4. Swinging with the Cute Couple Next Door   5. Husbands And Wife   6. Fight for your right to be kinky
   1. Arousing debate   2. Suspended police officer testifies in harassment case   3. The softer side of S/M   4. Neighborhood Home Transforms Into Swingers' Club On Weekends   5. Holly hill neighbors upset with swingers   6. Wild sex 101
   1. I saw Mommy -- or Progenitor A -- kissing Santa Claus   2. Hanover man found guilty in beating   3. Dominatrix says cop offered deal in exchange for fetish performance   4. Party may be over for Coopersburg sex club   5. Prosecutors claim Greenburgh cop crossed the line in the dominatrix case   6. Ivy League: Flagellating females 10
   1. Former Capitol Hill staffer's lawsuit over sex blog moves closer to trial   2. When Will Bisexuals Drag Homosexuals out of Polygamy Closet?   3. Cop's lawyer, prosecutor square off at end of dominatrix case   4. Sergeant denies Greenburgh officer had reputation for fetish   5. Knitting for Adults Only
   1. City: Cutts St. sex parties aren't allowed   2. Where I Come From   3. NLA distributes donation checks   4. City wants sex parties stopped   5. So long Mom and bye-bye Daddy
   1. Ex-armory turns into porn site   2. Porn company buys historic SF armory for $14.5 million   3. I immerse myself in great danger for your entertainment   4. Felonies against trooper from Lower Macungie tossed   5. Fetish Fair, unwelcome in Mansfield, comes to North Shore   6. Defense: Client didn't think anyone would die   7. Portsmouth Police Trying To Curb Swingers' Parties   8. In upside-down S.F., porn is OK in the Mission, but housing isn't   9. Neighbors upset about nearby sex shop
   1. Pam Anderson And Tommy Enjoyed S&M Games With Look-A-Like   2. Man Fights To Keep Swingers Home Open   3. Deputy: Man raped wife to film porn video   4. Weirton Officials Say Alternative B & B Violates Code   5. Swinger: Notion of 'orgies' singles him out for code action
   1. You're with Me, Leather   2. No welcome mat for adult film studio   3. On the Net, bad judgment can have a long half-life
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