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Here Are 13 Things Poly People Want Monogamous People To Know About Polyamory

Daria cartoon that says "There's only what's right for me"
“Many of us don’t think being poly is superior to being monogamous, it’s just what works for us. I’ve NEVER recommended polyamory to someone who wasn’t into it, because they know themselves and what they can handle best. Just like I know what works for me best. Also, polyamory is not all about having multiple sexual relationships. To me, my queerplatonic friends are also my life partners, and I consider our relationships to be just as important as my sexual and romantic relationships. For me, being poly allows me to love who I love in the way I want to love them, without deeming someone more ‘important’ than everyone else in my life. And that’s what works for me.” —whatworks4me90