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Media Update – October 20, 2008

1. First Person: Open (-Minded) Relationships

2. Hey Buckle Down! It’s Time to Learn About K.C.’s Leather Community

3. An Adult Haunted House

4. Officials say it’s no church

5. Suspected sex club no ‘church,’ board rules

6. Fircrest man’s sex conviction overturned

7. Papers show Duncanville swingers’ club organized, profitable

NCSF Media Updates represent a sampling of recent stories printed in US
newspapers, magazines, and selected websites containing significant
mention of SM-leather-fetish, polyamory, or swing issues and topics.

These stories may be positive, negative, accurate, inaccurate – or
anywhere in between.

NCSF publishes the Updates to provide readers a comprehensive look at what
media outlets are writing about these topics. NCSF permits and encourages
readers to forward these Updates where appropriate.

First Person: Open (-Minded) Relationships
by Madalene Mandap
The Synapse (University of California, San Francisco)
October 20, 2008

As we first-years settle into our new lives here, I take a look around.
Many of us come from diverse backgrounds and locales, even as far as the
exotic lands of Southern California. A transplant myself, I’ve been
getting comfortable testing the waters of this new city, resurrecting
cold-weather clothes I haven’t seen in years. Along with these
necessities, many of us have managed to squeeze into the U-Haul the added
load of relationships. Judging from my fellow classmates (with the help of
Facebook relationship statuses), many are already “taken”. Starting
professional school and moving into The City is stressful enough. Throw in
a significant other into the mix, and you’ve quite possibly got your work
cut out for you.

As for me, I don’t do well with LDRs, and neither does my significant
other. We knew this going into our relationship earlier this summer. In
fact, we embraced the idea that, come September, I would leave, and that
would be that. It was a way to keep things light-hearted and casual. No
pressure to take things to the next level. But life, with its devilish
sense of humor, decided to reveal how compatible and head-over-heels we
were for each other. At summer’s inevitable end, we were faced with a
decision neither of us wanted to make: Break up or brave an LDR. Moving to
be together was not an option. There was, however, another alternative –
one I had never considered before.

“What about an open relationship?” posed my significant other.

I only had a vague understanding of what this was, and “swinger” came
mind. Upon further inquiry, I found out that an open relationship is a
commitment and understanding between two people who give each other the
freedom to see other people (casually or more so), but remain committed to
the “primary” relationship. The exact terms of the open relationship have
to be discussed and agreed upon beforehand.

These include, but are not limited to: the extent of outside physical or
emotional interaction allowed and how much detail should be shared about
outside encounters or relationships. If this seems like a handful, look up
“polyamory”. This is the practice of sustaining more than one relationship
(all parties consenting), with the belief that one can be in love with
and/or love multiple people simultaneously.


Hey Buckle Down! It’s Time to Learn About K.C.’s Leather Community
by Janet Ryan
KC Camp (Kansas City, MO)
October 17, 2008

One of the most committed and intriguing segments of our big gay family is
the leather community. You may have noticed men in motorcycle gear wearing
leather vests with interesting back patches. Maybe you’ve wandered into
the Leather Shop upstairs at Missie B’s and had a chance to try on
something racy. Perhaps you’ve thought about experimenting with something
kinky in the bedroom and didn’t know where to start.

Some people compare their coming out in leather to their experience of
coming out as gay. It is a process of self-discovery and acceptance,
finding community, and living your fantasy. Kansas City has a rich and
varied leather community that sponsors many events. All the clubs accept
members of any gender and orientation and work together on events like the
leather contests, which are similar to pageants, and the leather/uniform
night upstairs at Missie Bbs. Most leather folk are very approachable and
friendly in spite of the black leather and tough exterior! Most believe in
a code of ethics that include a safe, sane and consensual approach to

The first club to come onto the Kansas City scene was the KC Pioneers in
1974. Full members go through a pledge period and take leadership roles in
the club. Associate members are friends and supporters who join the club
for events. Originally the club was centered on riding motorcycles and
socializing. These days it’s less of a motorcycle club and more of a
leather/Levi club or a back patch club, which is somewhat like a
fraternity. Pioneers still refer to each other as club brothers.


An Adult Haunted House
by Inara Verzemnieks
The Oregonian (Portland, OR)
October 16, 2008

This is the season of haunted houses — grand spectacles of blood and
entrails and raw-throated screaming that come to occupy weeks, if not
months, of their organizers’ lives.

On a recent Saturday, I drove out to Gresham to visit one such haunted
house. It was held at an old Grange Hall and was put on by a couple I had
met in another capacity in their other lives, which is presenting
children’s puppet shows.

The last time I saw Jason Ropp and Shawnna Cady they were showing me
Jason’s latest creations: a host of sweet-natured articulated bugs (a
dragonfly, a praying mantis, a ladybug, a flea), the newest characters in
one of Jason’s traveling puppet shows, which he and Shawnna take to
libraries, classrooms and community centers around the country.

When the call came a few weeks ago, inviting me to see the haunt that they
had come up with this year, I don’t know, I suppose I was still thinking
about the bugs. That was my last good reference point, really. So you can
probably understand why it threw me just a bit when, by the end of the
evening, I was interviewing a topless woman, her legs up in stirrups, who
had just simulated giving birth to a mutant child, while nearby, a man in
a bondage outfit took a break, jockstrap peeking out from the edges of his
leather codpiece.


There is no other word for it.

Extreme dissonance.

The distance between what you expect and what you find.

Sometimes when you go way out, you end up farther than you ever imagined.

Shawnna and Jason had created two haunts — one suitable for all ages,
featuring black-light artwork and 3-D glasses — and another suitable only
for those 18 and over. This, obviously, was the one I happened to catch,
although on my particular visit I missed the suspension artist, a pedicab
operator who had offered to spend the occasional night hanging from the
ceiling of the haunted house on hooks carefully threaded through his skin
by a man known as Dale the Nail. Jason brought out a video camera to show
me how it looked the previous night, the skin separating, stretching from
the suspension artist’s back. Jason’s hands were spattered with fake
blood. He had just finished adjusting the pregnant character’s prosthetic
belly, trying to make it rounder.

“Jason and I are both Christians — believe it or not,” Shawnna said,
laughing. She was wearing a T-shirt that read, “Will Scare For Candy.”

More things to try to square. I was having a hard time keeping up: The
sweet blonde who spoke to me from inside an animal cage, her head sticking
through the front opening; the fact that there was a fundraising function
to all of this. The blood, breasts, bare bottoms and body modification
were helping to raise money for Gresham Little Theater, which calls this
Grange, with its failing roof and antiquated electrical system, home.
Shawnna and Jason had promised to donate a percentage of their take to
this cause.

After we had walked the haunt and I had interviewed all the principals —
“I’d shake your hand, but I’m tied up right now,” said the evil
“It’s nice to be a main attraction,” said the naked pregnant woman,
sitting in a pool of blood — Shawnna realized there was one more person
she would like me to meet.


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Officials say it’s no church
by Norm Vargo
The Pittsbugh Post-Gazette (PA)
October 16, 2008

John and Kim Ondrik have lost their bid to convert a North Huntingdon home
that housed Swingers Palace, which township officials say is a sex club
business, into the Church of Spiritual Humanities.

For now.

The township’s zoning board Tuesday unanimously denied the Ondriks’
application for a special exception of an ordinance to allow the couple to
operate a church in a two-story house in the Turner Valley neighborhood.

The 15-page decision read, in part: “It is the board’s opinion that the
credibility of Mr. Ondrik with regard to his contention that he is
operating a church is as suspect as to be unbelievable.”

The Ondriks applied for the variance in July after township officials
cited Jack Walkmeyer, owner of the house and a township resident, for
operating a business in a residential area, an ordinance violation. The
Ondriks have 30 days to file an appeal in the Westmoreland County Court of
Common Pleas.

Attorney Samuel S. Pangburn said his client, Mr. Ondrik, who claims to be
a minister, has decided to appeal.

“Rev. Ondrik and I expected this decision,” Mr. Pangburn said. “But
not over by a long shot.

Mr. Ondrik’s said over the telephone from his home in Fredericktown,
Washington County, yesterday that, “actually, I’m very happy. Now we’re
going to see a judge.”

“I have a legal right under federal law to open a church. I need to
resolve this issue. I have weddings scheduled.”

The so-called church has been a target of vandalism in recent weeks, Mr.
Ondrik noted.

“A church sign crafted by a parishioner was stolen off the front door to
the lower level,” Mr. Ondrik said. “We had a couple of break-ins, one
July. There’s a police report. Somebody bulldozed a wedding gazebo we

Zoning board solicitor John Campfield said Tuesday: “After hearing and
reviewing all the evidence presented during that hearing, the board found
that it wasn’t a church, rather a business they were conducting that
people called a ‘swingers type’ of activity for a fee.


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Suspected sex club no ‘church,’ board rules
by Norm Vargo
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)
October 15, 2008

Late Saturday night “church” services are off this weekend at 4500 Turner
Valley Road in North Huntingdon, and services may never resume.

A five-member township Zoning Board last night unanimously denied the
application of John L. Ondrik and his wife, Kim, for a special exception
variance to operate a church in a home located in the secluded property
along the Youghiogheny River.

The Ondriks applied for special exception variance to the ordinance which
would have allowed them to operate the Church of Spiritual Humanism in the
home. A hearing in early September regarding the application was conducted
before a full Zoning Board.

But residents who live nearby and some township officials believe that the
church is really a sex club, known as Swingers Palace, that operates in
the lower level of a two-story home the Ondriks were leasing to purchase.

The decision read by board member Jacqueline Willis was greeted by
applause and cheers from a crowd of about 40 people that included
residents and neighbors from the area and township officials.

Residents claim suspicious activities have been going on there for nearly
30 years.

“I feel vindicated,” resident Michelle Brokenbek said. “A 27-year
is finally over. Finally somebody listened to us and things got done.”

“I feel the Zoning Board made the right decision,” township Commissioner
Lee Moffatt said. “These folks have suffered enough.”


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Fircrest man’s sex conviction overturned
by Associated Press
via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (WA)
October 15, 2008

TACOMA, Wash. — A state appeals court has overturned the conviction of a
Fircrest man who was found guilty of sexually exploiting a 14-year-old

The court ruled Tuesday that the judge in the 2006 trial of Stanley Scott
Sadler made errors in jury selection and allowing evidence from a faulty

The 51-year-old has served two years of a 10-year sentence. Pierce County
prosecutors are deciding whether to try him again.

The Tacoma News Tribune reports Sadler met the girl through a Web site for
bondage-style sex. He called himself “Master Thorn.” She advertised
herself as a 19-year-old willing sex partner.

Sadler was arrested after police tracked the girl’s Internet postings to
his home. She had been reported missing.

Papers show Duncanville swingers’ club organized, profitable
by Jon Nielsen
The Dallas Morning News (TX)
October 7, 2008

Documents from last week’s arrests of the owners of Duncanville’s
swingers’ club suggest an organized, profitable venture.

According to the arrest warrant affidavits for Jim Trulock, 59, and Julie
M. Norris, 30, the pair run the Cherry Pit more like a business, with
employees, staff meetings and donations that totaled more than $102,000
over 16 months.

The Duncanville Police Department’s investigation accuses them of
operating a sex club, possessing large amounts of alcohol, promoting
prostitution and engaging in organized crime and money laundering.

Ed Klein, the attorney for Mr. Trulock and Ms. Norris, said the city is
harassing the couple in an effort to run them out of town.

“They want to prolong the abuse,” Mr. Klein said. “Just when Jim
and Julie
make sure it’s OK to sit down and have a quiet dinner at home, they’re
going to pounce on them every chance they get.”

On Thursday, Duncanville authorities arrested Mr. Trulock on suspicion of
organized crime, a first-degree felony. One day later, officials arrested
Ms. Norris on the same charge. If convicted on the organized crime charge,
the pair could serve five to 99 years or life in prison and pay a fine not
exceeding $10,000.

In a short news release issued Friday, the case’s chief detective, Dan
Hunt, said he expects additional arrests.

Duncanville city leaders have worked to shut down the Cherry Pit for
nearly a year. Last November, the City Council passed an ordinance
restricting where sexually oriented businesses can operate.

Mr. Klein filed a lawsuit against the city challenging the ordinance. That
case has yet to be heard.

Last month, the couple was arrested on Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code
charges, a Class A misdemeanor. Police found more than 300 bottles of
alcohol at the home.

Search warrant affidavits executed in July indicate that Mr. Trulock and
Ms. Norris operate parties in their home in the 1300 block of North Cedar
Ridge Road near Interstate 20. Up to 100 people attend the parties held
each weekend.

Mr. Trulock accepts donations of $25 to $100 for entry from men and
couples. Single women are generally admitted free, the affidavit stated.

But those who don’t pay the donation aren’t admitted to the Cherry Pit,
according to the latest arrest affidavit.

And in August 2007, police were called to the Cherry Pit after one man
refused to pay the entire $50 donation. The affidavit stated the man had
only paid $40 and wouldn’t pay the difference.

Mr. Hunt said donation forms for the Cherry Pit show $102,260 collected
from March 2007 to July 2008. But Mr. Hunt said he “believes that the
amount of revenue generated by the business is far greater than that
represented by the donation forms.”

Officers found information in the July raid that 7,000 people have
attended parties in the last year, and parties can earn about $10,000 per

Once inside, the patrons can engage in sex acts with others in several
rooms in the home. Pornography is displayed on video screens, and liquor
is served from behind a bar. According to the affidavit, snacks are
served, and the Cherry Pit advertises a hot breakfast once a month.

Patrons are also given fun money to negotiate sex acts from others.
Several people, including the DJ, the bartender and a woman identified in
the affidavit as an employee, also received tips in the form of fun money.
The fun money can be turned in at the end of the parties for prizes,
according to the affidavit.



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