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Sexuality Coach

Boston area, MA 02445
United States

Sexuality Coach


Credentials: PhD

Contact Name: Anita Hoffer, PhD, EdD

Insurance Accepted: N/A


Phone: 6177596884

Kink-Awareness: Kink-Aware


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Hello and thank you for your interest:

I have specific knowledge of kink concepts and lifestyles, have researched and educated myself in these areas and am open and non-judgmental of kink concepts and lifestyles  As for previous experience providing professional services to individuals with these interests, it is my experience that these interests are present, to varying degrees and under different circumstances, in many sexually-active individuals and I am comfortable dealing with them if and when they arise in the course of sex coaching.

As a sex coach, I focus on the present rather than the past – I am not a sex therapist.

Sex coaching is a present and future-focused collaborative process that provides sexual education and sexual information personalized and tailored to the individual client’s needs, including skills development, re-examination and reframing of sexual concerns and sexual scripts and re-assessment of attitudes about sex. It is also about the feelings you bring to your experience as a sexual being, your sexual energy and the way(s) in which you express your sense of yourself through your sexuality.

As I practice it, sex coaching is not judgmental and it does not pathologize. In our society, sex is often medicalized so that ‘concerns’ become ‘conditions’, ‘goals’ are translated into ‘diagnoses’ and therefore treatments have to rely on drugs. Sex coaching empowers the client instead of the problem.

I see myself as an equal, collaborative partner who provides support, under conditions of complete confidentiality and provides appropriate external resources as well as enhances the internal resources that you, the client, already has.

My goal is to help you find new possibilities and alternative solutions to your concerns.

In other words, sex coaching is a mix of these elements:

1. Personalized sexuality information and education

2. Mental reframing and attitude re-assessment

3. Intuitive guidance

4. Behavioral training

5. Resources and referrals as appropriate

The way I see my responsibilities to my clients:

1. To guide, direct, and protect you from harm

2. To empower you to attain the dreams you desire

3. To empower you to overcome any sexual difficulties you may have, or may fear you have

4. To help you reach your sexual/relationship goals and together with a partner, or alone, find results that satisfy you

I believe this type of work can be transformational for your whole life, not just your sexuality.  By trusting the process and allowing me to be your guide, you will have the opportunity to grow, learn, and become a more empowered person. 


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