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There are many ways to support NCSF!


Become a Coalition Partner, Supporting Member or Individual Member. By becoming a member, you support our lobbying efforts, Incident Reporting & Response, Kink Aware Professionals Directory and Professional Outreach.


Make a tax deductible donation to the Foundation of the NCSF. Or ask your group to do a fundraiser and donate to NCSF.

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Volunteer and be part of the solution! Give your energy to NCSF efforts that impact your lives, those of your friends and loved ones, and the community at large. 

Spread the Word

Order free NCSF brochures and materials, and take them to your groups and events.

Wear with Pride

Shop for NCSF merchandise at Cafe Press, and wear your support of NCSF with pride.

If you are a Professional, join our KAP

If you are a lawyer, doctor, therapist or other professional who can offer “Sex-Positive Support for Kink and Non-monogamy,” please add your listing to the Kink Aware Professionals Directory. NCSF manages the largest known free directory of kink and polyamory Aware professionals.