NCSF Annual Meeting of Coalition Partners

Thank you to the Coalition Partners, Board Members, NCSF Advocates and Staff for attending the 23rd Annual Meeting of the NCSF Coalition Partners in Houston, TX, on March 7-8, 2020. The meeting again featured online participation this year, allowing more people than ever to participate without having to travel.

The Coalition Partners elected the new Board Members and discussed new and ongoing projects, like Metamour Day and the NCSF 2020 Consent Survey. The CPs also approved the financial statements for 2019 and the 2020 budget, and reviewed the Annual Reports.

Just a few of the dozens of attendees in front of the NCSF Got Consent? banner (L-R) at the Annual Meeting: J. Tebias Perry – Board Member & NCSF Titleolder Outreach, Ceyda Kirin-Trei – Coalition Partner & Board Member, Keira Harbison – former Vice Chair, Susan Wright – Executive Director, D. “Choc Trei” Henderson – Coalition Partner & Vice Chair, and Jackie “Bebe” Harris – Board Member & Coalition Partner Liaison.

18 Coalition Partners were present and/or voting at the NCSF Annual Meeting:

  • 1st Capital Finance
  • Arizona Power Exchange
  • Ben Schenker Law Office
  • BOE (Board of Education)
  • Boise MasT
  • CPI/The Mark
  • FIRE
  • FLOG
  • New Mexico Leather League
  • Onyx Pearls SE
  • OPEN
  • Peabu Technology
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Satin Sheet Dreams
  • STL3
  • TES
  • Truly Beloved
  • Woodshed

This year, 9 people ran for 6 elected Board seats, all of whom had excellent qualifications. The members of the new NCSF Board are:

  • Tess Zachary – Chairperson
  • D. “Choc Trei” Henderson – Vice Chair
  • Kelly McAninch – Secretary
  • Archer Shelton – Treasurer
  • Matt Connolly
  • Jackie “Bebe” Harris
  • Ceyda Kirin-Trei
  • Elizabeth Newsom, LCSW-Supervisor
  • Russell J. Stambaugh, PhD, DST, CSSP
  • J. Tebias
  • Susan Wright
Our Officers working together for NCSF at the Annual Meeting (L-R): D. “Choc Trei” Henderson – Vice Chair, Susan Wright – former Chairperson, Keira Harbison – former Vice Chair, Archer Shelton – Treasurer, and Tess Zachary – Chairperson.

We would also like to thank Colette Clubs, a Coalition Partner, for hosting the NCSF Consent Social at Bang Bang on Sunday evening where Board Members were able to network with local lifestyle members and talk about consent. NCSF also thanks Zach Budd for providing his workshop “The Five Pillars of Consent” during the consent social, providing attendees with a codified, easy way of establishing consent.

Colette in Houston – a Coalition Partner of NCSF!