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Our Coalition Partners

NCSF is a coalition of groups, clubs and businesses that serve consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions. Our Coalition Partners provide strategic and policy planning, and set general goals for the Board to follow and implement. Our Coalition Partners elect the Board of Directors at our Annual Meeting, typically held in March which you can attend in person or online. We also hold quarterly online Town Hall meetings to discuss issues affecting our Coalition Partners.

NCSF’s CP Forum is a place where groups and organizations can talk to each other, ask questions and find resources that are only for NCSF members. CPs can log in here.

We appreciate everything our Coalition Partners do for our communities! Our Coalition Partners are:


Arborea Falls

Adventures in Sexuality

Albany Power Exchange

Alternative Community Educational Society

Anomaly of Arkansas

Arizona Power Exchange

ASN Entertainment

Asylum Buffalo

Baltimore Playhouse

Ben Schenker Law Office

Black Poly Pride

Body Shop Nightclub

Camera and Kink

Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association

Carolina Counseling Center

Carter/Johnson Library and Collection

Castaways Travel

Chosen Family Law TX

Chosen Family Therapy

Club Eden

Club Sapphire

Colette Clubs


Cross Island Alternative

Dawn Nelson, LCSW-S, ACSW, SAP, CART


DC Sub Club


Dragon’s Tail Alternative Lifestyle Community

Dulca Scenes

Elephant in the Hot Tub: Kink in Context

Enigmatika Club

Extreme Restraints

Fargo Moorhead Alternative Lifestyle Center

FemDom Collective

Fetish Lifestyle Open Group FLOG

Florida Intense Rope Experience – FIRE

Healthy and Active Sex Toys

Higher Sex Education

House of Two Wolves

Hub City Select


Kaleidoscope of Western NY

Kinky Koach Podcast

Knights of Leather

Latinos in Leather

Leather SINS

Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas

Life Coaching and Therapy

Lifeworks Psychotherapy

LOCK (Lifestyle Opportunity Community Kink)

Maine Area Kinksters Exploring Memorable Experiences (MAKEME)

MAsT Boise

Menage Life

Mindful Sex and Relationship Therapy, LLC

Dr. Miro Gudelsky

MNKOC (MidwesterN Kinksters of Color)

Modern Path Counseling

MSDB – Minnesota Stock Debentures & Bonds

Naughty Events

NELA – New England Leather Alliance

New Mexico Leather League

Next Level Toledo

Ohana’s Club

Onyx Pearls SouthEast

OPEN – Organization for the Practice of Ethical Non-Monogamy

Orlando Munch

Pan Eros Foundation

Peabu Technology

Pittsburgh Bridge


Players Club

Polyamory Leadership Network

PolyDallas Millennium

RARE Productions

Ravenous Group

Realistic Expectations

Red Dragons Riding Club

Rochester Kink Society

Peter Rossi, M.S. LMFT

Satin Sheet Dreams

Satyricon Wisconsin

School of Hard Knox

SCK Events

Sex Coach University

Sexual Freedom Hypnosis

Shamrck Software

SOP Lifestyle Productions

South Florida OTC and Newbie Night 



Studio 58

Submissive Safe Call

Tampa Bay Phoenix Club

Tantra Energy Arts Center Hypnosis (TEACH)

TES – The Eulenspiegel Society

The Pendulum Club

The Power Exchange Event Centre

The Mark

The Woodshed Orlando

Truly Beloved

Urban Tantra

Voodoo Leatherworks

Wicked Grounds

Wings Hypnosis, LLC

World Exotic Travel

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