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Media Update – January 13, 2009

1. Man of Steel, Woman of Bondage
2. At Pasco Clothing-Optional Resort, Hers Is A Well-Known Face
3. Recession romance, bondage bonding and addressing one’s ass
4. N. Woodmere man in federal sex case out on bail
5. Appleton man faces sex charges
6. Establishment Owners Repond to Protesters

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom — Media Update
January 13, 2009

NCSF Media Updates represent a sampling of recent stories printed in US
newspapers, magazines, and selected websites containing significant
mention of SM-leather-fetish, polyamory, or swing issues and topics.

These stories may be positive, negative, accurate, inaccurate – or
anywhere in between.

NCSF publishes the Updates to provide readers a comprehensive look at what
media outlets are writing about these topics. NCSF permits and encourages
readers to forward these Updates where appropriate.

Man of Steel, Woman of Bondage
by Graeme McMillan
January 12, 2009

It’s not looking good for the Man of Steel. [Here] comes news of a book
that unveils his sordid fetish life, as chronicled by his creator.

The book in question is called Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of
Superman’s Co-Creator Joe Shuster, and it’s part of ComicArts, the new
graphic novel imprint from publisher Harry N. Abrams. Centering around
Superman co-creator Shuster’s relatively unknown 1950s sideline at
illustrator for S&M magazine Nights of Horror, the heavily-illustrated
book is sure to make you think twice about what Superman does when he’s
not saving the world.

Charles Kochman, Executive Editor of the imprint, explains:

“They are undoubtedly the work of Joe Shuster, but nobody connected the
dots at the time to say this looks like Superman, or Lois Lane, or Jimmy
Olsen, or Lex Luthor… The material was banned by the U.S. Supreme Court,
and although the publisher and the printer both went to jail, nobody came
after Shuster because somehow they never made the connection to Superman
or to Shuster as the artist… Also involved were a group of neo-Nazi
thugs called the Brooklyn Thrill Killers, who whipped innocent women and
set fire to vagrants and murdered them. These kids were interviewed by
[anti-comics crusader Dr. Frederic] Wertham when ‘Nights of Horror’
magazines were cited as inspiration for their crimes. The whole story and
the art are revealed here by Craig Yoe for the first time. This is going
be an amazing book. If you like Lois Lane, wait until you see someone who
appears to be her whipping a man who looks very much like Clark Kent”!


[editor’s note: article contains illustrations that may not be safe for
reading at work]

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At Pasco Clothing-Optional Resort, Hers Is A Well-Known Face
by Geoff Fox
The Tampa Tribune (FL)
January 12, 2009

LAND O’ LAKES – Angye Fox wasn’t sure she would be comfortable at a nudist

That was four years ago.

Now, she is public relations director for the opulent, clothing-optional
Caliente Resorts off U.S. 41 in Land O’ Lakes. The owner of AdSizzle Inc.
Marketing & Public Relations in Odessa, Fox obviously enjoyed her initial
nudist experience.

“The mindset of a clothing-optional person is to be embraced,” said Fox,
37, a Green Bay, Wisc., native. “It’s very open-minded and friendly.”

Caliente’s high profile – it was once featured on “The Simple Life”
reality show that starred Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie – makes her one
of the most recognizable faces in one of the world’s largest nudist

Pasco County is home to at least 14 nudist or clothing-optional resorts or
retreats – and about 12,000 “nude votes,” state Sen. Victor Crist,
R-Tampa, estimated last year.

News out of Caliente isn’t always light and fun, though.

Last year, the resort withdrew its membership with the American
Association for Nude Recreation, which offers lobbying and marketing
leverage to member resorts, after AANR began investigating rumors of sex
parties at Caliente.

Some residents and members also were angry that Fox spoke at Swingfest
2008, an adult trade show in Hollywood, Fla., where she led a workshop
promoting the co-existence of swingers and nudists.

To an outsider, nudists complaining about swingers might sound as
ridiculous as a homeowner’s association grumbling about people keeping
their grass too short.

But many nudists have long sought to disassociate their lifestyle with
scenes from “Caligula,” which is how many people who have never been to a
nudist resort probably assume they live.

Regardless, Fox defended the Swingfest appearance as a means of
introducing younger people to the clothing-optional lifestyle, which is
imperative if the industry hopes to survive.


Recession romance, bondage bonding and addressing one’s ass
by Jamie Bufalino
Time Out New York
January 8, 2009

[Q] I’m a 19-year-old guy who’s already pretty deep into the bondage
scene. I’m not sure where this came from, but I love being dominated by a
woman. Just last night, this girl I’ve been seeing strapped me to a table
and then fucked me with a strap-on. Hot, hot, hot. The sex part I’ve got
down cold, but it’s the time after sex I have an issue with. I’m just not
into the cuddling thing. In fact, since I like my women to be strong and
domineering, it’s kind of a turnoff to suddenly have them be all needy and
clingy. So I’m confused about what I could do after sex that wouldn’t seem
too cold but that didn’t involve a lot of hugging and heartfelt
conversations. Any ideas?

[A] So far I’ve heard about the things that you have done to you sexually,
but I haven’t heard a thing about what you do to the women you’re with. As
my mother used to tell me: Just because you’ve been table-fucked to orgasm
doesn’t mean the sex is automatically over. If you’re not into cuddling,
then the least you could do is take that strap-on out of your ass, bring
the woman over to a bed and do whatever it is she orders you to do with
your tongue, hands or whatnot. Now I know you’re only 19, but if I were
you, I’d start working on those intimacy issues. At your age it’s still
permissible to be all about the sex, but the day will soon be coming when
being that emotionally unavailable will make you an extremely unattractive
mate. I get that you like your women to be domineering during sex, but you
can’t expect them to be completely emotionless sexual automatons. And
cuddling does not necessarily equal clingy. You’ve just had an extremely
intimate encounter on the kitchen table; frankly, I think a little huggy
time would make a nice counterpart to that. And by the way, why is it okay
for you to be so needy sexually (“Tie me up, fuck me, treat me like your
slave”), but when a woman wants something from you it suddenly becomes a
turnoff? I don’t mean to get on your case, but instead of trying to figure
out ways to avoid those intimate postcoital moments, I think you should be
pushing yourself to expand your emotional horizons.


N. Woodmere man in federal sex case out on bail
by Anthony M. DeStefano
Newsday (NY)
January 8, 2009

A North Woodmere man who was the central figure in a sensational federal
sadomasochism case was freed on bail yesterday to live with his parents
while his conviction is under review.

Glenn Marcus, 55, was let out of a federal jail after his parents put up
their home on Mulberry Place to secure a $1-million bond.

Marcus will be under home detention and electronic monitoring and will not
have access to a computer, said Magistrate-Judge Roanne L. Mann in

Dubbed by investigators as a “god” in the world of sexual bondage and
dominance, Marcus was convicted in 2007 of sex trafficking and sentenced
to nine years in prison.

Evidence at trial showed that Marcus dominated and abused a girlfriend
identified in testimony only as “Jody.”

At the trial in Brooklyn, Jody testified that while her submissive
relationship with Marcus started out as consensual in 1998, he coerced and
tortured her into working on his sex Web site.

But last August a federal appeals court reversed Marcus’ conviction and
ordered a new trial because some of the evidence introduced at the trial
involved actions that took place before the passage of the federal
Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000.


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Appleton man faces sex charges after leaving duffel bag with handcuffs,
straitjacket, diapers and wallet at Kimberly home of teenage girl
by staff writer
The Post-Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin)
January 3, 2009

APPLETON – A man faces child enticement charges after he left a duffel bag
containing handcuffs, a gag and his wallet at the home of a Kimberly girl.

The girl told police the two arranged a date over the Internet.

Jason D. Lanser, 29, 1601 E. Roeland Ave., Appleton, was released from the
Outagamie County Jail on Monday after posting a $5,000 cash bond on a
charge of child enticement.

Lanser, who used the computer name “diaperboy73,” struck up a conversation
with the 16-year-old Kimberly girl on the Internet and the two agreed to
meet at her home on Dec. 21, according to the criminal complaint.

Lanser and the girl gave differing accounts to police of what happened
when they met.

The girl told police she and Lanser had met two years previously at his
apartment, where he got her drunk and talked about sex before she “freaked
out” and left.

She said he contacted her by instant messaging Dec. 21, and she gave him
her address in Kimberly. The girl told police she and Lanser shared a
bottle of rum after he arrived, and the two talked about sexual matters,
including bondage. He then grabbed her by the hair, tried to kiss her and
touched her on the leg. She fled to the bathroom and locked the door, and
Lanser was gone when she finally opened the door.

She called police and turned over a duffel bag he left behind containing
five restraints, a set of handcuffs constructed of fabric, several
adult-sized disposable diapers, a ball gag, a roll of fishing line, a
blood pressure cuff and a white belt investigators think is part of a
straitjacket. Police also recovered a wallet containing Lanser’s driver’s
license and credit cards.

Lanser called police the same day to seek their help in recovering the
duffel bag, which he told them contained “bondage toys.” He said he
thought he was meeting a woman in her 30s when he went to the home, though
he acknowledged the girl did not appear to be over 18. He said he did not
recognize her as the girl who had been at his apartment two years ago.

He said the girl agreed to put him in the straitjacket, then spanked him
at his request, and while doing so she took his wallet out of his back
pocket because it was in the way.

The girl then “flipped out” and began hitting him with a broom, he told
police, and he fled the residence. He told police he was able to free
himself from the straitjacket because it was not secured.


Establishment Owners Repond to Protesters
by Patti Carter
KFDA TV (Amarillo, TX)
January 1, 2009

The owners of a downtown Amarillo establishment are responding to
protesters who say they are running a swingers club.

“Swinger” is a term typically used for couples who are openly intimate
with more than one partner.

About two dozen protesters stood outside the building last night where
they say deviant sexual behavior was going on.

The protesters say they plan to continue demonstrating each night a party
goes on until the establishment is closed down.

The building owners are responding with a written statement this

It says, “There is nothing illegal going on in this building.  The
donation at the door helps take care of building payments, utilities,
taxes, and the up keep on the building.

Activities that happen at the building during these parties is between
consenting adults. There is no pressure. It’s a place for like minded
adults to meet and socialize without judgement.”



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