How ‘Relationship Anarchy’ Can Help You Deepen Your Friendships

“I practice polyamory, recognizing how unexamined monogamy can be harmful and limiting. By deprioritizing cis men in my life, I challenge the patriarchal notion that as a woman, my role is to cater to men. And I place friendships back where they belong for me—front and center—by giving mostly fellow queer, femme women the most gravitational pull in my orbit. I try to show up with the same fervor and dedication to everyone in my close circle, with radical honesty and celebrations of authenticity. Sometimes that looks like having intense late-night conversations about the state of our relationships, regardless of platonic or romantic intimacy. Sometimes it’s as simple as buying friends and partners equally awesome birthday gifts. The idea is: I allow the light in my life to be as vast as it is bright. I give myself permission to love without inhibitions.”