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NCSF is Proud Sponsor of PolyDallas Millennium 2020: Open to Love on Nov 5-8

OPEN TO LOVE: Inspired by the writings of bell hooks and the vision of MLK’s Beloved Community, our theme celebrates the abundance, liberation, and unlimited possibilities of love. When we are Open To Love we are free to experience intimacy without the constraints of others’ prejudice, oppression, and opinion of who and how we love. Being Open To Love does not embolden us to a preconceived notion of an ideal “look and feel” of true love. We are no longer shackled to a one size fits all expression and identity of love. This is the time of global uprising. This is the time for transformational love.

Our entire programming is dedicated to living and loving within our current environment. Our presenters will be Black & Brown people; presenting from a mix of their lived experiences and expertise in their chosen presentation topic. We are working diligently on a completed schedule, and can’t wait to bring a full range of amazing presentations to you.

PolyDallas Millennium’s virtual event is 18+ By purchasing a ticket or attending our events, you are taking responsibility for ensuring that you are legally allowed to attend events that contain nudity, explicit language, and sexual content. Register here!

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Ruby Bouie Johnson presents Cultural Humility: Race, Gender and Class in Nonmonogamous Communities

“Historically, consensual nonmonogamous partnerships [CNM] have not been accurately represented; nor, viewed as a viable relational dynamic. As a practitioner, who serves nonmonogamous communities, it is not unusual for me to receive feedback from clients who feel misunderstood and mistreated by previous therapists. In 2015, this feedback fueled my colleague and I to have a one-day workshop educating local practitioners about CNM partnerships. We hoped to shift the narrative from being culturally competent to culturally humble in practice. From this, PolyDallas Millennium was founded.

“In this presentation, we will pick up where that conversation left off. Over the last 5 years, through experiences and independent study, I have found that a specific theoretical lens has more impact working with queer, transgender, and nonbinary black and brown folk in CNM partnerships. I have witnessed an amazing shift in perspectives within the clinical community. PolyDallas Millennium manifested because of a desire to educate other mental health professionals about CNM. We have a mission to center those voices that are underrepresented and underserved within society. During these times, more than ever, we must have knowledge of best practices in times of crisis, not only for the client but for the helping professional. Through a social justice lens, we explore paradigms, theories, and modalities in practice through case studies. With our current socio-political environment, it is mental health professionals practice lifelong learning for the client that is life-altering times.”

Crystal Byrd Famer presents Lessons from a Token

What does white supremacy have to do with creating diverse and inclusive communities? Everything! Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) often feel excluded or tokenized in sex-positive communities. Whether you are a community member or leader, it’s up to you to work against white supremacy and create spaces that feel welcoming to everyone. Think you’ve heard it all before? We’ll go beyond the basics to talk about how you can be a more effective ally through authentic relationships and community activism. Come prepared for discussions and real-time practice addressing triggers and defensiveness.

Jocelyn Thomas presents Manifesting Healthy Relationships through Art Making

Manifestation is a process that can be learned. Often, we think of manifestation work as creating mantras and affirmations. That form of manifestation is powerful. However, there are powerful ways of manifesting our wants and needs that do not need to be translated to and through written language.