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A New Contest by DSREI

There has been a proliferation of flags that represent various sex and gender subgroups and sub-subgroups in the LGBTQ+ “rainbow” (see for just a few, or for even more).  A new Progress Flag, trying to be more inclusive, has emerged.  This flag added brown and black chevrons to include people of color and blue, pink, and white chevrons to include the transgender community to the traditional “Rainbow” flag.  Some versions have added a circle to include the Intersex community. 

Left out of the Progress Flag is any reference to Diverse Sexualities, Relationships, and Genders (The term or concept of “transgender” does not necessarily include “nonbinary”, “gender fluid”, etc.). Some individuals and groups noted the need for a new initialism to replace “LGBTQ+”. DGRS (Diverse Genders, Relationships, and Sexualities has been suggested. What is also needed is a flag that includes everyone.

To educate everyone about the erasure of the DGRS communities from sexual minority communities, the Diverse Sexualities Research and Education Institute ( is offering a $500 prize for the design of an inclusive flag or symbol, that covers all sexual, relationship, and gender identities. This flag/symbol will celebrate all sex-positive people, including people who identify as straight, cis, and monogamous; — and who also can be victims of discrimination and bias.

Please feel free to forward this notice to other organizations, mailing lists, websites, and individuals. Everyone is welcome to participate and multiple entries are allowed.

1) You must affirm that the design is original.
2) You must affirm that you own the rights to the design.
3) If chosen, you will retain the ownership rights to the design, but grant Diverse Sexualities Research and Education Institute and the American College of Sexual Medicine and Health free use of the design in perpetuity.
4) It should go without saying that the flag must adhere to DSREI’s mission, which does not support, focus on, or condone nonconsensual activities.
5) The image must be submitted to by 11/15/21. The winner will be notified by 12/15/21.

Charles Moser, PhD, MD
Diverse Sexualities Research and Education Institute