CkiaraNation Interview with Susan Wright

In this installment of CkiaraNation, Ckiara Rose and Michael Ellsberg interview Susan Wright. Below are some of the questions that Susan answered during the interview.

  • What kinds of legal discrimination do people in the kink/BDSM community still face?
  • Is BDSM between consenting adults still considered illegal in any US jurisdictions?
  • What kinds of legal discrimination do people in the polyamory and swinging community still face?
  • How likely are people to lose jobs if it comes out that they practice an alternative sexual lifestyle?
  • Tell us about your work getting the American Psychological Association to stop treating kink as a pathology?
  • Child custody
  • Are people into alternative sexual lifestyles still routinely pathologized by psychotherapists?
  • What has been your recent experience with anti-BDSM feminists?
  • Do they still come after you with the same tired arguments against BDSM from the 70s and 80s?
  • Do you think some of the strategies you’ve successfully used to decriminalize BDSM could also be used to decriminalize sex work between consenting adults?
  • Have you seen police targeting BDSM professionals the same way they target other kinds of sex workers?
  • What is the current status of the lawsuit against FOSTA?
  • What do you think it will take to create a culture in which people can be totally out about their alternative sexual lifestyles?

Interview with Susan Wright