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NCSF Newsletter: 2nd Quarter 2011

NCSF Newsletter

2nd Quarter 2011

In this issue

  • NCSF's Coalition Partners Meet in Cambridge
  • Annual Meeting Letter From the Chair
  • Hosting the Annual Meeting
  • New Coalition Partner, FetFest, Launches Ticket Donations
  • Creating Change at Creating Change
  • Why KAP (Kink Aware Professionals)
  • Affecting the Law In California

NCSF's Coalition Partners Meet in Cambridge

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom held its annual Coalition Partner meeting in Cambridge, MA from March 26-27, 2011. The CP meeting was well attended by 23 Coalition Partner Representatives, the entire Board of NCSF and the senior staff. The Coalition Partners voted in the new Board of Directors for NCSF, approved the 2012 budget, and brainstormed on NCSF's projects and goals for the coming year.

The CP meeting was preceded by a training-the-trainers day for NCSF's Education Outreach Project on March 25th. The EOP training was attended by 15 EOP presenters who were updated on the 20+ workshops that teach you how to protect yourself, your groups and events or your businesses. 

NCSF's board consists of 9 members elected by our Coalition Partners to 2 year rotating terms. 4 additional seats are appointed to 1 year terms by the board.  The board has 2 remaining seats to fill by appointment and we expect the board will appoint the seats at the next board meeting on May, 12th. The Board of NCSF currently consists of:

Leigha Fleming - Chair - Denver, CO

Vivienne Kramer - Treasurer - Boston, MA

Laura Carlson - Secretary - Boise, ID

Jim Fleckenstein - Hearndon, VA

John Baku - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Julian Wolf - Albuquerque, NM

Kevin Carlson - Boise, ID

Mark Richards - NYC, NY

Mercury - Nashville, TN

Steven Johnson - Dallas, TX

Susan Wright - NYC, NY

If you are interested in one of the two open Board Seats, please email your interest to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Kevin Carlson, NCSF Board Member, received the Volunteer of the Year Award for his tireless and countless hours on the brand-new, 21st century NCSF Web site. Check it out: 
The CP Reps were also excited to view three new NCSF commercials that were debuted at the meeting. Produced by Kink Academy, the on-demand kink education and sex-ed institution, these infomercials take NCSF's message into a brand new realm. You can view all three at:

NCSF gratefully acknowledges the hard work of Opn, Coalition Partner Representative for Mob and NELA, who acted as the weekend community organizer and arranged complimentary meeting space, found volunteer Mobster shuttle drivers for attendee travel to the meeting venue from the hotel, solicited meal sponsorships from local groups, and co-hosted the Saturday night play party with another Mobster and her Queer PlayCon ( co-producer.

NCSF would like to thank:

  • Kink Academy (; on-demand kink education and sex-ed site and NCSF Supporting Member) for their free Open House (games, demos, raffles, and vendors) held Friday night for local and visiting kinksters;
  •  New England Dungeon Society/NEDS (; pansexual BDSM education, support, and social group, and NCSF Coalition Partner) donated $400 to provide Friday dinner and supplement other meals. NEDS also "donated" the services of Lydwina who helped keep the food tables running smoothly; 
  • Mob New England (; social and educational kink group for women and transfolk, and NCSF Coalition Partner), fund-raised $600 to provide Sunday lunch and supplement other meals; 
  • Bay State Marauders (; leather social group for gay men in the Boston area) home cooked and delivered Saturday lunch and provided pleasing eye candy; 
  • Knights Templar, O.T.O. (; local sex-positive church) provided baked goods -- and a toaster oven! -- for Sunday's breakfast;
  •  Vivienne Kramer, Boston-based NCSF Board Member, negotiated for reasonably-priced and public transit-accessible hotel accommodations, and provided all meeting reports, notebooks, and binders, and put together the volunteer award. 
Click to see the Full Meeting Package

Letter From the Chair
Annual Meeting 2011

Hello and welcome to NCSF's 2011 annual meeting!

I am so glad to welcome all of you to Boston. It's our first time here and we've been veryfortunate to have the hard advance work and efforts of the Boston community - particularly Opn, Kali and Vivienne Kramer.

As chair, I started my term in with several goals. 

  • Improve NCSF communications both internally among board and among volunteers, to our Coalition Partners, toour communities in general and to the public as a whole.

I believe we've hit our stride and are now doing things much better than we have in the past. In all years prior to September 2008, we published exactly 3 quarterly newsletters- two in 2003 and one in 2006. We've published a newsletter ever quarter since I became chair. We've published our minutes to the CP list every single month. I've written notices/letters to the membership every month. We've kicked up our press and media alerts and switched to using Constant Contact to make our mail outs more professional. 

  • Improve the structural integrity of the organization and set up processes and procedures for our most important functions/programs 

With the implementation of SalesForce now have a solid foundation under which we can build our donors, members, conduct campaigns, etc. NCSF has been incredibly fortunate to get strong volunteer talent on the board and in key organizational positions. This is extremely important given that we only have part time administrative help. As we've broadened our SalesForce integration into our organization, we've connected it to our website and we've created customer service portals for both IR and KAP administration. In addition, we hope to have a fully functional customer service portal for our CPs by mid-year.   

  •  Develop new literature and programs as part of NCSF's "Value Proposition"

Last year we created NCSF's "Value Proposition." We've created it as a guide to keep NCSF focused on what our core programs and values are. We have new handouts on child custody, child protective services, event insurance, how to find event location and a template for anevent briefing book. We've also developed new formal handouts - one for therapists about Polyamory and one for how to find a Kink Aware Therapist. In addition we have new brochures on the DSM, and solid educational pieces for Consent Counts and our ever-growing Education Outreach Program. 

  •  Be the leader. The DSM and Consent Counts projects, continued espansion of Incident Response and Kink Aware Professionals 

 NCSF is the leader and the only organization in the countryworking on these issues. Susan Wright, particularly with her work on the DSM, has led the way for some major successes for NCSF this year. Judy Guerin has become involved again with NCSF and is taking the lead in our Consent Counts project. Both of these projects will be on the front burner for us for the next 3-5 years. 

We're making terrific strides and have had some major "wins" this year. You'll see our new website has gone live- finally! Its been a huge project for us but we like our finished product and hope you do too. We're Twittering and blogging now. We have a strong marketing plan in place.
In short, I'm excited about the progress we're making and hope you are too! 
Leigha Fleming
Board Chair

Hosting the Annual Meeting

Interview with Opn, CP Mob New England & North East Leather Alliance
By Julian Wolf

Opn is the Coalition Partner for both Mob New England and the North East Leather Alliance (NELA) and is one of the organizers for this years Coalition Partner meeting. In the midst of all the planning, she agreed to sit down and answer some questions for us. 


What inspired you to host and organize the Coalition Partner meeting for NCSF?

When Vivienne told me that Boston was being looked at for the '11 Annual Meeting, I was thrilled and terrified all at once.  I wanted my communities to get to share in the come-together activism, creative dedication, and enthusiastic get-involved-ness of NCSF, but I was so worried about Massachusetts, with its more underground and private scene, being able to show NCSF a good time.  Happily, so many different pieces of the communities have stepped (hell, some have LEAPED) forward to contribute to the weekend and all these folks are eager to meet and talk with NCSF.


What sort of work goes into a Annual Meeting?   

We -- Vivienne and I -- tackled the venue first.  When I attend NCSF Annual Meetings in other states, I'm doing so on a tight budget.  I don't have a rental car or a ton of spare cash for taxis or pricey hotel restaurants.  And I'm a *fortunate* NCSF CP Rep, since NELA ( ) pays for my airfare and hotel room; I know that a lot of NCSFers pay out-of-pocket or work hard to fundraise in order to afford to show up at the meetings.  I also wanted my fellow NCSFers to be able to enjoy the city's historic and fun sights if they could squeeze that extra time into their meeting weekend, so we scouted beyond the inexpensive but isolated airport hotels until Vivienne was able to arrange a great deal in town.  ("In town" = Boston is just a breezy walk away over a bridge from Cambridge, where the Annual Meeting is actually taking place.)  We were able to secure free meeting space in a nearby office building through community connections.  All of our venues are VERY accessible via our subway system (the "T") so folks can opt for super-cheap and easy direct transportation from airport to hotel to events to airport again!  We also selected the hotel based on the abundance of food choices around it, a mall just up the street, and, again, Boston just a bridge away.  I have a Google map that I'm still tweaking that will highlight all of this so that the NCSFers can explore easily.

Once we knew where we were going to meet, I started approaching local groups -- groups that were already Coalition Partners and groups that I hoped might want to contribute to the meeting and maybe get more involved with NCSF -- to see if they could help with meals.  Again, with budgets in mind, my goal was to provide the meeting attendees with food without overtaxing their or NCSF's wallets.  I had already begun fundraising with my Queer PlayCon co-producer on behalf of Mob ( and after two hot play parties, we'd raised nearly $600 earmarked for food for the meeting.  The New England Dungeon Society (a CP), a sex-positive church, NELA and the Bay State Marauders have also stepped up to cover meals -- YAY!

With lodging, meeting space, and food being planned, I turned to fun and community.   Having felt at loose ends myself on Friday nights at past Annual Meetings, I wanted to give traveling NCSFers the option of flying in to fall directly into downy hotel beds *or* come out for some infomercial-educational kinky demo-community-mingling fun.  Kink Academy ( already had an Open House event in the works and Princess Kali and I teamed up for some hot calendar-on-calendar action. Princess Kali's KA team has donated time to create brand-new NCSF "infomercials" which will be premiered at the (free!) Open House the Friday night of the meeting weekend.  

Of course, Vivienne and I also wanted to offer NCSF a party.  The Saturday night parties other hosting cities have opened up to NCSF meeting attendees have allowed me to check out some spectaucular dungeons across the country and play with new and fun people.  MA's underground kink scene has limited play spaces, so I was ecstatic when my Queer PlayCon co-producer offered to co-host a party.

I want NCSF to feel like we are rolling out the red carpet for them.  I'm sure when the weekend hits I'll think, "Darn it, totally should've done fill-in-the-blank, my bad!" but keeping in mind what I've wished for or enjoyed at past Annual Meetings, I'm continuing to try to cover as many bases as possible to have the weekend run smoothly so that the attendees can focus on the business at-hand, be well-fed and entertained, and meet as much of my communities as possible!

How long have you been the CP Rep for Mob New England & The New England Leather Alliance?   

I've been NELA's CP Rep for several years.  Vivienne is very persuasive and convinced me to direct some of my time NCSF's way.  Up until then, I knew about NCSF mostly from seeing Lolita (Wolf) wear NCSF t-shirts.  I floundered a lot that first year and struggled with how to help and where I fit in.  At my first Annual Meeting, I remember hearing other CP Reps talk about their own learning curves and how some of their groups changed who filled the CP Rep position/s each year so that once footing was established, it was whisked away.  I'm grateful that NELA weathered my own rocky start and pitiful first attempts at tabling and getting the word out.  As I learned more about NCSF and how important it was for more voices to be heard, I approached the kink group I'm most active in -- Mob -- about joining as a Coalition Partner.  Now, I table and vote and outreach on behalf of both groups -- my voice is big enough for both groups! -- and distribute literature whenever I can, encourage folks to hit up the KAP list, chat about how the Incident Response program helps regular folks, and do a lot of NCSF cheerleading within and outside of my groups.

Your email signature is  "Community-building is HOT!  Organizing kinky stuff is SEXY!" how did you come to this sentiment?     

My current e-signature serves to remind me of a couple things.  It is really easy to have positive energies diverted by difficult people and all the challenging stuff that they can bring; it is up to me (with the help of my network of supportive kinky friends!) to keep myself moving forward toward goals I believe in, like strengthening my communities.  The e-tagline is also a tip of my hat to recognizing that it takes lots of different skill sets to help any group or community.  Some folks are whizzes at money, some have kick-ass people skills, some have muscles to lend, some can open up their homes, some can donate items -- we need *all* of these folks with *all* of these skills, and if my strengths include organizing, well, then, I better be bringing that to the table!  Finally, I'm a player.  The wild rush of a good scene leaves me happily buzzed.  It took a while, but now I see that the "highs" I can get from a one-on-one scene, from orchestrating a multi-player scene, from running a kinky icebreaker at a party, and from organizing a wicked-fun outreach table/fundraiser/fill-in-the-blank event are all pretty much the same.  Yeah, that's right, I get off on organizing, and watch out, because HERE I COME!

You can find Opn on FetLife, and you are welcome to email her via opnheartd at hotmail dot com. Her newest project, Queer PlayCon is happening this May in Hartford, CT. 


New Coalition Partner, FetFest, Launches Ticket Donations

FetFest, a large scale international festival event for the FetLife Community planned for Labor Day Weekend in Maryland, is donating $10 to NCSF for every ticket purchased using

Organizer British Lucky Paul, who helped raise over $10,000 last year for NCSF, is aiming to make FetFest the biggest NCSF fundraising event of 2011. "In addition to the ticket donations, we plan on using our website traffic to encourage attendees to join NCSF before they even arrive by promoting NCSF on our homepage." Auctions, raffles and a membership drive at the event itself are also planned. 

So if you plan on going, please use the link above to register, it won't cost you a dime and every penny counts in our ongoing fight for our sexual freedom. 

Note:  FetFest is not an official Fetlife event.  It is independently organized by Born Lucky Productions, Inc.  The name and logo for Fetlife are trademarks of Protose Inc.


Creating Change at Creating Change

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a highly successful event for the BDSM/Leather/Fetish community and our organizations.  Min-KY (Minnesota Kinky Youth), an NCSF Coalition Partner, did a yeoman job of coordinating volunteers to help man the booths during the event.  The BDSM/Leather/Fetish community was highly visible and well represented-we created change at Creating Change!

 The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, the Leather Archives and Museum and the Leather Leadership Conference teamed up to make a big impact at the Creating Change Conference in Minneapolis, held February 2-6, 2011.  The Creating Change conference, hosted by The Task Force, is the largest and oldest GLBT political activist conference in the U.S. and was attended by over 2,500 activists this year.

It was a great year for us to team up organizationally and create a large presence, particularly since Chuck Renslow received The Leather Leadership Award from The Task Force.  Matt Foreman, former Executive Director of The Task Force, came out in his leathers on stage for the first time at a Creating Change Conference to present the award, along with IML 2010, Tyler McCormick.  Highlighted in Matt's speech was the fact that the LA&M is now the largest GLBT museum collection in the world  (Yes, the world!)  The Leather Archives and Museum was heavily featured in the award presentation, as well as Chuck's long time record of GLBT and leather activism and the fact that he was never afraid to be out and proud as a gay man and a leather man.  The Minneapolis community, under the guidance of Steve Lenius, did an impressive color guard presentation at the award presentation.

NCSF also did a well-attended and highly productive Leather Leadership Roundtable on Consent Counts, its project to decriminalize BDSM.  At a Leather Leadership Roundtable hosted by NCSF at the 2006 Creating Change Conference, decriminalization of BDSM was determined to be the number one priority of the BDSM/Leather/Fetish community.


Why KAP (Kink Aware Professionals)

BY: Keely Kolmes, Psy.D.

As a practitioner who has both used the KAP resource to help people locate services in other cities and as someone who also maintains my own listing on the site, I'm very happy to see the debut of the brand new KAP Directory. The new site is attractive and intuitive to use. I am proud to be listed on this site. I hope that the appealing new interface helps those looking for support and resources to feel more invited to make use of the directory. Being able to select different levels of kink awareness and expertise allows consumers to make more informed choices when choosing providers. Some people may be happy to choose someone who is a non-judgmental ally, whereas others may prefer to find someone who has more expertise. Great job, NCSF!  --Keely Kolmes, San Francisco Psychologist


Affecting the Law In California

NCSF & The BDSM/Leather/Fetish Communities Launch a Legislative Campaign

In March, 2011, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) became aware of pending legislation in California, intended to further protect victims of domestic violence, that could seriously impact consensual BDSM activities between adults involving use of hoods, gags and the like.  This legislation, while well intentioned to better protect domestic violence victims in incidents involving "strangulation" or restricted breathing, includes broad language that could be used to selectively prosecute consensual BDSM between adults.

NCSF and our communities fully promote and support protection of victims of domestic violence.  NCSF has been in touch with the Senator's office introducing the legislation and has proposed alternative language that would better protect both victims of domestic violence and practitioners of BDSM.

NCSF launched a letter writing campaign online, at LLC  and at IMsL to support legislative efforts.  The leather community rallied at these events to gather over 400 letters from Californians in support of this legislation to submit to the California Senate.  To find out more about his campaign and to submit a letter, visit our site.


Coalition Partners as of March 2011

Adventures in Sexuality (Columbus, OH) * Albany Power Exchange - APEX (Albany, NY) * Arizona Power Exchange (Phoenix, AZ) * Barone Photo Art (Perkasie, NY) * Black BEAT Inc. (Baltimore, Maryland) * Black Rose (Washington, D.C.) * Boise BDSM Society (Boise, Idaho) * Brandon Longwood (Maryland) * CAPEX (Gastonia, NC) * Center for Sex Positive Culture (Seattle WA) * Club X (San Diego, CA) * DC TNG (Washington DC) * DFW PowerExchange (Dallas, TX) * DLH Productions - (El Sobrante, California) * Eau Claire Munch (Bloomer, WI) * Evergreen Leather Events (Kenmore, WA) * Females Investigating Sexual Terrain (FIST) (Baltimore, MD) * FetFest by Born Lucky Productions (MD/DC/VA) * Fox Valley Coalition (Neenah, WI) * FetLife (Worldwide at * The Group in Fresno (Fresno, CA) * House of Decorum (Greenville, SC) * Iconic Bondage Productions (North Carolina) * International Ms. Leather (IMsL) * Kevin Carlson (Boise, ID) Knights of Leather (Minneapolis, MN) * LA Noble (New Orleans, LA) * Leather SINS (Chicago, IL) * Leigha Fleming (Denver, CO) * Lesbian Sex Mafia (New York, NY) * The Mark by CPI (Nashville, TN) * Midwest Alternatives (Lincoln, NE) * Midwest Fantasy Adventures (Chicago, IL) * Minnesota Kinky Youth (St. Paul, MN) * Minnesota Stocks, Debentures, and Bonds - MSDB (Minneapolis, MN) * MN Rope - (Minneapolis, MN) * MOB New England *, (San Francisco, CA) * New England Dungeon Society - NEDS (New England) * New England Leather Alliance - NELA (Boston, MA) * New Mexico Leather League (Albuquerque, NM) * OhioSMART (Cleveland, Ohio) * The Red Chair (Birmingham, AL) * Riverbound (Iowa/Illinois) * Robin Spector (San Leandro, CA) * Scarlet Ranch (Denver, CO) * The Sanctuary (Dallas, TX) * The Siege (Tennessee) * SINZ Social Networking * smOdyssey, Inc. (San Jose, CA) * Society of Janus (San Francisco, CA) * Swingers Date Club (North Carolina) * TABU Social Club (Baltimore, MD) * TES (The Eulenspiegel Society) (New York, NY) * Threshold (Los Angeles, CA) * TNG Baltimore (Baltimore MD) * The Treasure Coast Kinksters (Stuart, FL) * Tulsa Dungeon Society (Tulsa, OK) * Windy City Boys Troop (Chicago, IL)


SM Related Legal Research Resources

SM Related Legal Research Resources

  • Conducting SM Related Legal Research

    It is extremely important for members of NCSF constituent communities to understand the laws that may affect us.  Overview The law is interpreted – sometimes to our favor, and sometimes not. For example, while the NCSF firmly believes that consensual SM activity between adults is legal, there are those that have a differing opinion and will intentionally interpret the law in an unfavorable way. Therefore, it is extremely important for the SM-Leather-Fetish communities to have an understanding of the laws that may affect us. Knowing relevant laws will greatly assist our communities in safely organizing and maintaining SM-Leather-Fetish activities and functions. There are numerous laws, ordinances, and regulations at all levels of government - federal, state, regional, county and city. It's not easy to locate all of the laws that may affect us, but it's very important. You should make every attempt to thoroughly research your laws if your activities may come under the scrutiny of law enforcement or local authorities. In addition, NCSF recommends that thorough legal research should include consultation with a knowledgeable…

    Tags: Legal Legal Education
Jovanovic Case (Consent)

Jovanovic Case (Consent)

  • Affidavit of Susan Wright in Response to Affirmation in opposition to motion to file

    Affidavit of Susan Wright in Response to Affirmation in Opposition to Motion to File a Memorandum of Law Amicus Curiae   N.Y. Co. Ind. No 10938/96 Cal. No. 98-10474   1. I, Susan Wright, am the Executive Director of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) .   2. I write this affidavit in response to the DA's Brief in Opposition to the NCSF request to file an Amicus Curia…

    Tags: Legal Case Curiae
  • Affirmation of Michael Thomas Fois in response to opposition to motion to file

    SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK APPELLATE DIVISION: FIRST DEPARTMENT -----------------------------------------------------------------------X THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, Indictment No. Plaintiff-Respondent, 10938/96 -against-   OLIVER JOVANOVIC, Defendant-Appellant. -----------------------------------------------------------------------X   AFFIRMATION OF MICHAEL THOMAS FOIS IN RESPONSE TO OPPOSITION OF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY TO MOTION TO FILE A MEMORANDUM OF LAW AMICUS CURIA Michael Thomas Fois, an attorney admitted to practice in front of this Court, affirms and…

    Tags: Legal Case
  • Affirmation in opposition to motion to file

    AFFIRMATION IN OPPOSITION TO MOTION TO FILE A -against- MEMORANDUM OF LAW   AMICUS CURIAE   SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK APPELLATE DIVISION: FIRST DEPARTMENT ------------------------------------------------------ THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK Respondent, AFFIRMATION IN OPPOSITION TO MOTION TO FILE A -against- MEMORANDUM OF LAW AMICUS CURIAE OLIVER JOVANOVIC, N.Y. Co. Ind. No. 10938/96 Defendant-Appellant. Cal. No. 98-10474 ------------------------------------------------------   MARK DWYER, an attorney duly…

    Tags: Legal Case
  • Memorandum of Law of Amicus Curiae, NCSF

    MEMORANDUM OF LAW OF AMICUS CURIAE  NATIONAL COALITION FOR SEXUAL FREEDOM  SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK APPELLATE DIVISION: FIRST DEPARTMENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------XTHE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, Indictment No. Plaintiff-Respondent, 10938/96-against- OLIVER JOVANOVIC, Defendant-Appellant.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------X  MEMORANDUM OF LAW OF AMICUS CURIAE  NATIONAL COALITION FOR SEXUAL FREEDOM  PRELIMINARY STATEMENT   This brief is filed by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom ("NCSF") as amicus curiae. Defendant Oliver Jovanovic…

    Tags: Legal Case
  • Affirmation of Michael Thomas Fois

    AFFIRMATION OF MICHAEL THOMAS FOIS   SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK APPELLATE DIVISION: FIRST DEPARTMENT ----------------------------------------------------------------------- x THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, Indictment No. Plaintiff-Respondent, 10938/96   -against-   OLIVER JOVANOVIC, Defendant-Appellant. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- x       AFFIRMATION OF MICHAEL THOMAS FOIS     Michael Thomas Fois, an attorney admitted to practice in front of this Court, affirms and states under penalty of perjury,…

    Tags: Legal Case
  • Notice of motion requesting leave to file memorandum of Law as Amicus Curiae

    NOTICE OF MOTION REQUESTING LEAVE TO FILE MEMORANDUM OF LAW AS AMICUS CURIAE   SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK APPELLATE DIVISION: FIRST DEPARTMENT -----------------------------------------------------------------------X THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, Indictment No. Plaintiff-Respondent, 10938/ -against-   OLIVER JOVANOVIC, Defendant-Appellant. -----------------------------------------------------------------------X   NOTICE OF MOTION REQUESTING LEAVE TO FILE MEMORANDUM OF LAW AS AMICUS CURIAE   Please take notice that, Upon the annexed Affirmation of Michael…

    Tags: Legal Case
Barbara Nitke Case (CDA)

Barbara Nitke Case (CDA)

  • CDA Expert Testimony in the Barbara Nitke Case


    Tags: CDA Nitke
  • Govt Motion to Affirm Nitke and NCSF Reply (PDF)

    Govt Motion to Affirm Nitke 05-526 (pdf) (posted 3/2/06) NCSF Reply to Govt Motion to Affirm (doc) (posted 3/2/06)

    Tags: Civil_Rights CDA
  • Justices Reject Photographer's Appeal

    The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal yesterday from a New York photographer who said that a federal decency law violated her First Amendment rights to post explicit pictures of sadomasochism and bondage on the Web, The Associated Press reported. The justices affirmed a decision by a special three-judge federal panel upholding the Communications Decency Act of 1996, which made it a crime to post obscene materials on the…

    Tags: Supreme Court Sadomasochism Decency Act
  • Supreme Court Affirms Lower Court's Ruling in Nitke Appeal Without Hearing Oral Arguments

    WASHINGTON, DC - The Supreme Court today denied an appeal by photographer Barbara Nitke and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) in the case of Nitke v. Gonzalez. The appeal challenged the constitutionality of the Communications Decency Act on the grounds that the obscenity provision of the CDA is overbroad. Last year, a three-judge panel in New York's Southern District had dismissed Nitke's lawsuit, ruling that there was "insufficient…

    Tags: Nightclub Supreme Court
  • Supreme Court Decision in the Communications Decency Act (CDA)

      March 20, 2006 - Washington D.C. Today the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the Federal District Court's decision in Barbara Nitke and NCSF v. Alberto Gonzales, the challenge to the Communications Decency Act, #01 CIV 11476 (RMB). The Supreme Court has affirmed the lower court's decision without hearing oral arguments, sending a clear signal that the court will not protect free speech rights when it comes to sexually explicit materials.…

    Tags: CDA Legal Supreme Court Nitke
  • Justices Pass on Internet Obscenity Case

    March 20,2006 | WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court turned back an appeal on Monday from a photographer who claimed a federal decency law violated her free-speech rights to post pictures of sadomasochistic sexual behavior on the Web. Justices affirmed a decision last year by a special three-judge federal panel upholding the 1996 law which makes it a crime to send obscenity over the Internet to children. The court could have…

    Tags: Legal Supreme Court
  • NCSF and Nitke vs. Gonzales Supreme Court Update

    March 3, 2006 - In documents filed with the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Justice Department did not contest NCSF's assertion that NCSF's Communications Decency Act challenge is properly before the Supreme Court on direct appeal. That is a big step forward because that means both sides agree that the Supreme Court should rule on the merits of NCSF and Barbara Nitke's case, and not on any procedural grounds. The…

    Tags: CDA Nitke
  • Communications Decency Act (CDA) Lawsuit

    July 26, 2005 - New York, NY - A three judge panel has made a decision in the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and acclaimed photographer Barbara Nitke's challenge against the Communications Decency Act (CDA) which criminalizes free speech on the Internet. According to the court, the plaintiffs presented "insufficient evidence" to support findings that the variation in community standards is substantial enough that protected speech is inhibited by the…

    Tags: CDA Nitke
  • Expert Witness Reports Submitted in Nitke v. Ashcroft

    New York, December 18, 2003 - The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom has submitted expert witness reports for their landmark Communications Decency Act lawsuit, Nitke v. Ashcroft (Case No. 01 Civ. 11476). John Wirenius, attorney for plaintiffs NCSF and photographer Barbara Nitke, provided 31 expert witness reports and witnesses who will testify before the three-judge panel for the Southern District of New York.   The expert witness reports support the…

    Tags: Nitke
Nea vs. Findlay Case

Nea vs. Findlay Case

  • Govt Motion to Affirm Nitke and NCSF Reply (PDF)

    Govt Motion to Affirm Nitke 05-526 (pdf) (posted 3/2/06) NCSF Reply to Govt Motion to Affirm (doc) (posted 3/2/06)

    Tags: Civil_Rights CDA
  • Case summary of Nea vs. Findlay

      Argued: March 31, 1998 Decided: June 25, 1998 Issue: Freedom of Speech -- Whether a law requiring the National Endowment for the Arts to consider "general standards of decency and respect for the diverse beliefs and values of the American public" before awarding grants to artistic projects is impermissibly viewpoint-based and unconstitutionally vague. Vote: 8-1; No, the law does not violate the First Amendment. Facts: In 1990, Congress amended…

    Tags: Legal
CDA Media Reports

CDA Media Reports

Media reports covering the Communications Decency Act lawsuit launched by co-plaintiffs NCSF and Barbara Nitke.

  • NEWSBYTES - December 19, 2001

    Net Obscenity Provisions Revocation Sought NEWSBYTES By David McGuire December 19, 2001, Washington, DC -- A small civil liberties group has asked a federal judge in New York to revoke what remains of an Internet pornography law that was gutted by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1997. In a complaint filed in a New York City Federal Court [ ] last week, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom […

    Tags: Media News
  • San Francisco Bay Guardian - January 14, 2002

    Techsploitation By Annalee Newitz San Francisco Bay Guardian, January 14, 2002   HERE'S YET ANOTHER wacky fact you probably didn't know about the Communications Decency Act ole Bill Clinton signed into law way back in 1996: the good citizens of some small town in Arizona or southern California might have the power to send you to jail if they think the contents of your Web site are "obscene." The CDA…

    Tags: Media CDA
  • San Francisco Frontiers - January 23, 2002

    Communications Decency Act A Lingering Coup de Grace? By Tim Kingston   January 23, 2002   You may dimly recall the Communications Decency Act of 1996, which unsuccessfully attempted to define and proscribe "indecency" on the Internet. That law's legal core--its indecency provision--was immediately challenged and rapidly struck down as unconstitutional by free- and electronic-speech advocates. But, what many may not know is that another portion of the law, prohibiting…

    Tags: Media CDA
  • Ynot News - January 2, 2002

    Can David Beat Goliath in the Battle of Obscenity? Part 2   By Judd Handler   Ynot News, January 2, 2002   Last week's editorial featured an interview with John Wirenius, lead counsel for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and Barbara Nitke, an adult content photographer. Wirenius, on behalf of the NCSF and Nitke, filed a lawsuit on December 11 against Attorney General John Ashcroft seeking to overturn Internet…

    Tags: Media CDA
  • Ynot News - December 20, 2001

    Can David Beat Goliath in the Battle of Obscenity? By Judd Handler   Ynot News, December 20, 2001   One would think it would take the giants of the industry to force the government to rethink existing, not-applicable-to-the-Internet obscenity laws. On the contrary, the little players may be the ones who are successful in getting the federal government and the Supreme Court to throw out irrelevant local community standards when…

    Tags: Media CDA
  • Wired - December 12, 2001

    New Suit Targets Obscenity Law By Julia Scheeres Wired, December 12, 2001    A national organization that promotes sexual tolerance and an artist who photographs pictures of couples engaged in sadomasochism filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to overturn Internet obscenity laws. The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and photographer Barbara Nitke argue that the obscenity provision of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) is so broad that it violates free speech.…

    Tags: Media CDA
  • Spectator Magazine - January 11, 2002

    STANDING UP TO BE COUNTED: BARBARA NITKE CHALLENGES JOHN ASHCROFT ON S/M AND INTERNET OBSCENITY By David Steinberg Spectator Magazine, January 11, 2002 "No matter how we're wired to express love, freedom is having the courage to be who we are." - Photographer/plaintiff Barbara Nitke On December 11, Barbara Nitke and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom brought suit in New York City's Federal District Court, seeking to have the…

    Tags: Media CDA
  • New York Press - August 28, 2002

    What's Obscene in Podunk By John Strausbaugh New York Press, August 28, 2002   Barbara Nitke is a well-known and much-seen photographer in her field. She's president of the New York Camera Club and teaches a course in darkroom technique at SVA. A nice, neat, sweet individual, she's the very very last person in New York City you'd suspect of being a pornographer. Which she's not, not exactly. She's more…

    Tags: Media CDA
  • New York Newsday - July 25 2005

    New York judges refuse to say Internet obscenity law is unconstitutional By LARRY NEUMEISTER Associated Press Writer, July 25, 2005, 7:58 PM EDT  NEW YORK -- A special three-judge federal panel on Monday refused to find unconstitutional a law making it a crime to send obscenity over the Internet to children. The Communications Decency Act of 1996 had been challenged by Barbara Nitke, a photographer who specializes in pictures of…

    Tags: Media CDA
  • New York Daily News - July 15, 2002

    Fotog vs. Feds in Obscenity Law: Files suit to keep photos on Web by Veronica Vera New York Daily News, July 15, 2002 Photographer Barbara Nitke is used to being behind the lens, but if legal matters heat up, she may soon find the government focusing on her. Nitke is ready to step into the foreground as the chief plantiff in Barbara Nitke and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom…

    Tags: Media CDA
  • Nerve - December 11, 2001

    Nerve December 11, 2001 Photographer Barbara Nitke and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) filed a lawsuit today, claiming the Internet censorship provision of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) violates the First Amendment right to free speech. The provision stipulates that "local community standards" will judge whether or not something is indecent. Yet attorney John Wirenius argues that "By allowing the most restrictive jurisdiction to define what speech can…

    Tags: Media CDA
  • CNN - December 20, 2001

    Lawsuit targets last scraps of Net-obscenity law By Sam Costello (IDG News) CNN, December 20, 2001 The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and artist Barbara Nitke have filed a lawsuit challenging the remaining provisions of the Communications Decency Act, much of which was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1997. The act, or CDA, was passed in 1996 and was the first U.S. law designed to allow…

    Tags: CDA Media
  • Adult Video News - February, 2002

    NCSF Tackles "Community Standards" For The Web By Mark Kernes Adult Video News, February Issue Washington, DC The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom may not be a household name, even in the adult entertainment industry, but if their recently-filed lawsuit succeeds, they may go down in history as the first group to secure Americans' core constitutional speech rights.  NCSF is based in the nation's capital [~] in fact, only a…

    Tags: Media CDA News
  • ABC News - July 29, 2002

    Love or Obscenity? S/M Photographer Challenges Internet Decency Standards By Dean Schabner, July 29, 2002 When Barbara Nitke wanted to put her photographs of loving couples on the Internet, she thought she should check into the laws first. That's because Nitke's recent photographs have been focused on how some couples express their love through sado-masochism. What Nitke found after reading up on Internet law and talking to lawyers was…

    Tags: Media CDA
  • Govt Motion to Affirm Nitke and NCSF Reply (PDF)

    Govt Motion to Affirm Nitke 05-526 (pdf) (posted 3/2/06) NCSF Reply to Govt Motion to Affirm (doc) (posted 3/2/06)

    Tags: Civil_Rights CDA

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