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Fundraising Idea: WHERE’S YOUR LINE

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“The Line.”  Pass out index cards and invite each person to draw a line across the middle of an index card and label one for each type of sexual relationship they like to have: Partners, Lovers, Play partners, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Friends with Benefits, etc.

Ask them to think about where their line is for each relationship.  Ask them to write the things that they want and consent to above the line. Then ask them to think about what they are not interested in exploring right now, which body parts or activities might be off limits depending on that specific relationship.

Engage in a group discussion about where we each “draw the line,” how we make these decisions based on the circumstances, how we know when our feelings might change over time and how we can and should communicate this to our partners, our future partners or potential partners.


  • Are there certain things that would move your line?
  • How will you know if you are interested or ready to shift your line?
  • How will you communicate to your partner that you’ve moved your line?
  • How can you ask your partner where their line is?

More detailed explanation of this activity: