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NCSF Media Activity Report – 2011

Susan Wright gave 52 Interviews (up from 38 in 2010), including:

San Diego City Beat on California SB 430 Strangulation law, 2 different articles in Esquire magazine, Salon interview about Dominique Strauss-Kahn and brutal sex, Men’s Health Magazine about fetishes, and an article about Gor and BDSM in the Seattle Weekly.

  • 14 of them were interviews about NCSF, including WBAI in NYC and one for Esquire Magazine.
  • 9 interviews took place throughout the year regarding St. Louis groups/events
  • 7 were about Folsom Street East, and the High Line park that overlooks the street fair
  • 5 articles were about the DSM revisions

There were 37 Incident Reporting and Response requests (up from 22 in 2010):

  • 14 involved criminal charges for individuals or groups/events, including: an Army serviceman charged with assault for consensual BDSM, intervention with Piscataway police after TES Fest bomb scare, and two models in two different cities arrested for public nudity during a photo shoot.
  • 10 involved discrimination because of BDSM behavior including: Tristan Taormino was canceled from Oregon Universities Modern Sex Conference, the FetFest host hotel tried to cancel contract because “gay people” would be there, and images from past IML contest causing problem for kinkster trying to get work.
  • 9 involved media issues including: Frolicon was mocked on Regular Guys show Rock 100.5 in Atlanta, bad press about High Line park overlooking Folsom Street East, and a community member outed by the media.
  • 5 were media training/website prep for media inquiries.

There were 26 Inquiries:

  • 8 were requests for speaker/classes/exhibiting at events
  • 6 were about fundraising for NCSF
  • 5 were about the DSM revisions from academics
  • 3 Media Trainings
  • 3 were about surveys being conducting on BDSM issues

MOP volunteers:

Julian Wolf has taken over the Media Update Digest and the NCSF Newsletter.

Race Bannon is tweeting the daily Media Updates.

Brain Flaherty is a law researcher who gathers every peer-reviewed article that is published regarding the DSM V revisions in the Paraphilias.

Report by Susan Wright