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NCSF has helped us change the way society treats people who are kinky and non-mogamous. But we’re more than just statistics. We’re individuals with unique and varied backgrounds. So we want to see you. Send us a video and tell us – I am NCSF!

Check out this video of Tips and Tricks to get you started by Riley Reyes!

Past Or Present:
  • NCSF Board/Advocates/Staff
  • Coalition Partners
  • Incident Reporting and Response Groups
  • Professionals
  • Supporting Members
  • Individual Members
  • Anyone who has been helped by the NCSF
  1. Make sure the area you're filming in is well lit.
  2. Front Facing Light Source rather than backlit. (Face your light source)
  3. Hold the camera steady. Avoid a shaky video.
  4. Speak clearly.
  5. Don’t ramble, have 2-3 points to state.
  6. Smiling is infectious.
  7. Avoid acting and speak from the heart instead.
  8. Have fun!
Must be 18+ Length: 2-4 minutes ideal with a cap of 5 minutes. Format:
  • Video must have 1. An Introduction, 2. The words “I am NCSF” 3. Your NCSF Story.
  • Please submit your video through and have the email sent to
Content expectations:
  • Do not disclose sensitive personal information that could harm you.
  • Stay positive
  • This must adhere to the YouTube Terms of Service.
  • Disclaimer: Your video will be posted on the NCSF YouTube and will be seen in search engines.
We will review submissions, may do editing for quality and we reserve the right to reject submissions. We will contact you before posting your video to send you the model release. In addition to publishing and sharing your individual videos, footage from your submissions may be used in our sizzle reel. Signing the model release gives us permission to copy, publish, share, and/or make any commercial use of any or all parts of your footage. Use of your footage in the sizzle reel does not guarantee that your whole video will be published and shared as a stand alone video, and use of your entire video does not guarantee your footage will be used in the sizzle reel.