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NCSF Media Activity Report – 2013

The media team broadened NCSF’s reach into social media, with NCSF’s Facebook page reaching 1,000 likes and over 6,500 followers on Twitter.

                Susan gave 42 interviews to reporters from mainstream media to blogs. Compare that to 63 interviews in 2012 (the 50 Shades of Grey bump) and 52 in 2011, and 38 in 2010. The 2013 interviews included: the Associated Press, New York Times, Esquire, The Atlantic, Maire Claire, GQ, the Village Voice, Details, US News & World Report, and two Huffington Post Live appearances. Susan was featured in the E! Entertainment Special, “The Real 50 Shades of Grey,” that aired around the world during 2013.

                As usual, NCSF provided media back-up for Folsom Street East, which had to be canceled this year due to the construction project on the block. NCSF also continued its media training program for groups and individuals who wanted to learn how to talk to reporters about kink, polyamory or the Lifestyle.

                We also began posting Guest Blogs on the NCSF website by experts in various fields, including:  “The problem with Polynormativity,” “A Camera Code of Conduct for Kinksters,” “Operation Spanner,” and “When it is Abuse,” Part 1 & 2.

The following is a list of NCSF’s Social Media stats:

NCSF mailing list: 5,528

Facebook ( 1009 Likes in 2013 vs. 618 in 2012

Twitter ( 6,559 followers in 2013 vs. 3,395 in 2012

NCSF FetLife News ( 4,101 members in 2013 vs. 3,395 in 2012

NCSF Consent Counts ( 967 members in 2013 vs. 783 in 2012

YouTube ( 362 views, 18 subscribers in 2013 vs. 236 views, 10 subscribers in 2012

Ustream channel ( 196 views, 3 followers

Report by Susan Wright