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NCSF’s Annual Meeting of Coalition Partners

Thank you to the Coalition Partners, Board Members, NCSF Advocates and volunteers for attending the 24th Annual Meeting of the NCSF Coalition Partners on March 6-7, 2021. The meeting was all virtual, allowing more people than ever to participate without having to travel.

The Coalition Partners elected the new Board Members and discussed the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the alt-sex communities. We also discussed new and ongoing projects, like the work being done by our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee to better NCSF and help our member groups. The CPs also approved the financial statements for 2020 and the 2021 budget, and reviewed the Annual Reports on each program, including the Education Outreach Program and Consent Counts.

Here’s the link to the: Annual Meeting Reports

17 Coalition Partners were present and/or voting at the NCSF Annual Meeting:

  • Arizona Power Exchange
  • Asylum Buffalo
  • Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association
  • Elephant in the Hot Tub
  • FIRE
  • Kaleidoscope of Western NY
  • MAsT Boise
  • PolyDallas Millennium
  • Pan Eros Foundation
  • Peabu Tech
  • Shamrck Software
  • STL3
  • Submissive Safe Call
  • TES
  • The Mark
  • The Woodshed Orlando

We would also like to thank Joel Gleason with Gleason Associates for presenting a workshop on insurance for groups and events, sponsored by NCSF’s Member Insurance Program.

NCSF Board

This year, 10 candidates ran for 6 elected Board seats, all of whom had excellent qualifications. The members of the new NCSF Board are:

  • Tess Zachary – Chairperson
  • Saira – Vice-Chair
  • Archer Shelton – Treasurer
  • Kelly Larkin – Secretary
  • Jackie “Bebe” Harris
  • Justin Golden
  • Netta
  • Ruby Bouie Johnson, LCSW
  • Russell J. Stambaugh, PhD, DST, CSSP
  • Sheffie Robinson
  • Stephen Ratcliff, MA, LPCC, NCC, CST
  • Susan Wright