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This is THE resource for people who are seeking psychotherapeutic, medical, and legal professionals who are informed about the diversity of consensual, adult sexuality. Search the KAP directory.

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Seattle Area Licensed Psychologist

402 South 333rd Street
Suite 121
Federal Way, WA 98003
United States

Seattle Area Licensed Psychologist


Credentials: PhD

Contact Name: David Moore

Insurance Accepted: Yes


Phone: (253) 292-9519

Kink-Awareness: Kink-Knowledgeable


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Dr Moore and Masters' Level Associate Counselors under his supervision provide a full range of assessment and psychotherapy. This includes understanding the full range of consensual relationships between adults and informed consent, including power exchange relationships as outlined by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom: 

We go over the NCSF informed consent information at the beginning of therapy. If the therapy focus is on sexual intimacy or emotional trust in a relationship we also strongly prefer to have the partner[s] involved. We have experience providing partner counseling to 3-somes and can accommodate other sized adult families. While our therapy always begins with a humanist-existential model of learning and working from your definition of intimacy and consensual sexual preferences; we will guide that discussion through the NCSF Power Exchange ethics [above] and the published guidelines covering open relationships and intimate commitments of more than 2 partners: "What Psychology Professionals Should Know About Polyamory":

This is primarily a Psychological Practice based on Dr. Moore's 34 years of counseling and therapy, with a significant part of his practice devoted to people's sexuality, all the way from restorative work needed after trauma to enhancements built on to an already vibrant sexual identity. In 1983-1986 he completed the national education and training for credentialing in sex education and counseling. Since 1987, he has taught human sexuality at community colleges, universities and graduate schools to generations of new therapists. This includes pro-sexual exploration of the lgbt orientations and bdsm orientations.

Dr. Moore accepts insurance from many third party payers. His rates are commensurate with his peers in the behavioral health field.  In order to accommodate a limited number of private fee clients at a reduced rate of $45 per session, Dr. Moore may assign a supervised Associate to clients specifically seeking services under the NCSF guidelines.


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