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NCSF Ombuds Committee is Seeking Volunteers

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The Ombuds Committee handles complaints and concerns regarding the conduct of NCSF board, officers, staff, and the operations of NCSF institutions. The NCSF Ombuds Committee was established as an Advisory Committee, as per NCSF bylaws, to review coalition administration and activities, assuring ethical and effective fulfillment of NCSF’s mission and goals.

In the largest sense, an ombudsperson’s job is to assist the Board of Directors in overseeing the administration of their policies, to comment critically upon how they are being administered and to recommend policy changes where they seem appropriate based on complaints escalated to Ombuds.

As our current Ombuds committee terms are ending, we are looking to update the process with our new team. The NCSF is looking for 6-8 people to serve as the new NCSF Ombuds Committee for a two (2) year term.


  • Anyone serving on the Ombuds Committee must embrace the mission and values of the NCSF.
  • An ombudsperson needs to have an arm’s length relationship with the NCSF (ie. not on the Board of Directors of NCSF, Key Staff Member or Advocate).
  • Have some understanding of conflict resolution.

Time Commitment:

The Ombuds Committee will need to review and investigate the current process and make recommendations for changes.  Initially, a series of meetings will be arranged for training and introductions. Once established, the Ombuds Committee meets only once per quarter and when a complaint has been received. While complaints that escalate to Ombuds are rare, it is important that they are addressed quickly.

To apply for the Ombuds Committee, email [email protected]