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How Covid became the new HIV

“Nothing’s “over,” and nothing’s the same. Queers today argue over sex-related issues the way men my age used to argue over which club to hit on Saturday night. When you don’t know if you’ll live to see your next birthday, debating monogamy versus sexual freedom seems like a waste of time. Now we’ve got marriages to consider, babies to raise, rights to pursue, prejudices to overcome. And underneath it all, there’s still HIV, in our profiles, on our charts, in the medicines taken daily to keep us healthy, and in our forever mourning hearts. We haven’t changed; we’ve adapted. In a similar way, I feel Covid will remain in our backpocket for a long time. Going “maskless” at the gym for the first time on May 19, I got an early PrEP flashback, a little uncertain the new science could actually protect me from viruses floating around the hot guys sweating next to me.”