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Erin Kuntze PsyD

3201 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 320
Santa Monica, CA 90403
United States

Erin Kuntze PsyD


Credentials: PhD

Contact Name: Erin Kuntze Psy.D.

Insurance Accepted: Yes


Phone: 424-259-3832

Kink-Awareness: Kink-Knowledgeable


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My training is vast and I have seen clients from many different backgrounds -- ethnic, socioeconomic, geographic, gender, creed, and so on -- and a wide range of challenges for individual, couples, and group psychotherapy. I enjoy working with alternative lifestyles and to non-traditional relationship configurations. I also enjoy working with individuals from any and all backgrounds and walks of life.

Specifically, I have significant experience working within the LGBTQQ community, the BDSM, poly, and sex work communities, and individuals experiencing symptoms related to addiction, depression, relationship issues, and anxiety.

I received my Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan - School of LSA Honors, my Doctorate in Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and completed formal training at the Saturday Center for Psychotherapy. (Licensed by the California Board of Psychology PSY23832)


My work is heavily influenced by attachment theory and neuroscience, as well as thinkers such as Winnicott, Yalom, Siegel, Benjamin, Brown, Schnarch, McWilliams, Tatkin, and Mitchell. I conceptualize my work from a theoretical foundation commonly known as relational psychodynamic psychotherapy. Simply, this means I attune to what you say and do not say, and to the texture of our interactions. I place this data in the context of the way your past and present relationships and experiences that have shaped you. In doing this, we get a sense of the story your mind tells you about yourself and the world around you.

In this way, I see myself as a conduit for growth and will often navigate toward what I find most compelling rather than toward what I can clearly understand. I prefer this approach because it enables dynamics that are outside your day to day awareness to surface, which is how we’ll learn more about you and the way you relate with others. I utilize my experience with you to help you understand your experience in the world.

How this works for you

I want to help you discover pieces of you that you may not know exist. As such, expect me to challenge your views and question your actions when it seems they no longer work in your favor. In essence, my approach is direct, candid, intuitive, and dynamic. Working in this way has the potential to enhance your relationships, deepen them, strengthen them, and to inspire you to continually reflect on your own behavior.

It can be incredibly frustrating to repeat the same behaviors, dynamics and/or relationship patterns over and over without any understanding of how or why. Thus, an important step in the healing process is identifying emotions and behaviors that are strongly rooted in the past. Acknowledging and understanding the true source of feelings can help navigate relationships more honestly and effectively.

The Process

Week to week, I will remain open and flexible in your sessions, and keep a meta-sense of our journey together in mind. Even so, the path you’re on is rarely clear when we’re in the thick of it, which can make therapy feel disorienting at times and quite exciting at others. By being present with yourself in this way, you will gain greater emotional awareness and psychological development, which can strengthen your sense of confidence, self-acceptance, and responsibility in daily life. This will extend into a greater capacity for intimacy, allowing you to experience more meaning and pleasure in your life with an improved ability to navigate relationships. There’s the potential to increase your ability to manage strong emotions, maintain a sense of courage when feeling vulnerable, understand the nuances of paradox, overcome black and white thinking, and communicate complex emotional states to the people that matter to you most.


If it sounds like my approach could be a good fit for you, contact me to set up a consultation.

You can reach me at my office at (424) 259-3832. Or, you can send an email to My office is located at 3201 Wilshire Boulevard (Suite 320) in Santa Monica (cross street is Franklin, just west of Centinela and east of Berkeley).

I look forward to hearing from you!

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