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This is THE resource for people who are seeking psychotherapeutic, medical, and legal professionals who are informed about the diversity of consensual, adult sexuality.

LGBTQIA+ Welcoming, Sex Positive, Kink Friendly Narrative Therapist

269 Washington St.

Somerville, MA 02143

United States

Contact Name: Anna Stern

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 617-501-4090


Insurance Accepted: Yes

Kink Awareness: Kink-KnowledgeableWhat does this mean?

Are you looking for a therapist who is more interested in how you understand your struggles than in helping you be "normal"? Would you like to work through the issues you are facing with a thoughtful, attentive and influential guide by your side? Are you tired of feeling like you have to teach your therapists about your identity in order to get the support you need? My work is grounded in the belief that people use narrative, or story, to make meaning of their lives and identities. You have the power to reauthor your own story. I will collaborate with you as we explore the experiences that are causing you distress or challenge. I respect your knowledge and values, and trust that grounding our work in what matters to you will give you more influence over the problems impacting your life.  While I am honored to consult with people regarding any issues they are facing, I have particular interest in the transition into motherhood and postpartum emotion, trauma and the body and gender and sexuality.

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