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Educational Outreach

What We Do

  • Provide education for professionals about consent and the Alt-sex communities, including Continuing Legal Education for attorneys and Continuing Education Units for mental health professionals,
  • Provide education for members of the BDSM-Leather-Fetish, Swing and Polyamory communities about consent and legal issues that may affect them,
  • Assist and support the outreach and education efforts of groups, clubs and events to local law enforcement, service agencies and authorities.

For more information or to request a virtual workshop for your event, use our:

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Virtual Presentations

Meet the NCSF! Provides a virtual tour of how NCSF can help you and your group, and a greater understanding of the state of our communities.

Got Consent? A webinar on consent for individuals and groups, discussing negotiation, dealing with consent incidents and legal issues to consider.

Consent Social – A fun and interactive way to get your members talking about consent!

Virtual Consent – An interactive exercise that creates your group’s Virtual Consent Policy.

Professional Presentations


Consensual Non-Monogamy for Mental Health Professionals

Finding a Kink Aware Therapist

Finding Kink Aware Medical Care

Kink is Not a Diagnosis

What Psychology Professionals Need to Know about Polyamory

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