Your Rights. Your Privacy. Your Freedom.

High Risk Ice Cream: A National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Benefit Project

A collection of kinky encounters. Some are true events. Others are merely fantasy. Each one is indicative of the longing that so many secretly experience: to feel desired, or important. To be touched. To let go control, or to take it, completely. To watch someone in their pleasure or to be the one being watched. To feel small and safe and protected, even if the expression of that safety looks, to outsiders, like a strange game. Or even to play at the edges of that safety, with no net to catch you. This book is a small offering that celebrates the creativity of the erotic mind and all that it can conjure up. If you don’t find a reflection of your own dark desires within these pages, know that, whatever they may be, you are welcome here. All profits go to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.