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MFT Intern/Addiction & Codependency Specialist

595 Millich Drive
Suite 102
Campbell, CA 95008
United States

MFT Intern/Addiction & Codependency Specialist


Contact Name: Mary Karver

Insurance Accepted: No


Phone: 408-963-6694 ext. 422

Kink-Awareness: Kink-Knowledgeable


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I am Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #70252, practicing under the supervision of Carol Hadlock, MFC#15315.

Where Do I Start?

All sorts of things run through our heads when the idea of therapy is introduced:  Do I really need this NOW…there’s so many other things going on!  Is it really that “bad” that I need to go see a professional?  What am I going to REALLY get from talking to someone that I can’t already get for free online?  Is my therapist going to "get" me, or is what I'm working through too intense?  Will I be diagnosed for my kink itself, even though there's no issue in that arena of my life?  What about my relationships...will my therapist take my partner's side?  How will I handle it if I have a kink-friendly therapist and I see them in my community?

The Process Model

I am often asked what to expect in therapy.  The short answer is that most of the people I see have no problem with their logical minds.  If there was a “think longer, harder, clearer” answer to the issue that brings them to therapy, their well-toned left hemisphere would have solved it by now.  My clients are, as a rule, remarkably intelligent people who are experiencing an impasse because there is some form of block to their own best selves.  Frequently, traumas from our families of origin, past relationships, and old patterns of thinking, feeling, and interacting keep us stuck.  I see my job in therapy as inviting my clients to get reacquainted with the answers about themselves that lie in their right hemisphere…the side of our brain that we get to use as children, but neglect as adults.  

What I Do...and What I DON’T Do:  

My job is not to fix, change, or mold you into what I may think health looks like.  In fact, to have goals FOR you seems rather rude.  After all, how would I (or anyone else who isn’t you) know what’s best for you and your life, or what path you may need to take?  My job as your therapist begins and ends here:  I use the tools I have as ways of inviting you to explore yourself in sessions. I then trust in your innate capacity to move towards growth and healing on your own terms, in your own way, and in your own timeframe.    

My sessions tend to incorporate sandtray, Gestalt/polarity work, art, movement, imagery, and at times cognitive and rational emotive behavioral therapy.  My intention with any invitation is to allow you to move from cognitive knowledge of “the problem” to an experience of a (not the!) solution in the room.  The beautiful part of experiencing something new in the therapy room is that our brains do not know the difference between what we “practice” in therapy and what “really happens” in the world.  The solution to any stuck place lies in experiencing a different way of being, for without the experience, its all just theory.

What Do You Mean, Kink-Knowledgeable?

I’ve been a part of the Bay area kink scene since about 2008, and self-identify as a “sex, drugs, and trauma geek.”  Most of my social connections are part of kink or recovery community, and I am as passionate about providing safe, sane, and consensual therapy as I am about living my life openly and without shame as I continue my own growth and healing.  I have experienced the healing power of BDSM practiced with care and intention, and I have also experienced the places where the freedom to explore leads to an “oh gosh...not again!  I told myself I NEVER wanted to feel this bad” moment.  

I am rigorously honest and candid when it comes to confidentiality, boundaries, and informed consent.  I bring a dynamism and openness to my work that allows my clients the freedom to be themselves and experience secure attachment and unconditional positive regard.  My work as a professional is grounded in the ongoing study of human sexuality, trauma recovery, grief and loss, and process addictions.  I work with a wide variety of clients and issues, and take great joy in being a vehicle for growth and healing.

Now What?

If you are interested in setting up an initial visit to see if we would be a good fit, the phone (408-963-6694 ext 422) and email ( above are excellent ways to get started.  I have chosen to refrain from listing the "alphabet soup" of licenses, certifications, and degrees in this ad.  All that information is available to you if you have an interest in chatting with me about my experience, and searching my name on LinkedIn will yield results as well.  

I adore the supervision I receive from Don and Carol and the support I receive from PTI, and am delighted to make referrals to other therapists if clients find we're not the right fit for any reason.  Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or points of clarification.  I'm here to support you in any way I can.  





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