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District of Columbia Consensual Non-Monogamy Act

If you are a DC Resident and you want to support the Right to Family Amendment Act of 2021 but do not want to write a DC Councilmember or testify live there is another way to support. Below is a link for a petition that can be signed and sent to the DC Council. By signing this petition, you are demonstrating how much DC residents support Consensual Non-Monogamous families and people gaining the protections and rights in insurance, medicine, parenting, employment, housing and law. Please click this link and sign the petition.

If you are (1) DC Resident, (2) DC CNM organizer or (3) clinician, lawyer, and/or educator that specializes in Consensual Non Monogamy  and still interested in testifying at the Hearing on March 5, 2021 or want to watch please click this link for instructions on how to submit testimonials.

If you would like to see the Right to Family Amendment Act of 2021 and other supporting documentation from legal and clinical professionals click this link.

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Christopher N Smith, Founder, Tenability Movement