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NCSF’s 2022 Race Bannon Advocacy Award presented to Janet Hardy

Race Bannon and Russell Stambaugh on the Rope Stage at Folsom Street Fair presenting NCSF's 2022 Race Bannon Advocacy Award to Janet Hardy, who thanks the crowd for their support
In recognition of her pioneering writing on alternative relationships, sexuality and gender, and her creation of Alt-sex publisher Greenery Press, NCSF confers the 2022 Race Bannon Advocacy Award on Janet Hardy for her lifetime achievements in advancing education and publishing about marginalized sexualities. Race Bannon and Russell J. Stambaugh presented the award to Janet Hardy on the Rope Stage at Folsom Street Fair on September 25th. Janet co-authored The Ethical Slut with Dossie Easton. She has also been published as Catherine A. Liszt and Lady Green. She is the author or co-author of eleven books, and frequently collaborates with Dossie Easton. She is genderqueer, bisexual, and polyamorous.

NCSF gives awards to individuals who truly deserve recognition in order to call attention to their work and support their outstanding service to the alt-sex communities. To make a nomination, go to our Awards Page.