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Celebrating 20 Years of Successful Advocacy with NCSF!

On Saturday evening at Kinky Kollege, NCSF will kick off our 20th Anniversary with a fun-filled charity Birthday Party to celebrate NCSF’s accomplishments. For 20 years now, NCSF has been tirelessly advocating to protect and advance the rights of consenting adults.

Please ask your group or event to hold a Birthday Party for NCSF this year to help support our programs and projects that are challenging discrimination against BDSM and non-monogamy!

See the NCSF 20 year Timeline! 

These are a just a few of NCSF’s accomplishments to celebrate:

• Provided Incident Response assistance to thousands of people regarding child custody, job discrimination, criminal prosecutions, consent violations, venue licensing and enforcement issues

• Gave over 1,000 media interviews to change media representations of BDSM and other non-traditional sex practices, and trained over 100 people and groups on how to talk to the media

• Developed educational programs and resources for law enforcement, attorneys, therapists, medical personnel, anti-domestic violence advocates, universities, authors and our communities

• Worked with the American Psychiatric Association to change the DSM-5 criteria so that consensual BDSM is no longer categorized as a mental illness

• Developed the Consent Counts Campaign to decriminalize consensual BDSM and is working with the American Law Institute on the Model Penal Code on Sexual Assault.

• Filed Amicus Briefs in important legal cases

• Maintained a Kink Aware Professional’s resource database

Please donate and help to support this vitally important organization!