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Sir Damien: Transgender Awareness

graphic of Sir Damien along with a quote
Sir Damien is a queer, trans, Dominant, who has been a part of the leather community since 2012. He is the co-Head of House of Maison de Meson with Mademoiselle Ceci. He is passionate about bringing leather and kink education to the BIPOC community as well as creating intentional space for BIPOC in the leather community. To this end, Sir Damien has hosted hospitality suites, sat on panels and taught classes around the country. Since 2019, he has taken pride in making it his part-time job to aid and support IMsLBB as the Technical Producer.

Sir Damien is the Sergeant at Arms for ONYX NW, sits on the Board of Directors for the NCSF and for POCKLE, and is the co-founder of the Seattle Annex of the Carter Johnson Leather Library. He finds the time to further serve the leather and kink community as a mentor, educator and advocate for BIPOC and transgender kinksters. In addition to his leather journey, Sir Damien has a Masters degree in Computer Science, is an avid reader and has earned multiple patents for his engineering work in aviation.