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Annual Meeting Reports

The NCSF Annual Coalition Partner Meeting is for representatives of the Coalition Partners and the NCSF Board and Staff members to come together to discuss the year-end reports on NCSF projects and programs, and to set goals for the coming year. The NCSF Board members are elected at the annual meeting, and the budget and financials are approved.

The NCSF Annual CP Meeting is open to all members of NCSF and its member organizations. The Annual Meeting is available via video conferencing. Please RSVP to: [email protected] to receive the details.

2023 Annual Meeting ALL VIRTUAL on March 4

View the Meeting Reports here

2022 Annual Meeting ALL VIRTUAL on March 5-6

View the Meeting Reports Here

2021 Annual Meeting ALL VIRTUAL on March 6-7

View the Meeting Reports Here

2020 Annual Meeting in Houston, TX on March 7-8

2019 Annual Meeting in Portland, OR on March 2-3

View the Meeting Reports Here

2018 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA @ The Leadership Conference (LLC) on March 9

2017 Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL @ Kinky Kollege on March 31

2016 Annual Meeting in San Jose, CA on March 2-3

2015 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD on March 20-22

2014 Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN on March 15-16

2013 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ on February 8-10

2012 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN on March 17-18