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Ombuds Committee

Reporting of Officers, Directors, Volunteers, and Staff

The Ombuds Committee is designed as an escalation point to report behavior of Officers, Directors, Volunteers, and Staff if resolution was not found in speaking to the Executive Committee (Officers) or the Board of Directors. To reach the Officers you can email [email protected]

The Ombuds Committee shall review, and when necessary provide arbitration and adjudication regarding the actions of NCSF Board, officers and staff. The form below sends directly to the Ombuds Committee. This form includes an anonymous reporting option for people to report poor behavior of Directors and officers so the fear of retaliation is eliminated. This form will include if the reported behavior is related to: Fiduciary Duty, Abuse of Power, Conflict of Interest, Breech of Ethics or Consent Issue.

The process is as follows:  

  • The form sends to the entire Ombuds Committee 
    • If the form includes contact information, the Ombuds Committee will reach out to you to acknowledge your report within 72 hours.
    • If you report Anonymously, please know the Ombuds Committee cannot contact you. It is perfectly acceptable to include only a ‘free’ email account.
  • The Ombuds Committee will evaluate behavior against policy and procedures
  • The Ombuds Committee is obligated to bring any issue to the next available Board Meeting  
  • The Ombuds Committee will make recommendations to the Board about the issue and/or policy
  • The Board will discuss and vote on a course of action. 
  • The Ombuds Committee will create an Anonymized Annual Report outlining the kinds of issues they have worked on.

While we cannot make guarantees about the time any given issue will take -every situation is unique- Ombuds and the Board of Directors wants to handle every issue as quickly as possible.

Only the Ombuds Committee receives this information. No other NCSF Volunteer has access to Ombuds Reports.