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20200 Redwood Road
Suite 2
Castro Valley, CA 94546
United States



Credentials: PhD

Contact Name: Judith Linzer

Insurance Accepted: Yes


Phone: 510 887-8819

Kink-Awareness: Kink-Knowledgeable


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Are you worried about losing your child custody because you are poly, kinky, queer or trans?  Are you advocating for your transgendered child in transitioning while your ex-spouse is fighting it?  Most likely, I understand what you are going through even if the "system" does not and I can explain to the Court that your lifestyle or gender identity has nothing to do with being the good parent that you are.


Sometimes the mental health professionals and the judges don't understand that being poly, kinky, queer or trans has nothing to do with being a loving and attentive parent.  You may be dealing with ignorance, fear and prejudice from those who have the power to take your child away from you.


I have been working in the field of "high conflict divorce" for over twenty years and am a strong advocate for a child's right to have the parenting plan that best suits their needs and to have the best of both parents.


I do child custody evaluations (working for the Court as an evaluator/investigator and making custody recommendations), court ordered reunification/reconnection therapy (working to help mend the relationship between a child and an estranged parent and then reporting to the Court), co-parent counseling (meeting with parents who are divorced who are wanting to find a way to work together as parents), mediation, individual therapy with kids or their parents, consult with attorneys (assist your attorney in helping you), testify in court as an expert witness as well as play other roles as a mental health professional within the Family Court system.


Getting entangled in the Family Court system can feel like a never-ending nightmare.  Sometimes no one understands what you are going through.  The possibility of losing your child can be very real and tragic.  Judges are often willing to hear from "experts" who educate the Court.  Sometimes there is prejudice but sometimes the problem is just plain ignorance.  


I'm here if you need this kind of help.




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