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Media Update – September 7, 2008

1. Is North Huntingdon ‘church’ really disguised sex club?
2. Code enforcement: “Swingers club” in Tampa stays open for now
3. Town officials issue summonses to new adult club
4. Swinging Vegas entrepreneur to get his day in court
5. 1st cruise for swingers to launch

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom — Media Update
September 7, 2008

1. Is North Huntingdon ‘church’ really disguised sex club?
2. Code enforcement: “Swingers club” in Tampa stays open for now
3. Town officials issue summonses to new adult club
4. Swinging Vegas entrepreneur to get his day in court
5. 1st cruise for swingers to launch

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Is North Huntingdon ‘church’ really disguised sex club?
by Norm Vargo
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
September 4, 2008

Has Swingers Palace, an alleged sex club, been operating out of a
residence in North Huntingdon for the past seven years?

That possibility surfaced Tuesday at a hearing of the township zoning
board to consider an appeal of the Rev. John Ondrik and his wife, Kim, for
a special exception to an ordinance to allow them to operate a church out
of a residence at 4500 Turner Valley Road.

Chairman Theodore Wawrzyniak said the board will consider the nearly four
hours of sworn testimony by residents, township Commissioner Richard Gray,
Solicitor Bruce Dice, zoning officer Keith Evers and the Rev. Ondrik.

“A decision to deny or approve the request by the Ondriks will be
announced during the Oct. 7 meeting,” Mr. Wawrzyniak said.

Rev. Ondrik, of Fredericktown, Washington County, says he is an ordained
minister of the nondenominational adults-only Church of Spiritual
Humanities, which serves “the People,” not God.

Followers must be at least 21 years old to participate in the weekly
service that starts at midnight on Saturdays.

Attorney Samuel S. Pangborn, who represents the couple, says his clients
entered into a lease-to-purchase agreement with owner John M. Walkmeyer
Jr. in February 2001.

On July 16, Mr. Evers cited Mr. Walkmeyer, who resides in the Penns Woods
development, for operating a business out of a residence, a violation of a
township ordinance.

That action came after township officials learned about a Web site
advertisement for Swinger’s Palace, owned by “John and Kim” and operating
at the Turner Valley Road address.

“The Web site listed charges of $75 per couple and $50 per single person.
No charge for single women,” said township Planning Director Andy Blenko.

“A follow-up investigation by Mr. Evers found the house is not occupied,
but determined that some activity was taking place over weekends. The
investigation determined a business was being run out of the residence. On
July 16, the township notified Mr. Walkmeyer by certified letter that he
was in violation of a township ordinance.”

“Rev. Ondrik and his wife did not defend their operation as a church until
after the township sent the letter,” he said.

Among 10 exhibits submitted by Mr. Dice was a photo of the Ondriks in
almost transparent undergarments and an ad with a small face shot that, he
said, resembled Rev. Ondrik. The exhibits were copied from the Internet,
Mr. Dice told the board.

“The little picture is not me. These days, you can do wonders with a
computer,” Rev. Ondrik said. “The other photo is our wedding picture. It
was taken in Jamaica.

“I’m not operating a sex club. Kim and I maintain a low profile. People
are just scared of us.”


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Code enforcement: “Swingers club” in Tampa stays open for now
by Tamara Hill
WTSP TV (Tampa Bay, FL)
September 3, 2008

A hearing today to determine whether the Pleasure Palace is in violation
of Hillsborough County’s ordinance regulating sexually oriented businesses
has been postponed. The next hearing is scheduled for October 2nd.

Under the law, an adult entertainment business and its employees must have
licenses to remain open, but county code enforcement says Pleasure Palace
does not. Some code enforcement officials call the business, “a sexual
encounter” and a “swingers club.”

The hearing that was set for today was to decide whether the business is
illegal and needs to be shut down. For now, it will remain open.


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Town officials issue summonses to new adult club
by Carolyn James
The Amityville Record (NY)
September 3, 2008

Babylon Town officials issued numerous summonses to the owners of the
Zodiac Lounge in West Babylon last week after they learned that the owners
were operating a ba hot new swingersb and bondage club there. Two weeks
ago, the owners, Felice and Dora Rubino, advertised that they were
offering bLong Island’s only fetish and BDSM Clubb night every Thursday,
offering bon premises play, multiple mistresses to satisfy any submissive
desires and Guest Mistresses every week.b

The Club is located at 760 Sunrise Highway, just hundreds of yards from
residential homes, said Town officials. It violates local codes and
ordinances that require that adult-use facilities not be within 1,000 feet
of residential properties.

Tickets were issued to the Rubinos and the Zodiac Lounge Thurs., Aug. 28
for failing to have a proper public assembly permit, and using the
premises in opposition to the permitted use and approved plans. Additional
summonses are expected to be written later this week, said a Town

According to the Lounge’s website and email messages sent last week, the
club opened Thurs., Aug. 21 and is open every Thursday night. It includes
a fully-equipped dungeon play area, dance floor and play and friendly
interaction is encouraged.b Patrons are asked to park in a bdiscreet


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Swinging Vegas entrepreneur to get his day in court
by Joe Schoenmann
The Las Vegas Sun (NV)
September 3, 2008

The courts are going to get a chance to settle the question of whether sex
clubs should be legal in Las Vegas.

At the very least, a judge will be asked to determine whether 39-year-old
swinger David Cooper is right when he says Clark County is out to get him.
The county rejected Cooper’s business license application a few months ago
after county investigators said he was operating before he had a license
and had lie on his application.

Cooper and his attorney, Lisa Rasmussen, appealed to the Clark County
Commission on Tuesday, arguing that at least four other swingers clubs
operate in the complex where Cooper had set up Sextasy’s Commercial
Center, the oldest mall in Las Vegas, just west of the Maryland
Parkway-East Sahara Avenue intersection.

While arguing against the investigators’ findings, Rasmussen made it clear
she thinks Cooper’s constitutional rights were violated.

It’s an equal protection under the law, 14th Amendment violation, when
all of these other businesses do the same thing,b Rasmussen said.

Deputy District Attorney Rob Warhola responded that bwe do not have to go
after all businesses at once. We can go after them one at a time.

Rasmussen and Cooper vowed to take the matter to court. The overarching
issue, Rasmussen said, is whether sex clubs are legal here.

If the county comes in and shuts down all of the clubs, then the next
issue is the (sex club) ordinance itself,b she said. It’s vague and
overbroad and it won’t stand up to constitutional scrutiny facially or as

A sex club is defined by the county as ban establishment which provides
patrons the opportunity to voluntarily engage in and/or view live
consensual sexual activity and which collects remuneration of any kind,
including entrance fees, facility use fees, gratuities, fees for goods
provided far in excess of their value, and/or donations.b

Hotels could be included in that definition, Rasmussen argued.

Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, whose district includes the Green Door,
has told the Sun that other swingers clubs have been able to keep their
business licenses because the county has yet to catch them bin the act.b


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1st cruise for swingers to launch
by Paul Makishima
The Boston Globe (MA)
September 2, 2008

Think “Swingtown” meets “The Love Boat.”

YOLO Cruises, a Florida start-up, is set to launch its first cruise for
swingers April 26.

The seven-day voyage, aboard a chartered Carnival Cruise ship, will depart
from Tampa and head toward the Western Caribbean with port calls in Grand
Cayman, Cozumel, Belize and Roatan, Honduras.

Lest you have visions of orgiastic bacchanals sprawled across the Lido
Deck (what would Captain Steubing say?), there are rules to the road.
Nudity will be restricted to pool, spa tub areas, and special themed
parties. Similarly, Acts of Oneness (or twoness or eightness) must be
remain in staterooms or designated “playrooms.” PDAs are OK; Public
Displays of the Other Kind are discouraged.

“It’s not just about sex,” says Marlene Brustle, president of YOLO, which
stands for You Only Live Once. “We know that some people will just want to

Brustle says that this cruise will mark the world’s first exclusively for
swingers. YOLO hopes to book 2,000 passengers for the voyage and is
shooting to do three to four a year.

Prices range from $949 for an inside cabin to $3,499 for a penthouse

Brustle, a 23-year veteran of the travel industry, says she was approached
to start the business by a major investment company, which she declined to
name. She said that the firm had done market research and found that there
was a niche for this kind of business.


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