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SE02E07 – Give me FREEDOM and give me SEX! – Going deep on sexual freedom with the NCSF

Casual Swinger catches up on all the latest, a little HURRICANE named Dorian and some big news out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Susan Wright of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom joins us to discuss the state of sexual freedoms in America and how the NCSF is working to ensure those rights not only endure, but grow.

Interview with NCSF Board Members Choc Trei and Susan Wright

Choc Trei, NCSF Board Member, and Susan Wright, NCSF Chairperson, and will be interviewed on the ISA Network on Friday June 8th at 9 pm EDT. We’ll talk about the recent resignation of NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and the need for groups, volunteers and the community itself to …