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Guest Blog – Kink-Knowledgeable Dentist Jennifer Johnson Welcomes All Alternative Lifestylers

By Inara de Luna, Guest Blogger

We hope you’ve been enjoying our Featured Member series. Today, I’d like to introduce you to another member of the Kink Aware Professional Directory.

When many people think of our directory, they think of lawyers and therapists, but our directory is for professionals of all kinds who self identify as having some level of kink awareness and acceptance.

Today’s Featured Member is a dentist in St. Paul, Minnesota, who has helped a number of kinky individuals in her dental practice. Please meet JenniferJohnson, who says “I have always expected to judge people on their actions rather than who they love.”

Although Dr. Johnson has been married to a man for 20 years, she says she used to date both genders and that she has “identified as bisexual since I found out what that meant.”

Dr. Johnson describes herself in her KAP profile as Kink Knowledgeable, which means she has “previously provided professional services to multiple individuals in the lifestyle, and that she is very experienced in kink concepts and lifestyle.”

Let’s dive into the interview and find out more about Dr. Jennifer Johnson, kink-knowledgeable dentist.

NCSF: What made you register on the Kink Aware Professionals Directory?

Jennifer Johnson (JJ): I had a patient who suggested it to me years ago. He was in a polyamory relationship and when I stumbled onto that fact, he was impressed about my acceptance and knowledge of his relationship status.

NCSF: Can you talk a bit about the most common services you offer?

JJ: I provide dental services that include fillings, crowns, dentures, implants, cosmetics, cleanings, exams, root canals and surgery. I complete oral cancer screenings and biopsies when needed.

NCSF: What alternative communities are welcome in your practice?

JJ: As long as it is consensual and legal, I’m usually fine with any kink. I won’t do unnecessary work or work outside my scope of practice due to obvious restrictions with the Board of Dentistry. When necessary in D/s relationships, I do insist that submissive patients sign a document that allows a Dominant partner to give consent for them if the partner is making decisions. If necessary, I’ve offered to keep my office open after hours when needed.

NCSF: What issues specific to any of these populations have you treated?

JJ: I’ve treated a wide variety of alternative patients: Many who are GLBT, also a Poly Family MFF that are in their 70’s, a D/s couple. I’ve witnessed two F to M transitions and one M to F, a few into pain for pleasure.

One man in particular presented for routine care and I found multiple contusions on the back of his throat. I verified the oral sex was consensual rather than abusive, and gave him tips for quicker healing.

He sent me a note the following week complimenting me on how impressed he was with my care.

Also, many have asked me for online advice through KAP.

NCSF: Why do you think it’s important for members of alternative communities to have a dentist knowledgeable about their lifestyle?

JJ: Dentistry is a fairly conservative profession and I don’t think most dentists would feel comfortable answering some kink specific questions.

NCSF: What kinds of kink-specific dental questions have you received?

JJ: 1. I’ve been asked what types of sex/play are off limits after various dental procedures (oral surgery and root canals). The brief answer is to avoid oral sex/body fluid exchange until the blood clot is gone (7 days on average) and to avoid suction for about 7 days as well.
2. I’ve been asked about what limits I have regarding how a submissive acts in the chair.
3. I’ve provided loads of information on how HIV/AIDS affect the mouth.
4. I’ve been asked a lot about what I need for consent to treat.
5. I’ve been asked if I’ll see a patient who is manacled.
6. I’ve checked throats after particularly aggressive oral sex.My general rule is that I must speak one on one with the patient for at least part of the first visit /consult. I need to know that they are truly giving their consent without coercion. I might need to know a safeword for the patient so I know if I need to stop. The work must be necessary.
In the several years I’ve been in the KAP directory, I’ve only had one person ask inappropriate/leading questions (I think they misunderstood and thought they could get sexual services in a dental office setting). I gently explained that the KAP directory is filled with “real” providers and that we are governed by boards that frown on the activities he was requesting.

NCSF: What’s the most important thing kinky people or those in alternative relationships should know or do in regards to their dental health in general?

JJ: Getting regular cleanings and checkups to keep gums healthy is critical. The bacteria in the mouth can clog arteries and leads to increased chance of infection and delayed healing. An unhealthy mouth can receive and transmit infections more quickly.

Also, medical conditions can show up in the mouth first. Many kink activities can be strenuous on the body. Having a clean mouth is the start to a healthy body.

NCSF: Is there anything else you’d like to say to any of these communities?

JJ: In January 2017, I am opening my new office in St. Paul. My profile is updated with my new address and contact info.

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Dr. Johnson can be reached in the following ways:

KAP profile with address


If you’re not local to Dr. Johnson (St. Paul, MN), please consult the KAPDirectory to find a kink-aware dentist near you.

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