NCSF Board and Staff

NCSF Board of Directors

Tess Zachary – Chairperson

D. “Choc Trei” Henderson – Vice Chair

Kelly McAninch – Secretary

Archer Shelton – Treasurer

Matt Connolly

Jackie “Bebe” Harris – Coalition Partner Liaison

Ceyda Kirin-Trei

Elizabeth Newsom, LCSW-Supervisor

J. Tebias Perry – Titleholder Outreach

Russell J. Stambaugh, PhD – Kink Aware Professionals Advocate

Susan Wright – Executive Director & Spokesperson

NCSF Key Staff

Kelly Beaton, Membership Coordinator

Mercury, Literature Coordinator 

Kelly McAninch, Volunteer Coordinator

Brian Flaherty, Legal Researcher

Heather Gardner – IRR Team

NCSF Advocates 
Everett, Midwest Advocate
House of Trei, Southern Advocates
Jim Dunyak, New England Advocate
Monica Gray, West Coast Advocate
Phoenix Be and Adella, Northwest Advocates
Robert Webster, Southeast Advocate
Matt Connolly, Western Polyamory Advocate
Maven, Canadian Advocate
Stabigail, Canadian Advocate
TK, Canadian Advocate        
Zach Budd, Gulf Coast Advocate
Boy Juan, Southwest Advocate

Ombuds Committee