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Donation Report 2021

Hands cupping a red heart
The following donors agreed to let NCSF publicly acknowledge their support, totaling $18,053 in 2021:
NCSF is creating the Dick Cunningham Legal Scholarship Fund to assist law students whose goal is to support freedom of sexual expression for consenting adults. This fund has been seeded by Russell J. Stambaugh, who donated $2,500 to NCSF in December, 2021. In addition, Russell donated $3,000 to facilitate the Spanish translations of NCSF brochures, for a total of $5,500 in 2021.
Leather SINS, a Coalition Partner, donated $5,000 at Kinky Kollege Homecoming in Chicago in October.
James Dunyak, NCSF’s New England Advocate, donated $2,400 to the NCSF Foundation in 2021.
Pittsburgh Bridge, a Coalition Partner, donated $1,500 in December.
TASHRA donated $1,192, raised by a collaborative event between The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance (TASHRA) and NCSF.
Holy Fire Conference donated $500 in January.
Old Dominion Chapter of the Red Dragon Riding Club donated $250 in January.
Turkish Towel Company donated $250 in July.
Adam Chacksfield donated $200 to NCSF in August.
San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for raising $200 at Tiger’s Pictionary.
alt-sara donated their bootblack tips from Baltimore Play House and Studio 58’s Naughty Noel, totaling $176.
MSDB, a Coalition Partner, donated $150 in December.
Meaningful Connections Therapy donated $150 raised through Consent Month events by Voodoo Leatherworks.
Kaleidoscope of Western NY donated $135 in late 2020.
Murray Schechter donated $100 in December.
Scott Newcomb donated $100 in July to the NCSF Foundation.
John & Kristine Grigas donated $100 to NCSF in April.
Alfred Nonny Mouse donated $100 to NCSF in March.
Suffolk County Kinksters Events (SCK Events), a Coalition Partner, donated $50 to NCSF in January.
Thank you to all of our donors, including those who create Facebook fundraisers, and make recurring and confidential donations! You are an important part in helping NCSF fight for the rights of kinky and polyamorous people.