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! ! A Better Choice Counseling

Philadelphia, PA 19118
United States

! ! A Better Choice Counseling


Credentials: MSW, LSW

Contact Name: Jeffrey Darcy

Insurance Accepted: Yes


Phone: 215-703-7573

Kink-Awareness: Kink-Aware


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What is it like having Mr Darcy as your therapist? In a friendly, respectful, nurturing environment, I guide clients on journeys of self-discovery where they explore what matters most. Whatever is blocking your potential - depression, anxiety, sexuality issues, or just plain stressful living - I will collaboratively engage you in your healing and wellness. Using creative strategies and practical techniques, I will help you learn to successfully navigate the ups and downs of life so you can create more balance and connection in your work, relationships, and communities.

Rather than pathologize a specific behavior as dysfunctional or unhealthy, I encourage you to consider that it was once a creative, spontaneous adaptation. Belief in the self-regulation of organisms indicates that all behavior has its roots in creative adaptation that enabled the organism to survive in its environment.


Therapy offers the opportunity to revisit some of these behaviors and re-evaluate the efficacy of their continued use in your current situation. Healing comes not through cutting yourself off from unwanted, unhealthy behaviors, but rather understanding and accepting that they were once healthy responses to an unhealthy environment.

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