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What Is FinDom? How Tech Is Shaping This Secretive Lifestyle

International Business Times


Financial domination, aka findom, a bondage-discipline-dominance-submission (BDSM) fetish where the submissive, often called a “cash slave,” gets erotic pleasure from relinquishing financial control to a dominatrix, has gained significantly in popularity in recent years.


“Findom is currently the most popular category,” Sarah, the marketing director at the adult video site, told International Business Times. “A lot of the top 50 [performers] will specialize in findom.”


Like many popular adult entertainment sites, allows viewers to pay performers directly through the site. Findom has taken that idea to a whole new level, with Sarah pegging last month’s top payout from a submissive at $93,000.


However, unlike cam girls and porn stars, financial dominatrixes often develop intimate, fiscal relationships with submissives beyond their screens. With a growing number of people using mobile payment options like Google Wallet and bitcoin to immerse themselves completely in the findom lifestyle, high-tech gadgets could shape the future of financial domination.


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With her shiny black hair and voluptuous figure, Jasmine Mendez is one of the most successful dominatrixes. This 27-year-old findom veteran in Boston was one of the first to take her fetish persona mainstream, starring in a 2016 episode of MTV’s True Life. After more than a decade in the business, Mendez claims to earn around $300,000 a year — her only job since high school. 


“I do a lot of cash point meets, usually around $500,” she said. “The most I’ve ever made at one of those is $20,000.”


This is one of findom’s most common types of interactions. A submissive meets his domme at an ATM, takes out money at her command, hands it over and promptly is left behind. Mendez has around 10 regulars, including one submissive who has been her cash slave for six years. “I have two who I am logged into their bank accounts,” she said. “I completely take control of their money and decide how much they get to keep.” She grants them an allowance and takes the rest.


Her boyfriend is also a financial domme. He has been working in financial domination for more than four years and goes by the online alias Mr. Grey, as in “50 Shades of Grey.” He is one of the few straight, male sex workers in financial domination who welcomes tributes from both genders. “Everybody likes to be out of control,” he told IBT.


Mr. Grey started out by dominating women he met on FetLife, a fetish site that recently lost the ability to process direct payments through PayPal, Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Financial dommes are constantly looking for new mobile payment options to circumvent discrimination from the banking industry. “If you’re using PayPal, then you’re clearly new,” New York financial domme Godess Lady Petite told IBT. “They could freeze your account or cancel payments.” …