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2011 Incident Reporting & Response Report

2011 Incident Reporting & Response Program Report

In 2011, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) again took the lead in defending the rights of individuals and groups in the SM-leather-fetish, swing and polyamory communities. NCSF's coalition of over 40 educational and social groups is committed to creating a political, legal, and social environment in the United States that advances equal rights of consenting adults who practice forms of alternative sexual expression.

NCSF received 630 distinct inquiries/requests for assistance. More than half required more than one contact/response to resolve, often requiring multiple contacts. Each incident sometimes required only one or two phone calls, but some evolved into much larger projects.

It is difficult to categorize many incident requests as clearly falling into one camp or another. Many overlap in categories. For example, many of our custody/divorce related issues involve at least 2 of our core constituent groups (i.e. SM/leather/fetish and poly for example). In trying to do a statistical breakdown of the requests, we placed it in the category it most clearly matched.

112 were requests regarding SM/abuse/domestic violence/assault issues including criminal complaints regarding consent and protective orders
135 were regarding criminal complaint issues
27 were regarding employment discrimination
115 were regarding child custody/divorce issues
154 were related to SM/leather/fetish group issues
9 were classed as non-employment discrimination
29 were related to swing community issues
49 were classed as “other”


Of the inquires, 87% were driven by SM/leather/fetish issues, 7% by swing, 5% by poly, 1% by other.

2011 saw a trend continue with an increased number of requests around criminal and domestic violence or SM/abuse related issues. NCSF had contact with more than 40 attorneys representing defendants in criminal cases. In addition, we worked with more than 30 district attorneys and prosecutors related to SM issues.  The vast majority of these criminal cases revolved around domestic abuse or consensual sex/play issues.. Our Community Discussion Guide on Consent, along with the Legal and Community Support components of our Consent Counts program hopes to help address the issues regarding consent we have both in and out of our communities.

We continue to receive a number of requests for assistance from groups, businesses, and other support organizations who want information about how to operate legally, do law enforcement outreach, file for non-profit status, deal with the media or the press, do hotel/event outreach, or do research around zoning or other legal issues. In addition, a large component of our IRR program continues to work with parents and families around custody and divorce issues.

NCSF’s implementation of SalesForce has helped us manage our Incident Response requests in a significantly more professional and consistent way. It provides  for direct access by someone needing help through a new customer service portal and it allows NCSF staff/volunteers to track and log all calls and action on any given request. We have also trained a new volunteer for our IRR program and hope to add another this year.

NCSF is here to help you -- the SM, swing and polyamory communities. If you have a problem with discrimination, persecution, or harassment because of your sexual expression, please call NCSF for assistance. You can submit a request for assistance online or find a Kink Aware Professional (KAP) on our website as well at Emergency contact information is available by calling our office at 410.539.4824, 24 hours per day.

Please support NCSF in our effort to change the political, legal, and social environment in the United States. We are committed to making a difference. Join NCSF as a member or please hold a fund-raiser and donate to NCSF! 

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Why You Should Care

Because your sexual expression...
  • Can result in discrimination, prosecution, and even violence against you
  • Can cause you to lose your children
  • Can cause you to lose your job or your income
  • Can lead you into a maze of antiquated laws and regulations you never even knew existed
  • Is arbitrarily criminalized by state and local authorities
  • Is used by the radical right to marginalize minority groups
  • Can result in the invasion of your privacy by the government, both within your own home or in educational, social and group environments 

How You Can Help

    • Work to change antiquated laws
    • Work to change the social climate about sexual issues
    • Promote acceptance of safe, sane, and consensual alternative sexual practices among consenting adults
    • Oppose censorship of consensual sexual expression
    • Fight for freedom of academic expression about sexual issues
    • Help communities and individuals facing the threat of prosecution or legal action
    • Support the right of adults to express their sexuality, gender identity and orientation freely and openly without fear
    • Learn more about NCSF