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NCSF provides all of our work free of charge to individuals, groups, and professions. NCSF relies solely on fundraising to deliver our resources to the Communities we support. For our latest success, find out more about Explicit Prior Permission for consent to kink!

Donate to the NCSF advocacy group 501(c)4 to directly help people, groups and businesses who are facing discrimination and persecution, or ask your group to do a fundraiser and donate to NCSF.

Or make a tax-deductible donation to the Institute for 21st Century Relationships, the NCSF Foundation 501(c)3, and help educate about kink and nonmonogamy, and support our Kink Aware Professionals free referral listings.

The NCSF Foundation also accept donated items that can be raffled (which are tax deductible) or discount coupon codes. Contact

NCSF is an all-volunteer organization, so your donation will directly fund our work. NCSF…

Our advocacy for Explicit Prior Permission (EPP) includes:

  • Lobbying for the adoption of EPP with state officials
  • Educating professionals about consent to kink and non-monogamy
  • Supporting our Allies on legislation involving consent
  • Assisting in eliminating barriers to services for individuals and groups


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Platinum Level Sponsors

Leather SINS donated $10,000 to the NCSF Foundation at Kinky Kollege Spring Break 2022 and $5,000 at KK Homecoming 2021!

Russell Stambaugh with The Elephant in the Hot Tub: Kink in Context donated $2,500 to the NCSF Foundation in 2022, and $5,500 the NCSF Foundation in 2021!

Silver Level Sponsors

The Turkish Towel Company donated $1,250 to NCSF in 2021.

TASHRA donated $1,192 to raised by a collaborative event between The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance (TASHRA) and NCSF in 2021.

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